Thursday, November 6, 2008

Over the river and through the woods

It's been a busy week in Michigan so far. The flight wasn't too difficult, save 20 minutes of Bean's crying on the descent... we think his ears might have been bothered. We also experienced our first poopy diaper change on an airplane. Parenthood: every day a new adventure.

My plan to hand Bean off to our more-than-willing families and enjoy some R&R hasn't exactly gone as planned. But you knew that would happen, right? Deep down, so did I. Being 8 months old, he has both booties firmly planted in the wonderful world of separation anxiety and stranger anxiety. And what could be stranger than my family? (kidding guys) All this adds up to a clingy little cutie who wears me out even more than when we are at home. We've also had napping and nighttime issues as well. The naptime problems seem to be mostly resolved, as we've just had to be religious about respecting his sleep schedule. But he continues to wake up CONSTANTLY all night long. Sometimes only 45 minutes between wakings. We've tried various sleeping arrangements to no avail. Please pray for us.

Despite the sleep deprivation, we are enjoying the company of our families and visiting all the restaurants that we miss out West. Pancheros, Dos Pesos, Border Cantina, Olga's, Potbelly's, Hungry Howie's Pizza, Parmenter's Cider Mill... I think I've gained 10 pounds already. But as my dad wisely advises, we more often regret the things that we don't do, rather than the things that we do. I'm pretty sure he was referring to going out to eat.

Speaking of that 8 month milestone, Bean has been growing up right before our eyes. He has learned to favor us with high-pitched screams of delight, which is quite amusing (for now). We were in the produce section of the grocery store today when he quite happily decided that he wanted to hear the echo of his shriek among the apples. At this age, it's still cute. He also communicates much more with his hands. No sign language yet, but he has "gimme" and "get that stupid thing away from me NOW" down pat.

Here is the little man enjoying his second visit to the great mitten state:

Bean models the winter wear that Grandma M. bought for him.

Won't need it yet, though. Look at that gorgeous weather!

Great lakes, great times.
Fun new toys.

Camera strings taste good in any state.

So do sweet potatoes!

"You really ate all six spice donuts, mom?"


Anonymous said...

Glad you are having fun and I feel your pain on travelling being stressful, I find it that way too. We were in Toledo when the twinnies were that age and sleep was terrible, we ended up cosleeping in the end, but once we got home they went back to normal so don't lose hope that all your hard work was for naught!

Sorry we can't make it up to see you guys!!

And super cute pics as always!

lisawitt said...

Ahh, I second Mary! Travelling and sleeping is NOT easy! We also had to do some co-sleeping at times but hey, atleast we got some shut eye.

Hang in there and have fun! And I agree with your dad...enjoy the tasty food, you are on vacation!

Michelle said...

Yes definitely enjoy your vacation. I say calories do not count on vacation!

Pictures are too cute!

Anonymous said...

I just had to get back on here to say that thanks to you I have been CRAVING Olgas all day long!!!

I must get some next time we are up north!

Jen said...

I'm way jealous of the weather out there! The only thing you are missing around here is a Pineapple Express, which is not nearly as fun as it sounds.

Kristin H. said...

8 months already?! Traveling has always been pretty tough with my girls. Sleeping different places, eating unfamiliar food, tons of new people and homes without baby proofing...all add up to an exhausted mom. Seeing family is worth it though...we can sleep when they grow up, right?

Kathy V said...

He is getting so cute. Glad the trip back home went mostly well but I am sorry that you are struggling while you are there. I hope he settles down before it is time to come home. said...

oh so so so cute!!!!!!

Kristina P. said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog and entering the giveaway! Your little guy is so adorable!

I will be back!

Anonymous said...

I check in, too! Just WAY behind on blogging and everything else. We just returned from a trip to Boston, plus I think my hard drive is out of picture space. Whaddya do? Hope the little guy is sleeping better!

Anonymous said...

p.s. I must move to Michigan 'cause I totally agree with NEVER asking couples when they are going to have kids! Can't say the same for folks in MO, though! Too bad it's not warmer in Michigan!