Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer "vacation"

Here's a news flash: Traveling with four kids under the age of six across three time zones for ten days is not exactly a relaxing retreat.  But as it was our only trip this summer, we'll be generous and call it a vacation.

We traveled to Michigan to celebrate the wedding of one of DH's brothers.  We spent the first half of the trip staying with the in-laws, and then we moved to a rental house on Lake Huron to be near the actual wedding (which took place in a small town up north).  Despite the sleepless nights, stomach flu (dubbed The Wedding Plague), full-body rash, airplane puking, and usual struggles keeping small children occupied and quiet during long wedding-related activities, we managed to spend quality time with people we love and make a lot of fun memories.  I am so glad we could be there to share the special event!

But let's just say we are hoping DH's sister waits a few years before walking down the aisle.  Ahem.



Anonymous said...

wow. that looks like a whirlwind!!! so glad that you were able to enjoy some of the michigan summer :) it has been awesome here this year. and that wedding looks like it was so interesting and unique. what fun!!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Travelling with wee ones isn't relaxing at all (especially with all the craziness you guys had)... but it can certainly be memorable.

Random observation time... your littlest looks like he has some curl in his hair (just like my Pip). Do the other boys have curl too, and keeping it short tames it, or is your wee-est the wild card of the bunch?

Sarah said...

What town were you in up near Lake Huron? It looks like where my Mom grew up and where my relatives still live and work. They probably know your new sister in law! Ha! I'm glad your trip was enjoyable. It looks like you had fantastic weather!

Stef said...

YAY! Loved all the pictures. You guys are so brave to travel so far with 4 kids in tow!