Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Challenge: Week One

My first installment of The Maiden Metallurgist's April Challenge: Ditch the Dumpy Sweats!  (See her weekly post HERE.)  I decided a little late that I would participate, so forgive me for missing a few days.  But a good way to ease into posting again!


Agenda: Chuck E Cheese's for Nix and Gax's 4th birthday party

The best picture I could find of my outfit was in that ticket blaster tornado thing.  (Yes, I am stuffing tickets down my tank.  I actually found two tickets in my underwear when I changed out of them.  The things we do for our offspring!)


Agenda: Bouncy house, errands, Pancake House for dinner

Fell in love with these cropped pants and had to buy them.  But I have trouble figuring out what to wear with them.  In the store window, it was paired with a top similar to what I'm wearing here, but it had springy pink stripes instead of blue.  That pink is not a color I can wear anyway, but I wasn't a huge fan.  Navy is my favorite neutral, so I grabbed this top and added some red as an accent color.  Not necessarily a home run, but not the worst?  Or is it?

But then it got warmer and sunnier as the day progressed, so I needed a t-shirt to take the boys outside.  I was totally at a loss at what could match from my closet, so I grabbed this t-shirt just because I bought it at the same store as the pants and assumed they would coordinate on some level.

Then it was getting really warm (70+ degrees) and I gave up.  Ditched the thick cropped pants altogether and grabbed a jean skirt and hot pink flip flops.


Agenda: Host a playdate at our house

The past few days have been both busy and emotionally challenging as a parent.  We had Bean's friend (and his mom and sister) come over for a playdate, and while I wanted to retreat into yoga pants and a comfy old t-shirt, I decided to farm my closet for something that was just as comfortable without being so lazy.  Those pants are not actually yoga pants, they are "slim fitting comfort trousers" that I got in my StitchFix box.  I am counting that as a win.

Reflections and notes for the week...

* I need more short sleeved tops that are not solid navy, white, black, or gray.

* Waistline is an issue for me.  Do belts help hide a flabby tummy, or accentuate it?  Google this.

* While I love the sunshine, I am not looking forward to having to shave my legs more frequently again.

* How are Nix and Gax already four?  I am old.

* Parenting is hard.  I wish I liked cigarettes and alcohol.

* I am pretty upset that this final season of "Psych" was so poorly written.

* Shopping.  Shopping helps everything.



Stef said...

oh my gosh, I'm going to love these posts! I need to get better Spring/summer clothes. i did so well during the winter months but now all I wear is jeans, t-shirt, hoodie :(

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

You are the cutest! Let me know what you find out about belts :)

Melinda said...

I love this post and love your outfits! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

i just went through my closet yesterday and was SHOCKED at the amount of white and black shirts that I have! it is a little strange.

i love these outfits. can't wait to see how things progress ;)