Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm trying! I really am!

I really am trying to compose an actual post with actual words.  Truly I am!  I have a lot to say (even though only about 5% of it is coherent and 2% is interesting).  I thought it might happen yesterday... but it didn't.  And then I thought it might happen today... but it won't.  So instead I'm uploading a bazillion pictures, and hoping you forgive me for my absence -- I hope to remedy it soon!

Fun at Grandma and Bumpa's house

Frat boy in training: he's two years old and is already double-fisting his drinks.

Grandma and I apparently have different ideas on potty training.

Beach field-trip with preschool

Last day of school with Teacher S.

Memorial Day

My brother Mike and girlfriend Heather visit!

Happy (belated) 30th birthday, Uncle Mike!

Nix gives his signature pose.

Snoqualmie Falls

Pike Place Market

Heather gives the middle finger to the first Starbucks.

Father's Day tradition: Mariners Game

Baby Boy didn't even realize we'd left the house.

This would be an awesome sight if it didn't mean they won't take naps when we get home.
And finally, some randomness...

Bean and Daddy built (and launched) a rocket.

Nix ensures that the Baby has enough toys to play with.  While he's sleeping.

Two airplanes!

I have a feeling it's going to be difficult to wean him off  the binky.

It's nap time, and I hear Gax yell, "Help me!"  This is what I find when I walk into his bedroom.

He's stuck.  He really won't rest until he's tested the limits of our baby-proofing.  (Windows secured?  CHECK!)

Happy birthday, Daddy!



Mrs. Gamgee said...

Just when I thnk I can't take it anymore with my two, you post and remind me that it is possible. :)

Your boys are so adorable! And you, dear Sunny, are wonder woman!

St Elsewhere said...

Your pictures are more than superb.

Your sense of humour is hard to miss - what with Nix's signature pose? ha ha ha!

Why does everything look so much in control, Sunny? ;-)

Mina said...

That last picture - that just made my GD shoot through the roof, I swear! After the rest of the pictures, that was the cherry on top.
You sure make beautiful children, lady. And they have inherited the good and humorous family genes. :-)
I would very much like to hear how your life is right now, how the little one is adjusting, how the nursing and sleeping are going (peachy, I hope) , yadayada. But I can understand that time is precious and blogging is way down the priority list.
Best to you, and many hugs!

AJ said...

lovely pictures of your beautiful family!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, what cuteness you have there! I especially chuckled at the pic in the van, cause ain't that the truth! So happy they are pooped but the no naps always stinks. And the pic of sweet baby boy piled up with toys, LOL! Oh brothers, they are precious, Sunny! :)