Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April Challenge: Week Three

The third of four installments of the Ditch the Dumpy Sweats April Challenge!  (See The Maiden Metallurgist's weekly post here.)

Wednesday 4/16

Agenda: I honestly can't even remember back that far.

Be warned, the theme of this post is going to be "The Week of Blah."  Blah because I consumed waaaay too much pre-Easter Easter candy.  Blah because it WON'T STOP RAINING.  Blah because parenting is hard as heck sometimes.  And blah because... well, let's just say it's that time of every month that I'm not feeling so peppy.  I chose this first outfit just because I wanted to wear a comfort sweater.

Thursday 4/17

Agenda: Easter party at Nix/Gax preschool, annual check-up for Nix and Gax

I tried again to work in The Impossible to Coordinate pants.  This is a light coral linen sweater and a fluffy scarf... hoping I pulled it off?

Friday 4/18

Agenda: Work in Bean's classroom

My friend found this super cute necklace for me at ModCloth, and I wanted a simple top to show it off.  Sometimes when we are feeling the most Blah, a reminder of a sweet person in our lives can cheer us up.  (Pardon the dorky pose, it was impossible to capture light with all the dark clouds this past week!)

Saturday 4/19

Agenda: Stand outside in the rain for soccer and t-ball, birthday party at bouncy house with Bean

The functional outfit, pants that fit in tall rain boots and a top that layers under my warm, dry, huge jacket.  Done.

Sunday 4/20

Agenda: Easter at my parents' house

Biggest pants in my closet to hide waistline attacked by a herd of chocolate bunnies.  Yep.  At least we got a brief reprieve from the constant downpour.

Monday 4/21

Agenda: Co-op preschool with Littlest

Those same pants.  The bunnies did a lot of damage, little jerks.

Tuesday 4/22

Agenda: Grocery store, post office, Target, soccer banquet for Nix and Gax

This morning I woke up to... yet again... this, out my window.

And I just gave up.  Dumpy sweats it is.  (Sorry Drea!)  Not only is this a comfortable sweatshirt, but it also explains to people in public why I look and act like I am some sort of zombie.  Because I am.  Actually, the checker at the grocery store said to me, "You don't look like you have four kids..."  Which I decided to take as a compliment, instead of reading into as, "... you look like you have at least ten."  So thank you, checker, I appreciate it.


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Mina said...

You actually DON'T look at all a zombie, or fat, or whatever else you, lady, imagine you look like. You are very nice, you are slim, you are put together, exactly the sort of mum that makes me very envious. I have a suspicion that in reality mums look way nicer than they think they do. And in your case, it is very true, you look wonderful.