Friday, March 20, 2009

In which my sinuses explode from my head

Yup, still sick. I can't remember the last time I felt this crappy. Bean is feeling much better, fortunately. And DH has returned from his business trip (did I mention he's been out of town?) and has taken time off work to help me recover. He made two batches of my grandpa's famous garlic soup and went to the library to pick up this book for me:

I don't know what I'd do without him.

I'm determined to feel better by Sunday, as Jen has invited us to a housewarming brunch that I am really excited about. And then a former coworker of mine from St. Louis who actually lives in California but she telecommutes so I never actually saw her at work but we talked on the phone and that still techincally counts as being coworkers is visiting Seattle with her hubby and son and we have plans to go to the aquarium on Monday. Besides, I am so sick of watching toddler television all day, desperately trying to keep Bean entertained while I lay on the couch and blow through an entire 64-pack of Costco tissue boxes. Although I really like that Oswald show on Noggin. Fred Savage does a really convincing octopus.

So because I have nothing else to share, and I am not above fishing for compliments, I decided to borrow this "assignment" from Deb. I turned to DH, who was sitting on the couch watching "Rules of Engagement" and fuming that the Michigan State game was not on TV, and asked him to name the top 10 things he finds cute about me, off the top of his head. These are his words:

"1. You -- in whole
2. Your laugh
3. How you tap dance while you wait for something
4. How your leg bounces when you have them crossed
5. Can I say your offspring?
6. Your silliness, your sense of humor
7. How you love the dog more when she's clean
8. How you want to blow away other cars when you drive
9. How you rock out in the car
10. How you are protective of your family -- your mama-bearness
That's kind of a weak list off the top of my head, honey. Oh, how you get mad at me if I fall asleep before you do without saying goodnight first. And I think it's also cute how you like specially shaped p-diggities."

(P-diggities is my nickname for pancakes.) (I know, my cuteness knows no bounds.)

Now I'm off to google the biological purpose of sinuses. I'm wondering if I will suffer any major disruption of functioning if I have them removed. The vet said we can have the dog's anal glands surgically removed if she keeps dragging her butt on the carpet. That got me thinking.


Kristina P. said...

OK, I totally thought that said your LAP dances.

Jen said...

Ugh the dog butt dragging thing. Yes, feel better soon so that I can see you on Sunday!

lisawitt said...

oh man, i hope you feel better soon, christine!! that is NOT fun! eeew, anal glands!

Michelle said...

I am sorry you are still not feeling better but I am glad bean is. Your husband sounds like a great guy! That was sweet of him to take off work to take care of you. I hope you are feeling better soon and can enjoy your weekend!

bbrsbaby said...

Sorry you are still feeling like crud, sounds like Andy is taking excellent care of you, tell him he just went up a notch (if thats possible) in my book!!

Soxy Deb said...

He did real well!! I'm impressed. AND he went and picked you up a book. He gets extra points for that.

Hope your feeling better by now. I think it's Tuesday, but I can't really be sure. They all run together.

Kimmy said...

my family came to visit over the weekend and on friday night the 4 of us were sitting around my brothers 13" computer watching the state game...obnoxious!

Kristin said...

Have you tried a Netty Pot? Though really weird it always helps my sinuses. Look near the pharmacy at the drug stores.

Hope you feel better!

Sam said...

taking ages to catch up on my blog reading!! You must be feeling better by now!! Did you enjoy the book?