Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another tag: Fun things

I was just tagged by Kathy to list some fun things about myself, so here it goes. (I was also tagged by Mary last month, but that one is much harder, so it's still in draft form. I'll try to finish it soon.)

Here goes!

Four things I did 10 years ago:

1. Graduated from high school at the top of my class. You decide: wasted potential, or brilliant avoidance of pesky high-powered career?

2. Temped as a administrative assistant at a State Farm Insurance claims office. In a moment of panic with a confusing multi-line phone system, I accidentally connected two customers with each other instead of with their respective claims adjusters. Upon realizing my mistake, I shut down the switchboard for five minutes because I didn't want to explain what happened to the customers when they called back. (Doesn't say much for my high school, does it?)

3. Watched the series finale of Seinfeld with DH. Didn't really get that whole jail thing. We still watch the show every weeknight at 10 pm on channel 11. I pretend not to think it's still funny, but DH knows I'm not really laughing at something else I was thinking about.

4. Sustained a head injury and spent three months in a coma. Okay, not really. But since I'm having trouble remembering anything that happened 10 years ago, I may as well have.

Four things I did 5 years ago:

1. Moved to St. Louis for DH's job. I swore it would be the first and last time I moved anywhere I didn't want to go. WRONG! But I grew to love the 'Lou, with its muddy rivers and affordable housing, and now I already appreciate that I never have to shave my legs due to the mild temps of the Pacific Northwest.

2. Hired into my current employer, where I trained to become a Certified Professional Resume Writer. Five years and hundreds of resumes later, and my own resume still sucks.

3. Abandoned my journalism career before it started to pursue my interest in counseling. Luckily my dad still hasn't mailed me a bill for my $120K bachelor's degree. But I made up for it by offering each family member a mental health diagnosis and funneling my journalism training into a blog. Totally worth it!

4. Learned that I am definitely a "hotel" person. DH took me to a bed and breakfast in Missouri's wine country for our first wedding anniversary. Great idea, but I felt like I was at my great-grandma's house and ended up whispering the whole time. Not really the romance either one of us was hoping for.

Four things I did yesterday:

1. Sang my original song "Someone's Got Poopy in His Diaper" to a delighted Bean while changing his diaper. (To the tune of "Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah." Lyrics available upon request.)

2. Googled the difference between fennel and anise. When we tried to get fennel at the grocery store on Sunday, all we could find was a veggie labeled as "anise" that we had previously purchased under the label of fennel. Of course as we were checking out, the clerk asked what kind of veggie it was so he could ring it up. We told him we weren't sure. (Yeah, we had "any random unknown vegetable" on our grocery list.) Another clerk was able to give him the correct code. As we grabbed our bags to leave, our clerk called to us, "Good luck with that vegetable!"

3. Pretended to understand DH when he explained the new group rotation plan that he and his boss have developed for him at work. I may not have had any clue what he was saying, but he was obviously flattered and excited by the plan, and that's all that really matters to me!

4. Fell asleep watching the movie Dune. DH is no longer allowed to select movies for our Netflix rotation.

Four shows I love to watch:

1. So You Think You Can Dance. New season starts May 22. Watch it!

2. Top Chef. I may not like to cook, but I love to eat.

3. Family Guy. A little low-brow humor never hurt anyone.

4. People's Court. It was a loan. No, it was a gift!

Four things that make me happy:

1. Going on a date with DH. Luckily it's not the only thing that makes me happy, or I'd be rocking some hardcore antidepressants.

2. Helping people. I do it for selfish reasons -- it feels good. (It's obviously not for the pay!)

3. The feeling of ultra clean teeth when you leave the dentist's office. Especially after a bubble-gum flavored fluoride treatment.

4. And last but definitely not least, my heart reaches new levels of happiness every time Bean smiles at me.



lisawitt said...

great job!! glad to see you back to your blogging ways! :) love bean's smile, it could melt any heart! :)

Kathy V said...

C, That was an awesome list. Thanks for playing. Bean's Smile is so cute too.

Looks like there is a very good chance it will be Pens vs Red Wings in the finals! I know who I am rooting for.