Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Proof of Life

I was recently reading a Ruminations by Aaron Karo where he proposes: "Instead of writing a post about how you've been too busy to update your blog, just delete your f****** blog." Which made me cringe, and not because his use of the f-word offended my delicate sensibilities.  Sometimes I've been busy actually doing things, like hosting out-of-town guests or going to the park.  But more often, I've been busy just surviving -- yes, my boring old familiar tune.  Surviving on very little sleep, surviving four very small children with a very large amount of needs.  During what minuscule free time I do have, I only have enough energy for the most mindless activities (thank goodness for Bachelor Pad season 3).  I think Mr. Karo has a good point, but I do plan on sputtering along the best I can in my little corner of the blogosphere.  I hope you'll bear with me!

So how are things?  I'm hanging in there.  Honestly, this summer kicked my butt.  I knew it would, but until it actually WAS kicking my butt, I didn't realize how tough it would really be.  I need to write more about this, definitely.  Soon.  Hopefully.

The days of just surviving were punctuated by two very special visits.  My grandparents flew in for 9 days in July to meet the baby and spend time with all the boys.  And DH's parents and sister flew in for a week in August for the same reason.  I get so spoiled when we have people visit!  Now we are looking forward to my Aunt Diane's trip next month, then we'll get to catch up with a good friend of mine of 27 years (and meet her son!) who is coming to Seattle on a business trip with her husband, and then DH's brother and his new girlfriend will be staying with us around Halloween.

More substance on the way as soon as I can manage.  But now I have several months of pictures to unload.  Enjoy!

Great-Grandma Flo meets the baby!

Great-Grandpa Frank teaches Bean to bat.

Snoqualmie Falls

The Point Defiance Zoo

Great-Grandma is a babywearing natural.

There is nothing more adorable than baby jeans.

This pretty much sums up my life.

Fox Hollow Farm in Issaquah

The first time Bean wrote his name!

Grandpa Bill meets the baby.

And Grandma Chris, too!

And Aunt Hannah!

Grandpa Bill creates his own new carry.



Children's Museum of Tacoma

Bean's first day of preschool (the last year of preschool -- sob!)



Mina said...

What a gorgeous family! And where exactly are you trying to weight from? Because you are practically one inch to skinny!
My favourite picture is the bunny on the high chair one. He's got something from all his brothers, you can just see the family resemblance. I love that.

Cousin Kimmy said...

Pretty sure they all look like they're the happiest when they're wearing their Michigan State shirts...just saying :)

Lavender Luz said...

My fave is the double-load pic of you!

AJ said...

I always love seeing you and your boys. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

Erin said...

Oh my gosh all your boys are growing so fast!! WOW! xoxox

Aisha said...

I definitely think that the guy re: blogging is entitled to his opinion even if I disagree with it!! There's also a movement called "slow blogging" whose motto is to not blog quite so much but when one does, to make it count, which I believe you do. We love hearing from you words, photos and all, whenever you can find the time to squeeze it in! That's what RSS subscriptions are for!!! :)

Chad and Gena said...

I feel you, I have been thinking i should just remove my blog as 1. I am not sure anyone even reads it anymore because 2. I never update it LOL. I have one less kiddo to manage and I still cant keep up. You are doing a fabulous job :-)