Thursday, November 5, 2009

News from the belly

Today I went to see my lovely OB again, and I got another peek at the boys.

(Yep, STILL boys. And this time, I have the money shots to prove it. But I won't post those pics, because although I will no doubt embarrass these two little men in countless ways over the course of their lifetimes -- often intentionally -- showing their weenies on a public blog will not be one of them. I hope their future therapists appreciate this.)

The ultrasound was awesome, I never get tired of watching the two of them wiggle and flip on the screen. Even when I'm being basically impaled by the ultrasound wand for 45 minutes while all the measurements are taken. The good news is that they are measuring prefectly, across the board. Yippee! The best part (okay, so that last bit was the best part -- but at least the second best part) was catching one baby nail the other one with an elbow. Seeing a six-ounce avocado-sized little baby jacking the other in the face, right there in my tummy... well, it was not only the funniest thing I have ever seen (other than this movie) but also surely a glimpse into my future. *sigh*

I think we have finally settled on a due date. It's been a moving target, anywhere from April 22 to April 16, but now it's April 18. Which is also my MIL's birthday. Which makes no difference because we will get them out early anyway. But still, hopefully easier for DH to remember because he always tells people the wrong date. Which makes no difference because we will get them out early anyway. But still.

Speaking of getting them out early, we I also seem to have made a decision on the VBAC versus C-section. Before seeing the doc today, I was about 66% leaning towards a C-section, 33% for a VBAC. And 1% lingering hope for that magician. During our appointment, she told me that she had consulted with MFM (maternal fetal medicine). They said that there weren't many statistics on VBACs with twins specifically, as it's obviously much less common than a VBAC with singleton. But they estimated the risk of uterine rupture at 2%, which is four times as high as the singleton VBAC risk. Hmmmm... yeah, not really liking those odds. They advised my OB not to attempt a VBAC unless I was really passionate about giving it a shot.

That risk is scary enough, plus it is unlikely that I will go into labor when my own OB is on call and the other docs in the practice aren't on board with the double VBAC, plus the twins are breech right now anyway so there is a chance I won't even have the option...

So it's looking like we will be scheduling a C-section in early April. God willing, I will make it that far and not go into labor first.

It feels a bit like I am making excuses not to try a VBAC (I keep hearing my Dad's voice from childhood saying, "Sunny, there is an excuse not to do anything."), and I can't say my emotions are entirely stable on this yet. But we'll see what happens.

Moving on, we also discussed my weight gain. Which is a measly 3 pounds, according to their baseline weight for me. UGH!!! Not even close to 25 pounds by 20 weeks, as recommended by my pregnancy book. I do maintain that the OB office's baseline weight for me is higher than it should be (I definitely gained a few pounds in the weeks before my first OB appointment -- no really, I did, I swear!), but still. Like you all did, she encouraged me to eat as best I could and not worry. The boys are growing well, as evidenced by the ultrasound and my enormous belly. Speaking of the belly, it is measuring 21 weeks along, and I am currently 16 weeks. Which is entirely normal and healthy for twins, but it's the trend that worries me. I remember last time reading some study about why pregnant women don't tip over despite their huge bellies (tax dollars hard at work) but I expect to be testing the limits of that particular research.

And finally, my boys would like to say hello.

Two heads are better than one.

The head shot of Twin A that does not look like Skeletor and thus will not keep you up with nightmares.

A foot shot of Twin B. Because baby feet are cute.

In unrelated late-but-at-least-I'm-remembering-it-at-all news, April finished my "Sunny in Seattle" bloggy button, over there on the right column. Look at how cute I am, go ahead and grab me for your blog!



IF Optimist, then... said...

Woooo hoooo. Look at those cute twinsie brains in the ultrasound, creepy cute I'd say. Sounds like your OB is really supportive and is giving you all of the great information you need to make an informed decision. Keep up the good gestating! :-D

Kristina P. said...

So awesome! It sounds like you're making the right decision. You don't want to risk anyone's health!

Mary said...

Aww, those u/s pics bring back SO many memories! Enjoy this time when you can get both in one shot as those days are coming to a rapid close! And I have a great shot of Livi kicking Drew in the head, I had forgotten about it til your mention of the baby smackdown going on in your belly. SOOOOO excited and can't wait to meet these guys! I've said it before but I'll say it again my birthday is April 2 is a GREAT day for a birthday ;)

Jen said...

