Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Belly expands, time contracts

Another quick entry, this week has gotten quite out of control with too much to do. As the title of this post mentions, little Bean is really making him/herself known. This belly pic is from last Friday (15 weeks and 2 days). It is kinda fun to be showing now, but I'm still getting used to seeing the bump when I look in the mirror. Is that really me?!?! I am also including ultrasound pics of Bean from a week and a half ago (14 weeks and 2 days).

Meanwhile, as my belly stretches larger and larger, time seems to be shrinking as we prepare for the move. This week, in addition to our normal working/eating/sleeping schedule that feels busy enough somehow, we are trying to clean and stage our home for the market and organize our "junk" for the neighborhood garage sale on Friday and Saturday. My parents gave us a huge boost on these tasks last weekend, for which they deserve a standing ovation. But there's still a lot left to do! I'm hoping that once the garage sale is over and the house is in shape, we can get a handle on things and I can start sleeping again. Right....

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Evans Family said...

Christine! Hey, it's me Holly from tww! Love the blog! I swear it's the easiest way to keep in touch. I use it as an outlet to keep my sanity also. I'll keep checking in on you. :)