Monday, April 19, 2010

Nom nom nom

I am abandoning my attempt for a real blog post, and instead I'll give a quick update in bullet form. Such is life right now.

- Status: Much better than a week ago. Which is relative, of course. No one would look at me and say "Wow, you look great..." without following it with a "...for just having twins." But I no longer walk like I'm hoping to land a part as a gunslinger in a Western flick, and I no longer sob uncontrollably when I burn my grilled cheese sandwich. Physical and emotional stability = a very, very good thing.

- I must qualify the first bullet to say that the only reason I'm doing so well right now is because of all the help I have. When DH goes back to work, my mom leaves, and my friends stop bringing meals, I will be totally screwed. Stay tuned for the fun!

- Another reason I am doing better is that breastfeeding has been getting easier. The kiddos are catching onto the process and my supply is increasing. I am still topping them off with formula after certain feedings via the wonderful/horrible supplemental nursing system, but it's much, much less these days. Hoping to make it over the hump to full breastmilk soon so I can lose the cumbersome contraption. Or at least survive until I'm ready to introduce the bottle, maybe another week or two. In the meantime, I am a walking advertisement for Denny's, as my fenugreek supplements (to boost supply) have the side effect of making me smell like maple syrup. Hmmmm... maybe I can turn this into a lucrative sponsorship. Can I interest anyone in a Grand Slam? Tell them Sunny sent you.

- Related to breastfeeding, I am feeling a bit stir-crazy in the house. After bedrest and then limited activity while I waited to deliver, I feel like it's been ages since I've been a part of the real world. I would love to get out and about with my mom, DH, and the munchkins (so much mall time to recoup!), but because of the supplemental nursing system, I am hesitant to do anything other than very brief jaunts between feedings. I strongly believe in a woman's -- and baby's -- right to nurse in public, but I don't think it's right to flash innocent bystanders while positioning the tube and trying to get a kiddo latched to it properly. It's true the girls never look better than when I'm nursing, but I'm holding off on their big debut until I get offered the big bucks for a magazine spread. I'll keep you posted on that.

- The sleep deprivation isn't as difficult to deal with as it was with Bean, although I'm getting fewer hours of shut eye with the twins than I did with him. I recently heard (or read?) that once you become a mother, you never sleep as soundly as you did before you had kids. I imagine this is true... even before the twins with Bean sleeping through the night, I would jolt awake at even a sigh coming from his room. I can see how this will still be the case even when they are teens and adults, keeping one ear open for the click of the front door or the ring of the telephone. Seeing as I haven't slept completely soundly in over two years, I guess the shock of the newborn phase doesn't quite have the power it had before. Interesting note: Dads do not appear to suffer from this chronic inability to return to deep sleep after having a child.

- Bonding with the twins has been so much easier than I thought. They immediately filled vacancies in my heart that I didn't know existed -- all the worries about loving them less than Bean (what if they aren't as cute?) have disappeared. Although DH and I obviously love the both of the twins to pieces, we have each sort of "claimed" one of them. Twin A is mine, and Twin B is DH's. This is going to work out well for me, because Twin B (our spunky little guy) will definitely be giving us more trouble as he gets older. Hope DH is up for the challenge. At least he'll be well rested from sleeping soundly at night.

- My two-year-old is now huge. And heavy. This applies to his physical characteristics as well as the contents of his diapers. Good lord.

- I am insanely behind all communications, from email responses to blog reading and comments. It took me 3 months to get caught up after Bean, but I'm hoping to do better this time. Please bear with me, I miss you and I'm working on getting back in touch!



Kristina P. said...

It sounds like things are settling down! They are adorable.

Hollyween said...

Oh, the pictures. So so precious!
Don't worry about catching up. That is SOOOOOOOOOO last priority right now. I'm impressed by your nursing capabilities. I plan on going to you for advice when I nurse this baby since 4 weeks postpartum I have to have surgery and also a nuclear dye test that requires pump and dump for three days. Yuck.

Mary said...

Awww, that picture is PRECIOUS! It almost makes we want to have a second set :)

You are doing AWESOME momma, and you will do great once everyone returns back to work as well, I distinctly remember crying and worrying for DAYS before Sean went back to work, begging him not to go and when he did I managed and my kiddos lived to tell the tale.

