Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day care pictures

It was a little easier yesterday to drop off and pick up Bean at day care. I think having a day to cuddle with him in between work days is a big help. We are still exploring our options, but at least we'll be reasonably comfortable while we make some decisions. The teacher emailed us these pictures of Bean enjoying the cloudy Seattle day. Is he a stud in the stroller or what?!

Also a quick review of the Amby Baby hammock for anyone who's interested. While I don't think I'd go so far as to call it a miracle -- he's still not sleeping through the night, that would be a miracle -- it's definitely been a big help to me. During the day, he'll actually take a nap in it, instead of immediately waking up as he does when I try to put him down anywhere else. We've also been successful in getting him to sleep in it for at least part of the night. I miss having Bean next to me in bed, but I'm loving the cuddle time with DH. I wish we had it when he was a newborn, we'll definitely use it right away if God blesses us with another baby. Here's a couple pictures of my sweet little man sleeping in the Amby as I type this:


xavier2001 said...

That hammock looks AWESOME!! If I ever get pg again I am so going to look into that. And he looks like such a big boy in that daycare stroller!!

lisawitt said...

aww, i think thats a pretty nice daycare to send you pics! i love the one in the hoodie in the flowers! too cute! glad the hammock is working too, danny is too cute!

Kathy V said...

THat is nice that the dayvare sent you pictures. It gives you a small chance to see what bean is doing during the day.

He looks like an angel in his little hammock.

Did you get Evey some more binkys I mean toys to help her get over her jealousy?