Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Baby shower

The whirlwind continues! Last Friday, DH and I drove up to Detroit for our baby shower. What an utterly exhausting but fabulous trip. On Saturday, we went to DH's alma mater to watch his youngest brother play rugby for the university. Now that is one sport I do not understand whatsoever. They purposely give each other wedgies as an integral part of the game. Really BIG wedgies! Is that necessary? Men and their sports, totally baffling. But despite entirely missing the point of the game, I enjoyed the time with DH's family, a lot of laughs as always. And my brother-in-law scored his first goal, or so I'm told. Go P!

The baby shower on Sunday was great. We had the most gorgeous sunny autumn day, and the party room overlooked a golf course. The decorations were beautifully coordinated and executed, the hostesses are super creative ladies. I felt very blessed to be surrounded by friends and family to celebrate our miracle, as it can be lonely living far away. We also got many generous gifts to help us prepare for Bean, from car seats to a ducky onesie complete with little yellow tail. Both very necessary in specific ways.

Sadly, we are poochless for the next few weeks. *sniff* We took Evey to Michigan with us and left her with my parents, who are graciously dogsitting until we can send for the pup to join us in Washington. My mom calls at least once a day with updates, proudly sharing that Evey did not chew up the rug while they were out and was so adorable as she tore apart a Kleenex box. The worst part of the whole thing for me is that I actually appreciate these things. I never understood Dog People before; I found canines to be smelly, hairy, loud, annoying, and sometimes scary. What's the point of having a dog, I wondered? All that work and not worth the trouble. My hermit crabs were a much more reasonable pet. But one schnoodle later, and I'm a certified card-carrying Dog Person myself. DH and I even have a language to describe the gifts she leaves on the lawn ("man poop" being the favorite). How I wish my white fluffball would toss her fish toy at my feet, stare up at me eagerly, and wag her little tail! Hopefully she won't forget us, or get so pampered at my parents' house that she refuses to come back to us. I wouldn't blame her, frankly. I'd move in with them too if I could get peanut butter cookies every morning. Anyway, here are some pictures of Evey Louise for your enjoyment!

Sooooooooooooo... there may be some good news on the sale of our house. But I'm going to wait to say until things are firmed up. You know, jinxing it and all that. I irrationally but completely believe that sharing details may cause the entire deal to fall through. But the Gods of Superstition do allow mildly cryptic hints, so there you have it.

Finally, a quick prayer request. My aunt (mom's sister) has started her cancer treatment. We have already been sending up tons of prayers and positive thoughts, but there is always room for more. Thanks!!

PS I was asked at the shower about leaving comments on the blog. I didn't realize when I first set it up that the default setting required you to have a google account to post a comment. I fixed that, so all you need to do is click on the link to comments beneath the blog entry, and then if you don't have a google account, click "other" and type your message. It should work now.


xavier2001 said...

i miss you girl, glad that things are going well. you better not have driven through cincy on your way to detroit, cause i know you would have stopped to see the twinnies :)

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I'm glad you're doing so well and it looks like you may sell your home. That's great news! I'm sorry Evie can't be with you. I'm sure she misses you immensely. Do you think she'll have jealousy when the baby is born?

lisawitt said...

Christine! Sounds like things are going good! So was the shower surreal? I have a feeling I will cry at mine. Sorry you have to part with Evie for a little bit but she will be back with you cuddling before you know it! And glad to hear things to be moving on the house front too! :-)

PS- A gas scheduler works in the marketing group of a trading business and gets the gas moving through the pipelines of the US! LOL, does that explain anything at all? HA HA!