Woohoo for definitely boys!!! The brain shot is sooo cute, which is strange because since when are brains cute?

You are NOT making excuses for doing a c section over a VBAC. Hell, I'm doing a c section by choice with a singleton just because I can. Don't feel bad. The guilt isn't worth it.

Allison said...

I LOVE reading posts about the babies! I love reading any of your posts, but the baby posts I especially like. Go with your gut (no pun intended) on the VBAC. I'm telling you, eat those Frosties! :)

Lavender Luz said...

Cute pix!

I bet the therapists are mad that you've cut into their business. What!? No embarrassment?

Nicky said...

Looking good! Glad you're feeling good, too!

Beautiful Mess said...

YAY for those babies being healthy and LOOKING great! Love the elbow jab, that's awesome!

Kate said...

When they start hunting for the boy/girl parts I always feel like we're violating my baby, lol. But congrats on a good ultrasound! :)

I think you are making the right decision and I hope now that you made it you can find peace with it!

Kristi said...

Love the head shots, and the toes too. The ultrasounds never get boring. I loved them, except pretty soon as they get bigger, you're going to see a whole bunch of limbs and other body parts that don't look like much of anything and you'll wonder if you're pregnant with twins or an octopus.

Congrats on making the c-section decision too.

lisawitt said...

awww, adorable pics of the boys! any names yet?? :)

as for the whole delivery thing....remember in the end, all that matters is that they get here safely, whether vbac or c-sec. kinda like all my bfing woes...all that really matters is their health in the end. will keep ya in my prayers though as you come to terms with it all! :)

Stephanie Faris said...

Is there anything more beautiful than an ultrasound picture of your baby? Yes, your ultrasound picture of your TWO babies!

Michelle said...

What beautiful boys you have. It sounds like everything is going well and I am very happy to hear that.

Red said...

Yay for your super star boys! The pics look great. It is head spinning to think that they are already getting to know each other in the womb (well, know that they like to beat up on each other).

Shelley said...

It's great to hear that the babies are doing great. And good luck with the weight gain!

MissMVK said...

Eek! Now i feel guilty about showing the Wontons bits pieces in one of my posts! Eeeeeeeek!!!!

I am so happy that your boys are growing and thriving and you survived yet another impaling.

MK said...

Lovely shots of the boys. I'm so jealous. I love your writing so much but I have a hard time visiting your blog too often because...well, I'm sure you know why. Infertility is a hoebag.

I'm glad you commented at my blog about your lap. I was actually going to ask you about yours and how much they found and what your recovery was like.
What a happy topic, right?

WiseGuy said...

I love Belly Telly!

Well, it is April for you then. My DH is an Aries too, you know!

Good Luck!!!

Martha said...

I love the baby pictures and so glad they are doing well. Ha, ha, about the elbow.
Hmm, can I buy you a milkshake or two?
Love the button, off to post it on my blog, Thank you!!

Martha said...

Re.VBAC vs.csection, it sounds like this is kind of a done deal for your doctors and a C/Section is in the best interests for you and your babies, outside of your control which is an emotional rollercoaster. Send my best and I hit submit before I added this.

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

YAY! So glad your boys are continuing to do well. :)

And *April 6th* earlier in April *April 6th* would be great. *April 6th.* I think there are some *April 6th* really cool *April 6th* people with April birthdays.


Eve said...

Oh I'm sooooo jealous you got your anatomy scan already!!! I go in less than two weeks now...I can't believe how close we are! Sooo happy you got to see VERY healthy little baby boys in there...wahoo!

I'm been there with you on the VBAC vs. C-section thing. We've had so many crises this pregnancy, haven't even talked to the doc abou it yet. If I were having a singleton, I think I would be about 70% there for a VBAC, but with twins it scares me more! Not even just the uterine rupture stuff, but the whole 'going through an emergency c-section' again. So, even without the doc's advice, I think I'm already preparing for a c-section.

You whole post resignates with me so much...sorry this is so long! My due date has stayed stuck at April 30th...but I'll be lucky if I make into April at all I think. I've settled on telling people 'sometime in early spring'.

Yeah, crazy that we're having this weight gain dilemma,isn't it? Ugh, to only have this issue when I'm NOT pregnant with twins. My doc hasn't been too stressed about the weight gain thing (heck I lost 15 lbs with my son, so I'm doing TONS better than last time).

Take care of those boys now!!!