Saturday, September 4, 2010

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

For all the time and money spent on this thing, I wish I was a bit more excited about it. But I am thrilled to have the decision made, at least.

DH and I decided to schlep the twinklets to REI and then Babies R Us to test drive some strollers. (Bean was mercifully spared the trip by Grandma and Bumpa. They went to Taco Bell instead where he declared himself the "Quesadilla Boy.")

REI didn't have much of a selection, but we were able to try a BOB Revolution Duallie, the elite double jogging stroller for today's active parent. I can understand why they are so sought after, it was kinda like pushing a fluffy cloud. But for that price, it should come with a chauffeur to push me on it, too, while I eat tea and crumpets. That, and due to the fact that my laziness Runner's Knee prevents me from actually jogging with the kids, we decided to pass.

Then we went to Babies R Us. I had a DOH! moment when we pulled up saw the huge "store closing" sign. Then I remembered getting an email from a friend about how that Babies R Us and a nearby Toys R Us are closing to consolidate into a new location across the street later this fall. The bad news is we didn't get to try any strollers. The good news is we found some awesome deals on store shelving fixtures. The bad news is that we have no need for those whatsoever.

We decided to stick with our purchase plan, since we weren't going to get any personal experience. We are soon to be the proud new owners of the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller that many of you recommended. We may also get a cheap double umbrella stroller or a cheap in-line double stroller if the need arises -- those are plentiful enough on Craigslist or eBay. We'll see how this one works out first.

We decided to pre-order a version of the stroller that appears to have a larger storage bin than previous models. It's coming in November. I will hardly sleep until it arrives. I mean because the babies are still keeping me up, not because I'm that excited.

But I guess it's not completely unappealing. We chose the orange/gray because it's kinda funky, like us. (In a "that's unique" way, not in a "what's that smell?" way.) Can you see us tooling around in this?



Anonymous said...

It's a very cool and funky stroller.

And I don't know if you were aware, but Runner's Knee is catchy, for example,the latest victim is yours truly sprinting deer (yeah, that would be me). Now all my jogging plans (one and a half) crumble to pieces. How am I ever going to survive this? Wanna form an intl support group? ;-)

Kristina P. said...

It's like the Hummer of strollers!

Sarah said...

Awesome choice!!! LOVE the orange and gray! Orange is one of my absolute favorite colors! If we didn't get everything either used of on discount and I had a choice in colors, it would be mine too! I hope that you love it! Do you have a Buy Buy Baby store near you? They have a ton of elite strollers there to try out. Awesome that you'll have it by November! Congrats!!!

Jingle said...

suitable for your twins.

Jingle said...

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