And lastly, YAY on the nursing front, seems like maybe things are resolving a little quicker with these dudes versus all the struggle you had with Danny???

Kate said...

I love that they're both nibbling on the same hand! What cuties. And I'm jealous of your milk supply.

Leah Rubin said...

They are super-precious! Gotta love them, and love the stories about their momma!

Keep up the wonderful parenting, and don't pressure yourself. We'll all be here whenever you're ready.


lisawitt said...

Just post pictures, that will satisfy us for now...cause they boys are SOO cute! Wish I was there to snuggle them both, too sweet!

Oh yeah, and ditto on the Dad Sleeping!! How do they do it?!?

Glad to hear things are going much better, hang in there, it will only get easier from here!!

Michelle said...

What?! You are not going to personally email me back right now!? Well that is it I am finished. I mean really you have TONS of time on your hands.Geez! ;0 HAHA

I hope you know that was very sarcastic. I am so glad that things are going good. How is Bean with being a big brother?

I can imagine you must be stir crazy. Everyone I have known that had a baby has felt the same way after the first few weeks and that is not even with having bed rest prior. It must feel like it has been forever! I hope you can get some time out soon. I think you well deserve it!!!

Many hugs!

K said...

TOOOO CUTE!!!! Awwwwwww..... that is just precious!

Sounds like things are going well. So glad to hear it! :)

Beautiful Mess said...

SOOOOO cute! Enjoy those little guys! Take your time hon, we'll be here.

E said...

Hehe, they are chewing on the same hand...soooo adorable. Hey, I know you said you thought they were fraternal but you never said for sure??

Sounds like things are progressing very nicely. You will be out and about in no time. My mother said she got strong as an ox carrying twins around, lol. You could have one on your back and one on each hip ;).

Glad to hear all is well!

Jen said...

They twins look so much least in that picture! Do you think they look like Danny or totally different?

As for the SNS, I hated it. It was hard enough to learn how to nurse let alone figure out how to position that stupid tube. It took two of us to make it work for one baby. My hats off to you for making it work with two babies and a toddler running around, help or no help.

Hang in there. I want to meet your little guys soon when the fog clears.

Nicky said...

Proud of you for wanting to get out of the house WITH kiddos! I also totally support breast-feeding in public, in theory, but I felt sooo awkward at it for the first several weeks that I was terrified to try it in public. Not because I didn't want anyone to see the girls, but just because I didn't want them to see what a failure I was at the easy laid-back breast-feeding that I saw other people achieve. Kudos to you for having the confidence to want to try it this early!

tinybud said...

I am so pleased to hear that nursing is going better! You rock mama :D

Anonymous said...

girl! you are ambitious. i just TODAY ventured out of the house by myself TWICE with the kids. generally i like to have backup. did i mention they are 7 months old? sure, i take them to daycare twice a week, but to the mall? the thought of it still gives me a stomach ache. maybe i can learn something from you! lol.

i was just saying something to miss mvk about how i can't imagine my kids at two b/c they already seem so huge and heavy!!!

it gets easier...seriously :)


Jingle said...

another cute post,
how joyful to have your twins healthy and cute...

have an outstanding Friday!

Red said...

They are too cute! They look like they have a little bond going already.

Glad to hear things are settling down for you. I can only imagine you are dreading your Mum leaving and DH going back to work. It's good to see things are falling into place before then.

Just a thought... I know you said you find it hard to create nicknames for the blog (I am sure you said this when you changed your name to Sunny). If you are still finding it hard to make up nicknames for the twins you could let us suggest some? You could write a post about the personality traits of both your boys and we could think up some bloggy names for them. Anyway, I am sure you have 1 million things to do before you post about names, so Twin A and Twin B will do for now! :)

Katie said...

Oh, gah, they are precious!!!!

I am glad to hear you are doing and feeling better this week. As someone about to fall down the sleep deprivation rabbit hole myself, I am glad to hear that it's not as bad the second time around.

Carrie said...

GORGEOUS! I am so glad I stopped in to say CONGRATS!!!!! You are rocking it- nursing will get easier! Take it from me- each day was better than the last- before you know it, they'll latch themselves on while you are watching Bean play at the zoo. :)

Jingle said...

Happy Tuesday, Sunny!
I have a blogger account,
welcome your visit.

your twins rock!