Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Challenge: Week Two

Picking up right where I left off with The Maiden Metallurgist's April Challenge: Ditch the Dumpy Sweats.  (See Drea's second week post here.  You won't want to miss it!)


Agenda: Nix and Gax dental appointments, playdate at our house

I call this my "grab everything in the closet that I don't know how to coordinate, and wear them on the same day" outfit.  Those pants, love them... but other than the one top I bought with them, I am clueless.  They are like a clay gray.  It doesn't seem like it should be hard, but I am always taking them out of the closet and then putting them back in when none of the tops feel right with them.  And the scarf, I adore those colors, but again for some reason, it never looks right with my outfits.  So at least I wore these items out of the house, right?


Agenda: PlayDate SEA with a friend, t-ball practice

Not much to say about this outfit.  Both the gray tank and the black cardi got ruined in the wash a couple of days later, so I guess this is the memorial photo of the outfit.  Rest in peace, tank and cardi.  Rest in peace.

I am generally against stealing babies... but I have considered taking this particular one home with me.


Agenda: Tacoma STAR Center playdate

I have put this top in the "donate" pile several times, only to chicken out and rescue it.  Which I suppose means next time I should just leave it there.  I don't know... it fits nicely and the color is pretty.  But something about it isn't yes! for me.  Later in the day, I put an olive green jacket over it, and I liked the sweater a lot better in a lesser amount.


Agenda: Soccer game, errands, *Date Night*

During the first half of the day, my "running around to every store in town" outfit was simple blue capris with a cream top.  Then a short-sleeved black sweater with a knit infinity scarf for dinner with the hubby (thanks Mom and Dad!).

Taken shortly before I ate my weight in fondue and wanted to die.


Agenda: Tackle the epic to-do list

I cheated with mommy yoga pants.  Even God rested on the seventh day.


Agenda: Co-op preschool with Littlest, t-ball practice

Hmmm, second time wearing this sweater during the week.  Yes, I did wash the kid snot off of it in between.  This time I am wearing some super comfy cropped khakis and a necklace.  I am still high on the boring factor, but at least I am dressed!  With make-up!  Monday is a tough morning around here.


Agenda: Take dog to preschool for pet show-and-tell, Target, soccer practice

Pay no attention to the Lego explosion behind me.  (You can see the mess slowly growing behind me if you scroll through these pictures day-by-day.  I am convinced the Legos multiply and scatter while we sleep.)



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Sarah said...

I so want that short sleeve cardi! It's so crazy hot here in the summer and freezing indoors. A short sleeve option is perfection. I need one ASAP! :)