Friday, October 21, 2011

In which my uterus starts to resemble a clown car

It may look like a dog wearing glasses, but let me assure you: that is a baby.  In my uterus.

To answer all of your questions but two:

I am 10 weeks along, due May 18th.

There is only one baby in there.  Yes, we are sure.

We did not use any infertility treatments.

This baby was not exactly planned.  We were in talks about the possibility of Baby #4, when God/Fate/Randonmess/Whatever you Believe decided for us.  Regardless, we are both thrilled and feel gratefully blessed.

It is quite possible that I have never been as surprised in my entire life as I was when I tested positive on that home pregnancy test.

Bean is absolutely thrilled.  He watches my baby bump and talks to the baby almost daily.  By his estimation, the baby seems ready to come out.

Yes, I have a baby bump already.  My uterus is either incredibly excited, or completely lazy.

I am super exhausted and extremely nauseous.  This is the hardest first trimester of all of my pregnancies.  Could be entirely a function of the pregnancy itself, or because this time I am trying to keep up with three small children who have no interest whatsoever in allowing me to rest.

I do not have it in me to try for a VBA2C, so God willing we make it that far, we'll be scheduling a third C-section.  While she's in there, my OB will tie my tubes.  Double knotted.

No, I am not crazy. Yet.

Stay tuned for the answers to your other two questions: my thoughts on gender, and what it's like to be fertile after infertility.

And now some picture of the kiddos on the outside of my womb, because I've gotten behind again!



Anonymous said...

uhm....OMG! and congrats! :)

those kids are lookin HUGE, esp BEAN! he's a giant! i can't believe it.


E said...

Oh my WOW!! Congrats!!! I am in shock. My pregnancy with Riley was definitely the hardest on me. Take care and get some rest somehow, someway!! ;) Do we have our fingers crossed for a girl or are you pretty much accepting it's going to be another boy, lol?

Sarah said...

So I sensed that you would get pregnant/were pregnant again, but let's see if my record stands on thinking girl. This pregnancy is different, therefore, why not? You need a girl because who else would you take shopping, eat chocolate cupcakes, and get your nails with while DH and the boys are watching MSU football? Bean may love his mother that much, but I sense the only thing he'd most willingly and happily do with you out of those three is eat chocolate. I know you love boys, but I'm praying for a healthy girl! Out of anyone I know who needs a girl based on the close relationship you have with your mother, it is you! Oh yeah, and praying for NO gestational diabetes! Love you and am so excited!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh em gee, this is incredible! The best of the incredible way there could be! Congratulations, Sunny! I am so happy for you!
Whatever you're having, this is just so great!
I know it's gonna be hard to update us what with the three handsome little gentlemen keeping you off boring stuff (btw, i love the picture with all three of them!), but just remember we are so eager to hear all the juicy or dirty details (be they even literal :-))!
Take care of yourself.

Nicky said...

Holy cow! That is both awesome and terrifying! As we watch our two boys and contemplate the maybemaybepossiblyIdon'tknow of trying for a third, I keep thinking of you and your three boys. But four... totally incomprehensible to me. Amazing. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Kristina P. said...

How exciting! Maybe a little girl?

Jamie said...

Oh my word! Huge hugs! It's just getting easier... Gosh! Your house is going to be full and brimming with kiddos. I'll admit we considered a 4th but I wasn't willing to do ivf again. It will be good for Bean to have a sibling besides the twins. I've worried about Bo in that respect! Congratulations and good luck!!!

Lavender Luz said...

I was SO not expecting that!

Congrats, congrats, congrats!

Anonymous said...

As it is your third pregnancy and you've carried very large babies...invest in a REALLY good belly support band and wear it 24/7 and early on! Believe me, I speak from experience!!! Otherwise, you'll feel like that baby is trying to escape....(and you have to use the potty every second...) Please, if you didn't use one in your other pregnancies (which you probably did), do yourself a favor and use one now.

MrsSpock said...

Holy crap dude! Congrats!!!!!

Dana, Chris and Addison said...

