Monday, November 2, 2009


It's time for the obligatory Halloween recap post! And as your "treat" for the holiday -- it's mainly in pictures. Now get off my porch.

Is there a doctor in the house? On Wednesday, Dr. Bean shared his medical expertise with his preschool class at the Halloween party. Because it's never too early to saddle your child with rigid (and lucrative) parental expectations.

On Thursday we went with MOMS Club to check out the local fire station. This technically isn't Halloween related, but the firemen were dressed up as... wait for it... firemen, so let's just roll with it.

He absolutely loves the plastic hat they gave him, he walks around the house wearing it backwards (so it's more like a baseball cap). Until we try to take a picture, then it's all frowns and eye daggers. Pretty sure he gets that look from his Dad.

On Friday evening we took Bean to his first high school football game. He LOVED it -- his eyes were wide with excitement the entire time. He walked along the wire fence surrounding the field to be close to the action; he was absolutely captivated by every sight and sound. Even the cheer team earned applause from our stoic little Bean, despite the routine being rather questionable in taste and skill. Sports (and babes) are in this boy's blood, obviously.

Saturday afternoon, Bean set to the serious task of drawing with pen on his pumpkin in preparation for Halloween. He was generally unimpressed with the guts from Daddy's pumpkin, other than the hilarity of occasionally flipping them out of the bowl with a spoon.

A family of three pumpkins. Or make that two pumpkins and one Jack O'Melon. (Wait, WHAT? You don't know what a Jack O'Melon is? Click HERE to read the story so you aren't embarassed in front of your friends.)

This is the only picture we have of Bean in his full costume... the cap and stethoscope were soon out the window, along with our dreams of having a doctor in the family. (Would have come in handy when our health care system officially goes to pot. Instead, we will just plan to never get sick. Ever.)

We weren't sure how Trick or Treating would go, considering his overall dislike for most people. But he absolutely loved putting candy in his bag himself -- he would take it out of the person's hand if they tried to put it in. Couldn't get him to say please, thanks, or trick-or-treat, but he did exclaim, "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!" after each house (even when I was back home and his Dad was taking him around).

After he got home, Bean spent another hour-and-a-half enjoying a sucker. Other than that, though, he has shown no interest in his sweet spoils. I taught him well, to leave the good stuff for mom eat healthy.

Every time the doorbell rang, Bean would rush out to hand out candy. (Yeah, it does seem like DH is always wearing that t-shirt, doesn't it?)

Despite all the activity of the weekend, Bean did find a few minutes to squeeze in some work he needed to get done for preschool.

As well as cuddle with the dog while watching the Lions game.

Happy November everyone!



Kristina P. said...

I love his little costume and pumpkin!

lisawitt said...

love the smiling sucker pic on the stairs! The dumdum lollipops were Z's fav treats too!

And was very happy to see the Jack O melon is still making his appearance! Just think, next year it will be FOUR pumpkins and the melon! :-o

Kate said...

So cute! sounds like he had a great time! I am making a list of 101 things I want to do with my baby by the time they're five. I plan to then make a scrap book of it, and pumpkin carving is not on there. Thanks for the great idea :)

Lisa said...

Very cute photos! I would struggle with all that candy (-:

Jen said...

So much fun! I'm lovin' the doctor costume. Maybe he can advise you on whether to do a vaginal birth or c section. Or not.

I'm glad Bean liked trick or treating. When they handed out candy at my MIL's church Jillian just wanted to wander around the parking lot and look cute.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

He's such a little dolly! I could just eat him up!

WiseGuy said...

I totally loved your post...I loved the story and the pictures, and they made me laugh...especially the Mom, Mom, Mom part.

Happy Halloween!

MissMVK said...

Adorable! Piglet would not wear the headpiece to his oh-so-cute panda costume. He also loved trick or treating and just loved the novelty of walking around at night with both of us!

So your preschool, is it a co-op or do you attend every class? Btw, I love that you said he dislikes most people. Hilarious!!!

Stephanie Faris said...

What fun. He's so cute!

Sam said...

oh Bean is just too cute - love the little doctor outfit!!! I love that last picture of Bean with the dog - very sweet.

Nicky said...

It never occurred to me until that last photo caption that you guys would be LIONS fans. So sorry. :)

Kristi said...

I LOVE the idea of a doctor costume. He looks like a mini McDreamy with the cap and stethoscope (if McDreamy were, you know, a blond, 3-foot tall toddler). ;)

Coffeegrl said...

He looks like a natural with that stethoscope. You may have a future doctor on your hands after all!

Michelle said...

Aww he is so cute. Um but whya re you subjecting him to such horrific TV...the Lions? did it make him

Red said...

Adorable! I wish we went to the same Halloween extent here in Oz. It looks like so much fun!

Aunt Becky said...

Okay, my ovaries hurt now. Didn't know that was possible.

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

What super pics!

And I loved catching up on the Jack-o-melon story! :)