Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I had my 18-week appointment with my OB this morning. It's a lot like going to Jiffy Lube at this point, except without the stale coffee and greasy dudes in jumpsuits. Unfortunately.

Weight check: gained 3 lbs in two weeks (for a whopping 6 lb total)
Cervix check: 3.7 mm (holding strong!)
Heartbeat check: music to my ears
Blood pressure check: I never understand the numbers but was told it was "excellent"
Urine check: passed
Belly check: measuring 24 weeks

The old bod seems to be gestating reasonably well at this point! But before I talk more about the babies, I have to give a shout-out to my sweet Bean. What was supposed to be a quick appointment dragged into two hours because the doc was off doing a C-section. HE WAS AN ANGEL. THE ENTIRE TIME. I don't know what I did to deserve this child -- I worry that I'll have to pay it back with two hellions come April. But in the meantime, I am so grateful that I can count on him to be a good boy when I really need him to be. (The occasional bribe with a sucker aside.) (Hey, I said occasional.) (The sucker today wasn't even really a bribe because it was a "mystery" wrapper one that turned out to be root beer flavored, which Bean and I both agree is totally gross.)

Because of the cervical check, I got another peak at the boys. I wasn't planning on posting another ultrasound picture, because I know they all look the same if it's not your uterus, but this one was kinda cute. The tech described it as laying bunk-bed style in my tummy. Which was nicer than my interpretation, that Twin A finally has Twin B right where he wants him and is now kicking the crap out of him. Did I mention I'm pretty sure they are hellions?

I am now smack in the middle of my second trimester, which one book referred to as the "honeymoon" period of pregnancy. And so far, it has been. I am generally feeling pretty good. The food aversions remain to some extent, but I'm not feeling sick and I'm managing it okay. My belly is nice and round without being out of control -- yet. I do get tired easily, but it's not as bad as the constant exhaustion of early pregnancy. I get weepy at least once a day, but usually in a happy way. (So what if I was really touched by the rescue of a beached baby whale in this morning's episode of Dive Olly Dive? It was a BEACHED BABY WHALE, people.) I do often let out an "oof" or "ugh" when I sit down, stand up, or roll over in bed. But for the second tri so far, two enthusiastic thumbs up.

I've also had more time to digest and accept the fact that I am going to have two babies at the same time. Someone wise told me (was it Kristi perhaps?) that the first trimester and third trimester of a twin pregnancy would both be rife with fear and stress, with the second full of enthusiasm about the prospect of twice the adorable. She was certainly right, because I'm feeling a whole lot better emotionally these days as well.

It's not to say I don't have worries anymore -- on the contrary, they pop into my head constantly. Some are specific to having twins, some are general to any mother who is expanding her brood beyond the only child she can ever imagine loving more than life itself. I'm sure there's a "worry" post somewhere in the near future. But every time I see those little guys on the ultrasound screen, I fall deeper in love. The thought of being a family of five the spring... it makes my heart squeeze in anticipation. I absolutely love being a mother; the past year staying home with Bean has been the best of my life, without compare. The challenges are incredibly difficult, but the rewards surpass them a million fold. The first few months will be brutal, and I am already digging deep to find my inner badass that will help me parent three young boys. But I am also planning the fun things we will do as a family -- me, my beloved DH, and the munchkins that we have been blessed with the task of raising into men.

My heart, my house, my life will be full.

Life check: Not what I expected, but I wouldn't be anywhere else.



Kristina P. said...

Looking at that picture makes me realize why twins have such a special bond.

k said...

That is so cute! And tat's awesome that your little one was good during the two hour wait for the doctor.

It's hard to imagine you're just a few weeks ahead of me. I guess with twins you just grow more! Keep on growing kiddies! :)

IF Optimist, then... said...

Oh how I loved this post dear Sunny. I'm glad you posted the extra ultrasound and am so proud of the bean for being such a mature big brother during the appointment. Congratulations on more great news and looking forward to so much more in the weeks and months to come.

Kristi said...

I love that photo! I never had a photo even close to being that cute.

And yeah, that sounds like something I would say. Please don't ask me for advice about the first three *cough* six *cough* months of life with twins + toddler though, because I will have nothing near as philosophical to say. ;)

So glad everything is going well for you.

Allison said...

What a sweet picture. I still can't believe you have two baking in there! Where's the belly pic? I'm a little obsessed, I know, and I apologize.

Lisa said...

I love that picture of your two little ones. It is so cool to think that is your new world coming at you.

Hollyween said...

That is quite possibly the cutest adorable u/s pic ever and that's saying something because only the mother thinks those things are cute.

I'm so happy that you're enjoying the second trimester. How exciting!!

On a side note, I really love root beer suckers, candy and everything. Tell Bean to send them my way!

Cousin Kimmy said...

root beer is my favorite flavor...you can bring them this way for x-mas ;)

Michelle said...

Great news all around and I love to hear it!

lisawitt said...

Awesome post, you are SO well said, C!

And the bunk bed pic is ADORABLE, thank you for sharing with us.

Life with your little men will be tough at times but as you said, beyond incredible and totally blessed all at the same time.

Cannot wait to "meet" these boys and hear all about your new adventures with your family of 5!

PS- give Bean a high five for totally rocking the OBs office, what a good boy, he will make a great big brother!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! That picture is awfully sweet, and Bean rocks for being so good for 2 hours. *I* wouldn't have been so good (though I disagree with you guys on the grossness of the root beer suckers).

Jen said...

Love that pic! I do suspect you'll be very busy wrangling boys for the next several (like 18+) years. You are so lucky that Bean behaves well for your appointments. Jillian is a bit of a terror I'm afraid and appointments are tough even when Jeramy is there!

Glad you're enjoying the honeymoon trimester too!

Nicky said...

Two hours?!? I shudder to think what LL would be like in a waiting room for two hours. What a wonderful big brother!

Martha said...

A jiffy lube check, ha, ha!
Your little boys look wonderful, love the double recliner setup.

OppositeOfOops said...

Awww, that picture is adorable. I'm glad you shared it. :)

Furrow said...

Seriously cute ultrasound. Maybe the bottom is giving the top one a back rub. No, on second look, you're right. He is kicking the crap out of him.

You are totally going to have fun with those two.

Stephanie Faris said...

I knew a woman who had a daughter, then found out she was pregnant with twins. She went from a single mom of one to a married mom of three from one Christmas to another. I tried to fathom what a difference a year made in her life but couldn't!

I'm loving these ultrasound pics.

Coffeegrl said...

I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling better and really enjoying your "honeymoon" period. You just made this pregnant lady get a little teary too (it's pretty easy to do these days - esp. for the sweet and heartwarming stories - keep 'em coming!!)

Shelley said...

Sorry I'm so late commenting, but I just wanted to stop by to let you know that the picture is just the cutest. It's so nice to get the ultrasounds to say hi to the little guys growing in there!

Beautiful Mess said...

Awww how sweet is this post?! I love it so much! I hope you have many more wonderful moments like you did when writing this. I have NO doubt you will find your inner badass mommy and kick all kinds of ass!!!

MissMVK said...

You MUST go buy and then read the book "One and the Same" by Abigail Pogrebin. It's an amazing book about twin relationships! I still smile everytime I think that you are just a few hours north and we are both adding twin boys to our broods at virtually the exact same time!