Tuesday, November 27, 2007

26 weeks (and 1 day)

It's that time again, folks... belly pic! DH took this tonight, at 26 weeks and 1 day. It looks like I'm carrying Bean a lot higher, but I think it's just the way the shirt is pulled. Either way, he's a growing boy!

Since I'm too tired to type a real post, I'll add some more pics to round it out. DH and I ordered the crib and dresser this past weekend. (Yipee! Something crossed off the list!) We were really excited that our favorite set was reasonably priced, although it was fun to visit the upscale Seattle shops and pretend to be big shooters. The furniture is a gift from Bean's four fabulous grandparents... thanks guys!

(No, this is not a clever way to announce that Bean will be named "Joshua" post-womb; this is actually just the display in the store. So far, he's still just Bean. But if we can't decide on something in the next three months, who knows. We are taking suggestions, and I promise to say the name you offer is beautiful, even if I think it's hideous. I expect the same from you when we finally select one.)

That's it for me today! I'm wiped, between starting work again and trying to settle into the house while lugging an extra 15+ pounds. Plus, I had to kick the dog out of bed because she wouldn't fit anymore (it was her or Bean, and the choice was easy), so she's been crying all night and keeping us awake. Poor little pooch, she doesn't understand. And I've tried explaining. If she keeps it up, I think DH may trade with her and sleep in the dog bed. It looks pretty comfortable, actually.


John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I love Joshua. Or Josh. Seriously, you must be considering that quite a bit of you've got the name up in the room. Am I right? And the furniture is just lovely.
Hmmm... name suggestions. Levi of course is a winner and I like Wes or Aiden (everyone's favorite). Boy names are hard. Girl names are MUCH easier. Believe me.

C said...

Sorry for the confusion, the pics were actually the furniture display at the store. :) I clarified that in the post! Thanks for the suggestions on names... Josh or Wes (Wesley?) would be great. Aiden actually kinda rhymes with our last name, which is a problem with many of the boy names I do like (they often end in an "-on" sound). I agree with you, boy names are much harder!!

lisawitt said...

Christine, you look fab! Love the furniture too. I agree with you, once that was ordered and done I felt like a HUGE check off the list! Hope you guys are settling into Seattle well and glad you have the pooch back with you!

xavier2001 said...

I think that Andy should give up his spot in the bed so Evey has a spot! Regardless, I bet they will both be kicked out before Bean makes his appearance. Boy names are so hard, on our short list was Benjamin, Quinn (DH hated it), Jacob, Jonathan, Edward (I wasn't so fond of that one) and Andrew.