Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Poll: Hair today, gone tomorrow?

Don't you totally wonder how long I sit around making up clever titles for my posts? It isn't easy my friends, let me tell you. I work hard, I hope you appreciate it. I think you do.

On to the poll, which you will see on the sidebar to the right. I have been dreading Bean's first haircut, and not for the screaming or thrashing that will likely ensue. No, I enjoy those at every bathtime anyway. But I know that as soon as those scissors come out, he won't be my baby anymore, he'll be... *sigh* a toddler. One of the benefits of being a mom is that you can generally operate your child's life under the influence of your own personal fears and neurosis, and until your son is cruelly nicknamed "Rapunzel" on the playground, you can justify pretty much anything.

But as I was scheduling haircuts for myself and the pooch, I caught a glimpse of Bean's one-year-old photo session noted on the calendar for March 1. Putting the two together, I took a big *gulp* and wondered if it was time to bite the bullet and get the little man his first hair cut before the pictures. I need your help to decide. I took some pictures today to show you his hair from multiple angles. (Please ignore the fact that his hair needs to be washed and refer to paragraph above re: bathtime.) I think it looks fine from the front, and as he'll be facing the camera anyway, maybe I'm safe... What do you think?

And just for fun...

Thanks for voting!


Kristina P. said...

I voted for a slight trim!

Soxy Deb said...

LMAO@ Kristina!! I didn't see slight trim as an option.
I voted a big fat NO!!! He has a good 6 months left before you need to worry about that. Maybe by the time your planning xmas pics. I want to see if it grows out more will it have a curl to the end. At least in the back. Then you can cut it and not a moment before. I mean it young lady. Don't make me come out there.

lisawitt said...

Can you wait and cut it after the pics?

bbrsbaby said...

He could use a little trim but you are right, once you do he'll lose the 'baby' look. Drew needed a haircut before a year as well but I refused to do it until he was 13 months old so he still looks like a baby in his one year pics. When you do go try to find one of the kiddie places with the cool chairs and the video screens, the 2 times we have taken Drew he just happily watches baby einstein and doesn't even realize he's getting a haircut, totally worth the extra $3.

bbrsbaby said...

And oh yeah:


AJ said...

Noah needed a hair cut the day he was born but I fianlly gave in just before 5 months. By the way - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Jen said...

I say trim it a little even though it looks so very cute now.