Thursday, July 23, 2009

It looks better with the boobs

So you know how most kids have a blankie or stuffed animal? A comforting "transitional object" that they drag everywhere, collecting dirt and slowly disintegrating in the wash until no one can remember what exactly it was in the first place?

Well, my Bean doesn't really have one. He does love his Sleep Dog, a stuffed animal that he cuddles during naps and nighttime. But it never leaves the crib and serves only to keep him company while he sleeps.

Instead, during his waking hours, he uses the collar of my shirt as his object of comfort. He grabs it with one pudgy fist and rubs it on his face, on his eyelids, under his nose, or on his other hand.

Which means all my shirts have giant stretched-out neck holes, and if I dare to wear a v-neck in public while holding Bean, someone's going to get an eyeful of Victoria's Secret nursing bra.

As if that weren't annoying adorable enough, he has a new thing. He likes to rub the collar of my shirt on his toes.

Logistically, this presents some problems. My neck and his feet are generally not in proximity to one another. But does this stop him? NO! Because he is a toddler, and anything is possible. The world conforms to him, not the other way around.

I don't really know where I was going with this, other than to explain why the next time you see me, you may suddenly be able to imagine what Elvira would look like without the cleavage.

It may seem that I am neglecting this blog this week, but I've actually been super busy designing my new layout. Okay, that's a lie. It's actual April who is working on it. But I'm anxiously awaiting the final product, and that keeps me really busy, too.

Don't judge.


Kristina P. said...

I think we are going to need actual pictures.

Red said...

At least you will always be able to find his comfort object - no madly searching the house for your shirt as Bean screams for it.

Beautiful Mess said...

I had to sleep with a shirt for 2 days in order to give it to my kids, so I could leave for more then 5 minutes. Then we transitioned to their blankets aka lovies. Which I also slept with and nursed them with. They still have them too! Maybe Bean will graduate to a shirt of your out of the hamper ;o) I have this picture of him trying to do some yoga pose to get his toes on your collar. It's adorable!

Coffeegrl said...

The mental picture of him trying to rub your shirt on his feet - so cute!

Jen said...

The first thing I saw of this post was the pic and the word boobs. So I knew it would be interesting!

Jillian loves her musical seahorse. So when the speaker blew and then she puked all over it, there was a big problem in my house. Luckily they only cost like $10.