Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer "vacation"

Here's a news flash: Traveling with four kids under the age of six across three time zones for ten days is not exactly a relaxing retreat.  But as it was our only trip this summer, we'll be generous and call it a vacation.

We traveled to Michigan to celebrate the wedding of one of DH's brothers.  We spent the first half of the trip staying with the in-laws, and then we moved to a rental house on Lake Huron to be near the actual wedding (which took place in a small town up north).  Despite the sleepless nights, stomach flu (dubbed The Wedding Plague), full-body rash, airplane puking, and usual struggles keeping small children occupied and quiet during long wedding-related activities, we managed to spend quality time with people we love and make a lot of fun memories.  I am so glad we could be there to share the special event!

But let's just say we are hoping DH's sister waits a few years before walking down the aisle.  Ahem.