Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Before we get to the really good stuff -- the photos -- a few updates.  We've had some big things happening around here!  To start, our dear Gax is officially walking.  He still prefers crawling, but he's taking steps across longer and longer distances.  Of course it's a double-edged sword, because now he can get into more things.  But we are pretty well baby-proofed around here, and if he can entertain himself by walking around, I don't mind the extra clean-up later.  I just wish Nix would start walking soon too.  Poor kid spends a lot of the day crying because he can't get where he wants to go.  Of course he can't crawl (yes, STILL), so that makes a difference.  Nix is physically able to walk, and he will take steps unassisted if we trick him into it.  But he doesn't have the confidence to do it unprompted.  Much like his older brother Bean, actually.  Let's hope we don't have to wait until he's 15.5 months!

Also, at nearly 13 months old now, the twins are transitioning down to one nap a day.  Like walking, this is a blessing and a curse.  It completely disrupts my morning get-ready-for-the-day routine, because I can't count on them taking a nap around 9:45 am.  But I think it's helping them sleep longer at night, and now this summer we can actually get outside and enjoy morning activities that start at 10 am.  And by "enjoy," I mean my Mom and I frantically and desperately chasing the three children, trying to keep them contained yet happy.  It'll be awesome!

For my own news, my diet is absolutely rocking.  I just adore SlimFast, I can't even tell you.  I've lost 10 pounds now, and my Wii Fit tells me that I am no longer in the "overweight" category as my BMI dropped below 25.  If Nintendo decrees it, it must be true!  I still have a ways to go, I'd like to lose at least 15 more.  But I'm fitting into more of my clothes, looking better, and feeling better both physically and emotionally.  Bring on the fudge bars and chocolate shakes!

I hope you don't mind it's either feast or famine with the pictures.  I tend to dump them all at once, and I don't have time to add captions to all of them.  Topics include: hiking, Great-Grandparents' visit, Nix and Gax's first birthday, Easter, eating, making art, and general cuteness.  Enjoy!



Aisha said...

Great post, love pics, feast? bring it! :) And WHOO HOO on weight loss!!!! I am STRUGGLING on a calorie counting diet- ever since you mentioned slim fast I've been considering trying it- I tried it once years ago and got really bad heart palpitations, but maybe it might work better now- tha twas ten years ago. Thanks for the food for thought!

Lisa said...

awww, your boys are adorable, love all the pics! and yay for the 10lbs too...thats awesome! and ummmm, you are very brave to let bean dye his eggs in doors and in clothes! we headed to the backyard in swim suits! ;-)

Kristina P. said...

They keep getting cuter! And congrats on the 10 pounds!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 10 pounds you lost. And the pictures are great!
So nice to hear you are all doing so well.

St Elsewhere said...

What wonderful news on the weight loss front. Happy birthday to Nix and Gax, and so happy for Gax already having a free go at walking. Nix will catch up soon enough.

Your pics are great, as always. And I love a kid who dips his face straight in his bowl of food. :-)

Alana said...

Kudos to you for sticking to your diet/exercise plan. I have been working on kicking my own rear into gear, as despite knowing I need to lose weight, I still lack motivation. Sighs.

LOVED seeing the pics and reading your update. :)

Anonymous said...

super cute and LOVE those cakes :)

and good for you. i'm working out 5-7 days per week and the damn scale hasn't budged. i have not majorly overhauled my diet, but gimme a break!! :(


Anonymous said...

so. i totally nominated you for a blog award. b/c you're awesome :) no pressure!

Coffeegrljp said...

by the way - thought of you when I saw Cupcake Royale's coupon for the weekend. Are you on Facebook? Fans of their Facebook page get coupons for free cupcakes, etc. This month is raspberry rhubarb.