Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fatty fatty two by four

I did something horrible and stupid the other day. But first, some quick background. In early July, we will be heading to the lovely mitten state to baptize Bean at DH's family church. He's going to meet his aunts and uncles and great-grandparents etc. for the first time, we all can't wait. Anyway, I was thinking about what to wear to the baptism. I have this Ann Taylor dress that I bought last spring to wear to some weddings, and it would be perfect. I remember it was a bit loose on me back then, so I actually believed there was a chance it might fit me now, even with the baby weight. You can see where this is going. Well, lo and behold, I couldn't even zip it up. SOB! I checked the tag: size four. How deep is my delusion that I actually thought this dress might fit me? Scary. I blame sleep deprivation. My days of being a size four are sadly gone forever, although it's worth it to be this little guy's mommy.

So now I am faced with a problem. My stomach apparently thinks I am still four months pregnant. Meanwhile, the weather is warming up, and since most of my maternity clothes are for fall and winter, I have absolutely NOTHING to wear. Really. Nothing. While in the past I might have dreamed of throwing out my wardrobe and replacing everything a la What Not To Wear, I didn't really mean it. I'm wondering, how long does it usually take to lose the preggo belly once the baby has made his exit? I realize I'll still have some extra pounds, but the muscles still have some tightening to do at 10 weeks postpartum, right? PLEASE? If you have had a baby and can remember how long before your stomach no longer looked like a deflated balloon, please respond in the comments. You don't need a google account to leave a remark. Or just email me if you like that way better. And be honest, I need to know before I hit the mall. In the meantime, Netflix is sending me Postnatal Power: the Tae Bo Workout. Not only will I be getting back in shape, but I'll be able to kick some ass too. Awesome.

In other news, we are going to try day care option #2 for Bean. His last day at his current center is June 6. Hooray, only 10 more drop offs and pick ups! Then we have found that precious person who loves kids enough to work for peanuts, and she'll be coming over to our house to stay with Bean while I work in the office. (No, my mom is not moving to Seattle, although we'd love that.) We are still running background checks and calling references, but it's looking promising. I've also reduced my hours slightly to three 7-hour days so I'm just above 20 hours a week. This new arrangement will potentially save our breastfeeding relationship, as Bean's been consuming a bit more in day care than poor old Bessie can pump during the day. Thank goodness for freezer stashes. The best part of all this, of course, is that I get to see this sweet little face any time I want to.

I considered staying home full time, but when it came down to pulling the trigger on that, it just didn't feel right for me for some reason. My mom told me to trust my gut, and my gut was telling me not to let go of my job. I work from home part-time providing assistance to families who relocate with corporate transfers. Can it get any more perfect for me right now than that? Having it all: take two.

Our house hunt has picked up considerably since switching real estate agents. He really is an expert in the area and was able to direct us to some neighborhoods that we hadn't even considered yet. I'm afraid that "firing" our last realtor must have given the impression that we are difficult clients, because he seems to be going out of his way to please us. (I mean, who could believe that our first realtor would be unresponsive to a buyer in a market like this?) I've tried to be as easygoing as possible, but since he's given us third-row seats to a Mariner's game, I'm thinking maybe it will pay off to play the fussy, hard-to-please wife after all. Fortunately, considering my email goof last week, he has a good sense of humor. He shared this web site with me, and I recommend you check it out when you need a laugh. Click on "photo galleries" and then the various numbers. The captions are priceless.

Last but not least, my grandma had surgery earlier this week, so please pray for a speedy recovery. She's doing great, but a few extra get-well-soons never hurt. I wanted to take a picture of Bean for her hospital room, and I will share the photo shoot below. Maybe you had to be there, but all those faces... he cracks me up.

And... we're done!


Anonymous said...

The good news is it happens a lot faster with your first. I was back in my old clothes at about 4months with Kendall. But with Tatum--I'm at 9 months and still counting. I'm down to my same weight--but the baby belly is not cooperating with my old wardrobe. Although--with Kendall I was actually able to go to the gym and hike with her in the front pack. Having left the fitness friendly West, I haven't found a gym with decent and affordable daycare. Walking entails a double stroller and two dogs---hmm...doesn't happen so much.

Jen said...

Good luck with the baby belly. Jeramy was eyeing the new Wii fitness program shown on the news today. Maybe we'll have that by the time Spot is born. But of course I'd have to use it...

I'm glad you were able to find a better daycare arrangement and cut back your hours a bit. And its great that your house search is going better. While the housing market hasn't tanked in Seattle, it is definitely in a better state for buyers right now. I hope you all find something you like soon!

xavier2001 said...

Umm. . my belly still looks like a deflated balloon at almost 8 months post partum, but maybe that's just a twin thing!

And we totally have to meet up when you are back East, we'll be up for some if not all of the holiday!

Kathy V said...

Glad things are going well with the daycare situation. That is great that Bean can stay at his own home and you are right there if there are any problems. That will be wonderful for you.

THe photo session is too cute. I am hoping your grandma recovers quickly.

sarah said...

Not quite the deflated balloon at 13 months while standing up; however, whenever I lean over the extra skin rears its ugly existence. Let's talk about the boobies after a year of breastfeeding...yikes!!! Pretty funny about the Ann Taylor dress. I bought an Ann Taylor dress before I found out I was pregnant. I wore it once during my first trimester and prayed I could fit into it again after I delivered. The belly wasn't so much the issue as my HUGE KNOCKERS!!! Holy crap!!! At least now I can wear it easily. ;)

Hollyween said...

How did I get so behind on your blog? It's not just yours I promise. It's been a bit hairy over here lately. And I don't mean that I haven't shaved.
Oh, it's late and the jokes ain't comin.

Have I told you your baby is gorgeous? He is. And he has gorgeous skin.

I still have to read your back entries. But I wanted to comment right away and tell you that I'm still alive.

As for baby weight, you're not going to want to hear this but something magic happens at 9 months. The tummy goes down a bit. It's amazing. I weigh less than I weighed when I got pregnant with Faith, but now I'm trying to lose that last 10 pounds or so that I put on with all the fertility meds, etc. Ugh.

Kathy V said...

It's On! Pens vs Red Wings!!!!!!

Kathy V said...

I left you a present on my blog site. You bloggin' Trash Talker you!!!