Friday, May 9, 2008

Doggy day care

Speaking of day care, we are dog sitting this weekend while DH's coworker and his wife celebrate their anniversary at a B&B in Oregon. They have a Jack Russell Terrier named Joey. He's an intense little dog; he's already destroyed two of Evey's toys after being here a few hours. Watch your back, evil squeakers! He also sleeps under the covers at the foot of our bed. I was worried that he would suffocate, but he sure enough, he survived to wiggle himself out this morning. Nothing like having your legs licked by someone else's dog while you are sleeping. Ewwww! The dogs get along really well; as always, Evey shares her toys and treats without so much as a yip. They've had a lazy morning so far. Joey settled behind the couch (which we moved away from the wall because the dogs kept trying to jump onto the kitchen counter).

Evey saw Bean in this pose while he was waiting for his daddy to take him to day care...

... and decided that the boppy pillow was the place for her.

Then Joey chose a new place in family room -- sitting on top of the back of this chair (I don't have a picture of it, see the black circle):

This has long been one of Evey's favorite spots in the house, so it must be extra cushy. Unfortunately, this also warps the back of the chair, so Evey knows that she's not allowed up there. (Which doesn't stop her of course; she just waits until I go upstairs. Then I hear her jump down when I come down the stairs, only to find her standing next to the chair and looking at me with innocent eyes as if I won't notice the huge smoosh on the back.) Anyway, as soon as I shooed one of them off the chair, the other one would jump up. In order to actually be able to go back upstairs to work, I tipped over the chair like this.

Next time I came down, I found this:

I give up.


xavier2001 said...

I'm not sure who is cuter in that boppy, Bean or Evey. Bean has got the 'yes I know I'm too cool for words' pose, and Evey's got the furry, I'm adorable face.

Hope you (and your apartment) survive the weekend!

lisawitt said...

Too funny, we are pet sitting our friends' Jack Russel Terrier, Hank, this weekend!! It was like reading the same description! Hank and Esther get along good though, thank goodness! Love the new pics of Danny boy, such a cutie pie!

Kathy V said...

Tat is so funny that the dogs still found a way to enjoy the chair even in its tipped over state. I love Evey in the Boppy pillow. I got one of those snuggle pillow for moms. I find my Siberian Husky snuggling up in in alot. Thanks for sharing the cute pictures.

sarah said...

Those dogs are hilarious! I have to have my husband read this. He will crack up. We get my dad's leader dog when he retires at 10 years. Guido is huge and is a misfit even though he has been trained for service. We'll be laughing/crying with you soon! ;) My husband is looking forward to it, but I am not so sure about the missing cookies, black dog hair, and chewed up kitchen towels.