Congratulations to you and your family! I hope you feel better very, very soon :) Life is so strange, isn't it? It has such a way of working things out! Can't wait to read more about this chapter in your "book".

And so it goes said...

OMG, OMG, OMG! I am jumping up and down, well, not really, but I would if I could. Big belly is in my way. what an amazing blessing that is being added to your family. Hoping the first trimester yuckiness fades soon.
wooo hoooooooo!

Lisa said...

holy moly! congratulations girl! totally not what i was expecting to read but at the same time...not at all surprised! stranger things have happened! what awesome news! :) hope you get to feeling better soon!

sprogblogger said...

Congratulations! So happy for you!

Banshee said...

So exciting!!! Congratulations! I hope you escape the GD and have a healthy pregnancy and are able to get some rest!

Stef said...

you already know I'm THRILLED for you, but I have to say it again... CONGRATS!
Sorry about the morning sickness and tiredness. Let me know if you ever need anything; dinner, coffee, company, house cleaning, whatever.

Also, you ARE blessed. For sure. Just look at your pictures! I love that Bean says baby is ready to come out. Kara already asks me {every morning} "is our baby coming today?" :)
Also, thrilled our babies will be so close in age. Yay!

Trish said...

Hubby just walked in and caught me with a huge grin on my face and I had to explain.


(my word verification to post this is: ept if. That's hysterical to me.)

Chad and Gena said...

Oh a huge congrats!!!! Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog and no worries I have been having a hard time keeping up too, so I am not a very good blogger buddy these days either. Not sure if you had a chance to catch up on older post but our pg was a complete shock as well, I so know how you feel, although we were trying we just didn't expect anything to happen, it is so crazy to go from all those treatments and failed cycles to doing it on your own. I am about to pop and I am still amazed :-). I am so excited for you and excited I get to follow you through another pregnancy. People still ask me all the time if we only have 1 in there this get used to it, you will be asked your entire pregnancy :-). Another question you will probably get a lot, do you want a girl this time?

YIPPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you.

Jen said...

At first I was like, 4, that is a whole lotta kids! I don't know anybody with that many kids unless they are mormon or catholic or something.

But then I was thinking that this kiddo will be an absolute breeze for you. Going to 3 to that's barely going to be noticeable with the current level of chaos. And you just finished breastfeeding twins for a year. One little newborn will be easy peasy :)

I bet about 5 years ago you didn't see this coming!!!

Alisa said...

Wow! Congratulations! Yikes!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Holy Cow! That's awesome! (and more than a little overwhelming, I'm sure) I'm just barely making it through the first tri with one active almost-toddler, I can't imagine how you're surviving these days. Praying and celebrating for you!

And I will admit, the first thing that went through my head when you said that this pregnancy was different and harder is that it's a girl. There is a theory that the battle of dueling female hormones (mom and daughter) makes m/s worse.

AJ said...

Congratulations! Nathan's birthday is May 18th - love it!

Aisha said...

Oh WOW I did not see that coming, I clicked over when I saw the title wondering if you were reflecting on pregnancies past, but no!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allison said...

Can't wait to give those boys a squeeze and see your large for gestation belly. I'll probably touch it...just a warning.

Meredith said...

YAY! That is SO exciting and such a blessing! It's going to be awesome and lovely and I love the image of everyone gathered at the table for Christmas, birthdays, etc. Congratulations Sunny!

St Elsewhere said...


Oh my God! How did I miss this? Wowwwwies!

Super Congratulations!!!

Tummy muscles get lax and that is why one pops out faster in subsequent pregnancies...I know coz I popped out pretty fast this time around.

Oh my!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Soxy Deb said...

MrsSpock said it best - HOLY CRAP DUDE! I'm beyond thrilled for you Sunny! Cogratulations to you all! And love and hugs as well!!!

Tawny said...

Holy WOW!!! Congrats, mama! What an amazing blessing! So happy for you. Think of how peaceful one will be after what you've gone through with two (I'm allowed to say that LOL)

Sorry we've been out of touch but I think of you often. My guys will be 1 on Nov 24 and as crazy as it's been I'd do it all again in a heartbeat <3

Lora said...

OMG Congrats!!!! :)