Friday, November 30, 2007

Random Act of Kindness

I'm not sure if it's the holiday spirit or what, but I've been blessed by the kindness of others this week, and I wanted to share it with you. It started Wednesday when we screened our new OB and loved her. (Nothing like enthusiastic compliments on my uterus and impending "man child" to dispel insecurity about gaining 20 lbs!) It continued yesterday when my boss called to tell me that 1) she was paying me for Thanksgiving, even though I'm a part-timer and typically not eligible for paid holidays; and 2) she was able to get a raise and a bonus approved for me before our VP of Operations retired. (Now we can get a fancy glider-rocker for Bean's room!) Then last night our incredibly agreeable landlord rushed over to fix the garbage disposal that DH and I had the talent to break within 2 weeks of moving in. Even when it looked like it needed to be replaced due to our blatant mistake, he was not going to charge us for a new one. (Fortunately, he took it home and could fix it; he put it back in this morning.)

But this most recent situation, a truly random act of kindness, really topped off a good week. I ran out of cereal this morning, so I decided to go out and get a coffee and donut. (I refuse to eat that Kashi stuff that DH consumes. I don't eat tree bark. Unless they start coating it in frostring or adding colorful marshmallows.) Usually, I try to be more creative than going to Starbucks for my over-priced coffee, as there actually are other options for over-priced coffee here in Seattle. But this morning, it fit all the major criteria I needed: it's close (because there's always one close); it has a drive-thru so I could go in my sweatpants and slippers; and I could get both a coffee and a donut at the same stop. So the pup and I hopped in the car and headed down the street. Twenty seconds later, we arrived at a Starbucks.

The cars waiting at the drive-thru wrapped around the building. When I was next in line to pay and get my goodies at the window, the woman in front of me took a rather long time. It didn't bother me; the dog and I were grooving to my new Ingrid Michaelson CD and were not in any particular hurry. (No more of a hurry than a pregnant lady can be in when she's waiting for a donut, at least.) When it was my turn, I pulled up to the window with my $5.31 in hand. "Actually, it's $1.75," the cashier corrected. "The woman in front of you paid for your coffee." Astonished, I asked why. She shrugged, "Random act of kindness. I guess she felt bad for taking so long, her coffee was double-roasted."

True, I am generally easily impressed and currently prone to emotionality and sentimentality. But for someone about to bring a new life into the world, it's heartening to see generosity and goodness in others. It's out there, despite the prevailing images on the evening news. (Which, incidentally, is why I solely rely on The Onion for current events.)

So to random Seattle-area woman with the double-roasted coffee, thank you. It was one of the best peppermint lattes I've had. (The donut was also delish, but what donut isn't?) And to everyone else, here's wishing you random acts of kindness -- given and received.

Now I'm going to go to the McDonald's drive-thru and see if someone will buy my McNuggets.


jennifercarol said...

Wow that's awesome! Oh and the donuts at the Seattle area Starbucks are the best because their Top Pot. If you didn't know Top Pot is a small donut outfit that has a couple locations on Capitol Hill and Downtown. They make the most awesome cake donuts ever!

xavier2001 said...

found you!!! I won't update your new home on my blogroll unless you tell me to!

Mmmm. . .Starbucks, a peppermint latte sounds so good, and how awesome that someone bought it for you!

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

That is so sweet that someone did this for you. A friend of mine (JILL on my link list) did a contest thing to see who could submit the best random act of kindness.

Oh, and like Mary, I won't update you on my blogroll either unless you say to.

But thanks for telling me your new address!