Sunday, June 7, 2009

In which traveling becomes momumentally easier

I'm still waiting to wake up and realize that I just dreamed that this vacation to Michigan has been going so smoothly. Our last two visits with family (at 4 months old and 8 months old) were exponentially more challenging. Surely as I type this, Fate is laughing at my overconfidence and conspiring to shake things up, but so far, smooth sailing.

On Friday we hopped on a plane bright and early. On the down side, Bean did not sleep nearly as much as he needed to during our 4 1/2 hour nonstop flight. On the up side, he behaved like an angel (except throwing cheese and toys at our aislemate, who fortunately had young kiddos at home herself and was very understanding) and did not poop the entire time. Brilliant! At the end of the flight, we received kudos from everyone around us (minus the cheese-covered and bruised aislemate), and one guy asked if Bean had slept the entire time. Mission successful. What made the entire day worth it was when we finally landed and ate dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant got to see our families.

On Saturday, DH and I took advantage of free babysitting and headed out to enjoy our second favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. We ran a few errands and couldn't resist popping into DSW for some shoes. As I pointed out to DH, "You know what my Mom would say. We should shop here as much as possible because the sales tax is so much lower." DH nodded, "Yeah, it's like having a 4%-off coupon for everything in the state." I love when we are on the same page. He replaced his torn black sandals (why do guys only replace shoes when they are falling apart?) and I bought a pair of flat brown sandals because I needed them and this other funky pair because, as I told DH, "They are effing awesome."

Then my parents hosted a BBQ for my side of the family so everyone could witness the adorableness that is Toddler Bean. It was a really nice time, although Bean had moments of being overwhelmed by the attention. He would make this heart-wrenching frowny face and then cry plaintively until he received sufficient snuggles from his mommy. Disappointing for everyone else, pure bliss for me.

Today (Sunday) was my sister-in-law's high school graduation party. When I saw the outfits of all her friends, it was obvious to me how completely uncool I have become. I certainly was never admired for my fashion sense, but I was startled to see how much closer I am to Talbots than Forever 21. A bit sad but inevitable. Bean did better here than yesterday because even though there were more people, he wasn't the focus of all eyes at the party. It was a great bash.

And how could I almost forget to mention the best part? BEAN IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. Well, both nights so far at least. I fully expect this to end any minute. There was a bit of crying as I would first put him down, because it is a strange room. But that passed relatively quickly and we've been golden. Tonight not even a peep as I left his room. I think he's adjusting to the time change better than I am, he is about 45 minutes off his regular time (7:45 pm for bed instead of 7 pm), meanwhile I'm laying in bed until 12:30 am. At least I got to watch The Soup last night. If I must be up, at least Joel can keep me company.

And now for pictures!

Uncle/Godfather M. poses with Bean at dinner right after we land.

Grandma M. and Grandpa J. have a fun bathtub too!

Bean was a little overwhelmed at the BBQ.

Bean sports his Red Wings jersey to show his support.

"I think I can reach it... I think I can reach it..."

"Got it!"

Daddy takes him on Grandma M. and Grandpa J.'s boat.

Bean has found his new passion: rocks.

He loves to push this cart while pulling a lobster on a string. Not sure why my parents have a lobster on a string, but I don't ask these sorts of questions.

Let's eat!

Vroom vroom! Oh wait, those are trains. Chugga chugga!
Holding "boo-ooo"s (balloons) at Aunt H.'s graduation party.

Hanging out with Grandpa J.

On the boat with Grandma M. "So... you guys do this for fun?"

"Throwing rocks into the lake... now that's what I call fun!"

Playing in the sand.

Here's to more nights of good sleep, lots of Mexican food, and fun time with family!


Kristina P. said...

I am glad you are having a great time! And Forever 21 is highly overrated.

Anonymous said...


Every trip with the twinnies (knock on wood) has gotten easier in the sleeping/stranger danger departments, sounds like the same is true for Danny! Which Mexican restaurant did we eat at, your fav or second fav, whichever it was it was yummy!! How long are you going to be in Michigan, we are headed back up to T town on Friday for the weekend and would love to sneak in a visit!!

Beautiful Mess said...

YAY for new shoes! YAY for a perfect toddler Bean! YAY for Mexican food! YAY for a great time with family! Glad you are all having a great time!

lisawitt said...

Glad you are having a great time and here's to hoping everything keeps going smoothly!!! Have fun!!! :)

Coffeegrl said...

I love his "overwhelmed" face - priceless! Also, the lobster on a string made me laugh. Somewhere I have a necklace from Maine, which has a lobster in a lobster cage (pot? is it called). I named him Larry the Lobster and for years whenever I have worn that necklace I get comments on it. Kind of weird, but funny.

Grandpa J said...

The reason you have a lobster on a string is so that it doesn't run away! Duh....

Cousin Kimmy said...

I'm so sad I didn't come in for the party :( But glad to read it went pretty well! I do the same thing when I come to MI, I buy as much as possible bc it's also a "4.25%" discount for me too! :)

Soxy Deb said...

It sounds like your having an excellent time and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it continues!!

Nicky said...

Glad your trip is going well! So far, in our vast experience of 3 trips with LL, they have all gone better than I feared. Kids seem to be much more adaptable than we give them credit for. Thank goodness. :)

Jen said...

Glad the plane ride went well and was poop-free. So different from our trip the other month. Sounds like you are having a great time and Bean is as cute as ever! And do you guys like Mexican food or something...

Hollyween said...

Congrats on making it through the airplane trip. I think I would have died. Faith can't even last an hour during church. It's pure torture.

My favorite thing about Bean has got to be those beautiful blue/green (?) eyes. So crystal clear. Oh... and the lobster pushing doesn't hurt either. Because really... who doesn't LOVE lobster?

Actually... I just realized something:
I don't love lobster. Go figure!

Red said...

So happy to hear that you guys are having a great holiday (and bonus about tall the sleep!).

The pics are lovely.

Enjoy more of the free babysitting - I am sure the babysitters love that time too.