Friday, October 21, 2011

In which my uterus starts to resemble a clown car

It may look like a dog wearing glasses, but let me assure you: that is a baby.  In my uterus.

To answer all of your questions but two:

I am 10 weeks along, due May 18th.

There is only one baby in there.  Yes, we are sure.

We did not use any infertility treatments.

This baby was not exactly planned.  We were in talks about the possibility of Baby #4, when God/Fate/Randonmess/Whatever you Believe decided for us.  Regardless, we are both thrilled and feel gratefully blessed.

It is quite possible that I have never been as surprised in my entire life as I was when I tested positive on that home pregnancy test.

Bean is absolutely thrilled.  He watches my baby bump and talks to the baby almost daily.  By his estimation, the baby seems ready to come out.

Yes, I have a baby bump already.  My uterus is either incredibly excited, or completely lazy.

I am super exhausted and extremely nauseous.  This is the hardest first trimester of all of my pregnancies.  Could be entirely a function of the pregnancy itself, or because this time I am trying to keep up with three small children who have no interest whatsoever in allowing me to rest.

I do not have it in me to try for a VBA2C, so God willing we make it that far, we'll be scheduling a third C-section.  While she's in there, my OB will tie my tubes.  Double knotted.

No, I am not crazy. Yet.

Stay tuned for the answers to your other two questions: my thoughts on gender, and what it's like to be fertile after infertility.

And now some picture of the kiddos on the outside of my womb, because I've gotten behind again!