Friday, February 27, 2009


This week has been a bit of a challenge for me, and I've been channeling my inner superglue to hold everything together. DH has continued to work insane hours, he doesn't get home before 10 pm, and he'll have to work on Saturday too. Obviously I'm glad to snuggle up next to him at the end of the day as opposed to when he's gone entirely on a business trip, but there is so much that needs to get done at home (mainly to prep for Bean's birthday party) and it's not happening. Meanwhile, my Mom was hit with an unfortunate attack of something horrid -- vicious vertigo or an inner ear infection, the docs aren't sure -- and has been laid up in the hospital all week. She's home now but still far from okay. Which means they had to cancel their plane tickets to come out to Seattle tomorrow and stay for Bean's birthday and party. Boo hoo!
Other than that:
The house is a mess. I would say it looks like a tornado hit, but as we don't have tornadoes in Seattle, I'll say it looks like we had an earthquake followed by gale force winds. Put simply, the house is an utter mess. But it's totally not my fault, and I have proof:

Look at that grin, he has no remorse! If only there were a "reverse" switch on the Bean, he could help me clean the place instead of searching for the next thing to destroy. Don't ask me how the house is going to be presentable within a week so we can host our very first party ever.

With DH gone so much, my television viewing has suffered greatly because I'm waiting to watch our shows together. Only our DVR knows who won Top Chef or what happened on the season finales of Monk and Psych. Shhh! No spoilers please! So I have been limited to watching chick 'flix and American Idol. (I am surprised to find myself totally digging Adam Lambert. Not usually my type, but something about him...) And thanks to Sam, I am now hooked on a new romance author, Kresley Cole. And by hooked, I mean I want to liquefy her novels and put them in an IV so I can have them steadily dripped into my bloodstream all day long. I now use my library card so frequently that it has ended up in the front of my wallet. The other day I was at the grocery store repeatedly trying to swipe my store card until the unamused clerk raised an eyebrow at me and remarked, "That's your library card." Well, I thought it was funny.
Yesterday Bean and I enjoyed a fun day out. A friend of mine that I've had since I was Bean's age was visiting Seattle for the day with several of her friends from Michigan. We all met up at Pike Place Market and had lunch and walked through the market. (Okay, so I also learned at the original Starbucks location that they have discontinued the salt for their salted caramel signature hot chocolate. They have lost a customer. But let's focus on the positive!) It was perfect timing, I really needed to see a friendly face, someone who knew me before I had a 20-lb appendage on my hip. Their Midwestern accents made my heart smile. Oh, and Bean also had his first kid's meal! Grilled cheese and fries. Another thrilling milestone I have to remember to add to his baby book. Because I'm sure he'll really care about this stuff when he's 35.
I will now spend the next 8 days preparing for the birthday party. Seeing as DH and my parents won't be around to help after all, I guess I'll have to actually do something. I have already practiced making the giant cupcake cake that I drooled over when my friend A's son had his first birthday party. They live in St. Louis, so I just saw it in pictures, but it was obviously just adorable! I sent it to work with DH so his coworkers could test it for me. (I already gained back the 2 lbs I lost from doing hot yoga, and I have no room to spare in my jeans.) DH said it got quite a few laughs, I'm sure they meant it in a good way.

Despite all the chaos of this past week, Bean has been a constant source of happiness for me. He is teething, which means I have to deal with more than a bit of the grumpies, but it makes him so cuddly! He has fallen asleep on me several times, just like he did when he was a newborn. That kid just loves his mama... and his mama loves him. Infinity plus one.


Kristina P. said...

That cupcake cake is awesome! I'm glad you were able to connect with a friend for some adult time!

Kristin said...

That cupcake cake is so cute. You have to tell me how to make that. The girls would get such a kick out of it.

I wish we could be there for Bean's 1st birthday! Post lots of pictures!

lisawitt said...

The last pic of bean is just ADORABLE! That smile could melt any heart!

The cupcake looks great too and I am sure it will be a hit at the party.

Sorry to hear about your mom being sick and folks having to miss the party :( Take lots of video!!

ANd hang in there, everything will be fabulous for the party!!

Michelle said...

That cake looks great. I am sure you are going to have an awesome party for Bean and you will get everything done. I hope your mom is better soon. I can't wait to see pictures of the party!

Coffeegrl said...

Oh that mystery vertigo thing - my Dad gets a terrible case every once in a while. As in, it lays him up for close to 6 weeks. The closest the doctors have come to resolving it is to give him Meclazine (the stuff the use for motion sickness on the high seas). I get small bouts - mine is due to a serious case of rhinitis; luckily some allergy meds and mild nasal steroid seem to help. Hope your mom is on the mend soon and that they find a resolution for it!

Also - can I just say - Top Chef!! Monk!! Psych!! Oh how I miss them and can't wait to catch up on them all when I'm back in the U.S. this summer :-)

Oh - and that cake? AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Oh No I am SO sorry to hear that your parents weren't able to make it out for the party, that just sucks!!!! I know that you'll do fabulous in pulling it all together though. If I weren't deathly afraid of toddler twin tornados on an airplane I'd come out to help (although I think the only help I could offer is 2 more mess makers to contend with). Love the cupcake and I hope your mom is feeling better soon!

Jen said...

Don't stress too much. The birthday party will be great, I'm sure!

It does look like Bean enjoys making a mess, and Evey makes a very willing accomplice I'm sure.

Soxy Deb said...

I'm sorry your having such a crazy time right now. It'll all come together though, it always does.

That's a cute birthday cake - I like that idea.

It's really good that you were able to hook up with your friend. It sounds like it was just in the nick of time for you.
Try to have a more relaxed week. Love on Bean, that should do it!

Anonymous said...

Love the cupcake cake....I'll bet Bean can't wait to dig into one. Also, Bean's haircut is adorable...he looks like such a young man (okay...toddler). Love you, Aunt L

Kathy V said...

I remember when I started reading your blog. I can't believe that Bean is going to be year old. He is getting so cute too. That big cupcake was awesome. Is it one cake or is it different pieces put together. Cause it is just neat. I hope your mom feels better soon.

There are some incredibly cute pictures of a baby up on my blog. go check her out when you have a chance.