Sunday, April 7, 2013

And then they were three

Three months of bedrest... three years of twindom.  It's been a rollercoaster from the very first ultrasound when I heard the words, "It's twins!"  And it still takes a village to get us through the day sometimes.  But the love and the cuteness.  OH THE CUTENESS.  Listening to the two of you play together, talk together, and we have no clue what you are saying but there's complete understanding between the two of you... it's just special.  A bond that most of us will never fully understand.  You fight like brothers (who would expect otherwise?) but you are also little buddies.  Learning the world not only at the same time, but as a partnership, enjoying the ride as twins.  Neither of you would be the same without the other, and I would not be the same without either of you.  Nix, you have a deep curiousity of your surroundings and sweet smile belied by the mischeivous glint in your eyes.  Gax, you are energetic and perceptive with a quiet but geniune concern for those around you.

I am grateful every day, every single day, that you are both here, and you are both healthy.  I love you separately, I love you together, now and always.  Happy birthday, Nix and Gax! 

APRIL 7, 2010

APRIL 7, 2013

(Nix on left, Gax on right)

Birthday party at WiggleWorks



Shelley said...

Wow, time flies! Happy birthday to your sweet little boys! And congratulations to you for navigating these three years in such style!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

OMG... the threeness is just adorable! And I can't believe that they're three already! But the days blur...

Love all the pictures! So precious!

Lisa said...

3 years already, i cant believe it! I love how the twins have the dark hair and bean and baby have the light hair! You have some good looking lil guys for sure. Happy birthday boys!

Anonymous said...

late to the game, but LOVE this! love all your boys!! these pictures are great! (and how has it been 3 yrs???)