Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Das Boot


Grumble. Grumble.

The good news is that Nix is no longer encumbered by a full leg cast.

The bad news is that he's not healed yet.  Now he's in a walking cast boot thing for at least two more weeks.

He can take baths again (the boot comes off for the tub), although he screamed bloody murder when we tried to give him one tonight.  Before breaking his leg, bath time was a favorite of his.

He also doesn't need to wear it at night.  I anticipate that re-adjustment going better than the bath, but I've been wrong about everything else so far, so we'll see.

Trying not to feel sorry for him, and for myself.  There are much worse things.  But can I be irritated about this for a few more hours?  Thanks, you're the best.




Denise said...

Yes, there are worse things, but I imagine it still totally sucks.

Kristina P. said...

Booo. That does still suck. Poor little guy.

kmina said...

Oh, shoot, poor little guy!
Yes, there are always worse things, but this just plain sucks. And you are totally entitled to be upset. Hope these two weeks fly by and the readjustment goes smoothly.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Absolutely have every right to be irritated -- vent it out.

And hope the readjustment goes easily, especially with sleep.

Deb Menard said...

Oh bless his heart. But based on the date of this post he should be getting it off soon. I hope it wasn't too trying for you all :(