Thursday, November 13, 2008

Survivor: Michigan

So this trip has turned out to be a vacation in the same way that Survivor: Gabon is a vacation for the contestants. Each day is more exhausting than then the next. Except in my version, I'm gaining weight, not losing it, and there's a lot less nudity. Unfortunately.

Yes, Bean's frequent night wakings continue. Every now and then I'll get a good 3-hour stretch out of him, but it's just as likely to be one hour. He's even taken to refusing to go back to sleep around 3:30 am, which I pray doesn't follow us back to Seattle. Unless my dad will, too, as he's been the saint who will indulge the little guy's early morning urge to knock down a tower of rubber blocks. Trust me, it's a lot less cute at 4 am.

Despite my sleep deprivation, I have managed to summon the energy for some fun during the day. Bean is now familiar with my parents and enjoys playing with them, so I can steal a few moments to myself here and there. We've spent some quality time with various other family members, although there are still a few friends I will regret not being able to to see during this visit. My mom took us shopping and got Bean the most *adorable* winter outfits that I'm sure will show up in pictures I post for months to come. As a preview, this is what DH refers to as Bean's "I just got home from work" look. (And true to form, I've apparently spent the day in my PJs and robe.)

Grandpa B. has a different idea of fashion (note the theme of Bean's dazed expression):

On a whim, we also popped in to see Santa, as there was no line when we walked passed. I was sure Bean would cry and reach for me, but apparently an old man with a bushy white beard and a large red velvet suit is less frightening than any of our relatives.

But it's almost time to get voted off the island, we head back home on Saturday to join DH, who left last weekend. My heart is already filled with dread over the prospect of a 4+ hour flight alone in a tiny seat with a squirmy 8 month old. But I can't wait to get back to DH and the pooch. And the local teriyaki place. I'm sure they missed me as much as I missed their eggrolls. Mmmm mmmmmm.


Michelle said...

Sounds like you are having a good time in Michigan. I am amazed at how good he was sitting on Santa's lap my nephews scream like crazy. I hope you have a safe uneventful trip home on Saturday. As always Bean is sooo cute!

Kristina P. said...

I love his little pirate hat!

Soxy Deb said...

The dazed expression is the lack of sleep - lol.

The Santa pic was great for his first time. Maybe when you do the next one he can look AT the camera (rofl).

You know a little Benadryl never hurt anyone right?
(i kid,i kid *wink*wink)

Jen said...

Ugh...sleep deprivation with an 8 month old? I don't even want to hear about that. I keep telling myself that it will get better by then!

Hope your trip back to Seattle is an uneventful one.

Sharon LaMothe said...

Have a safe trip home! I am looking forward to getting together ASAP!

lisawitt said...

How was the flight home? You are a brave woman! Sounds like you had a good trip despite the lack of sleep. Hoping bean gets back on track asap once you get home!!

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think there may be just one Santa Claus because that Santa looks exactly like the one that Ella had her picture taken with last Christmas in Milwaukee.