Sunday, October 12, 2008

Show and Tell

Show and Tell

I've been wanting to participate in Mel's Show & Tell for a while now, and today seems like the perfect opportunity.

As I've mentioned before, I just love when the mail comes each day. This is a direct result of the kindness of our families (especially my mom) to send us care packages and my penchant for ordering stuff from This has been an extra special week of fun mail-time goodies, one of them being the "Baby's First" Halloween quilted fabric that arrived from DH's grandma:

I have had an on-again-off-again relationship with Halloween, which I suppose is normal as we pass through different stages of life. As a child, I would spend the month of October anticipating the arrival of the crisp Midwestern evening when I could giddily run through the neighborhood with my friends and spend the following week gorging myself on sugary snacks. Then it became one of my least favorite holidays, perhaps because I had enough change in my pocket to buy myself a Kit Kat bar when the mood struck without having to make myself look ridiculous and knock on the neighbor's door. My love of Halloween returned when DH and I bought our first house in 2003. Maybe it was the Jack O'Melon adorning our front step or watching the little ones toddle to our house and shyly hold up their baskets for candy, but I was once again in love with the holiday.

As we still have a loft and garage full of boxes, I was unable to pull out our decorations to prepare the house for Bean's first Halloween. It's a bummer, but we have a gigantic to-do list, so I try not to put too much pressure on myself. That's why I was thrilled to open this package from DH's grandma -- not only does it fill an empty wall that has been begging for attention, but it (coupled with the Febreze pumpkin spice candle I bought) provides some much needed holiday spirit to the house.

Sewing is a craft that completely eludes me. This is too bad, because I have a great vintage sewing machine from my grandma and a host of projects that could use a handy needle. Fortunately, our families are filled with creative talent, so I can enjoy the fruits of their labor even if my greatest skill is... well, probably ordering from Now that I've been talking about it, I'm feeling inspired to attack the boxes in the garage to find the ceramic haunted house that my grandma painted decades ago. The glow of its colored lights is my favorite reminder all those happy childhood Halloweens.


Kristin said...

That is a gorgeous quilt...WOW! I love the Jack O'Melons too!

Michelle said...

That quilt is beautiful!

Melzie said...

Oh my goodness- BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow. I want the pattern, LOL! :)

My S&T is up HERE!!

Cara said...

Jack-o-Melon...what a great idea! We attempt the gourds and an occasional over done blue hubbard squash.

Thanks for the new idea and I'm with you on the halloween thing. My youngest cries at the idea of scary - don't think we're going out this year.

KandiB said...

That is so cool...does your g'ma want to adopt an extra granddaughter, by any chance?

battynurse said...

I love the quilt. Very pretty.

lisawitt said...

What a great quilt! I know bean will enjoy it too! What will he be for Halloween?

lisawitt said...

Ha, Zach will be a monkey too!! We call him our little monkey so figured it was appropriate! Although I am not sure if he will wear it...we tried the head peice on and it was so funny my mom and i started laughing and he started crying! Cant wait to see pics of bean in his! :)