Sunday, July 26, 2009

Seven years... and no itch!

My dearest DH,

Seven years ago today, we uttered those two simple words, "I do," joining us in marriage for the rest of our lives. And in doing so, I became the luckiest woman in the entire world.

To celebrate this year, I have picked out the seven things that I adore most about you, to share with you and the entire world the few people who actually read my posts on their Google Reader.

1. Your sense of humor. I love that there is always laughter in our house. Even during the darkest of times, you can whisper a well-timed quote from Monty Python to make me giggle. Although our comic relief does not seem to be appreciated by our doctors or car salesmen, that doesn't deter us from finding ourselves absolutely hilarious. You make my life such a fun place to be, and I know our future will be filled with much laughter and happiness.

2. You are incredibly hard working. I am truly inspired at how much care you devote to your career. You are so passionate about your work, and you believe in what you do. It comforts my heart to know that you spend your days doing something meaningful and rewarding -- I always want you to have the freedom and confidence to achieve your dreams. You support our family with unwavering devotion, and I am the beaming wife who couldn't be more proud of your accomplishments.

3. You are compassionate and generous. Sometimes in conversation, we'll describe someone as, "He's just a good person." And that, my darling, is exactly what you are. Every bit of you, down to the deepest little corner, is absolutely beautiful. You are so caring and giving, to me and our son and our families and strangers who are in need. I love how you can be both vulnerable and strong, and you have the intuition to know exactly which one I need at any given day.

4. You are so personable and fun. I have always struggled in social situations, feeling anxious and awkward. But you are so great at putting people at ease with your friendly disposition and comfortable manner. It comes so naturally to you, and others seem to sense and appreciate that just as I do. And when we are out, you always honor the fact that sometimes I am just DONE -- time to leave, no argument, let's go home and watch Monty Python on the couch. Thank you so much for that.

5. You respect me and our marriage. You have no patience for people who complain about what a drag it is to be married. I truly feel that I am part of an equal partnership, even throughout the challenge of transitioning away from my career and into full-time motherhood. I love that we both feel empowered in the marriage instead of weighed down. I am behind you 1000% as I know you are for me.

6. You are smart. You love to tell people that I am the brains of the family. Which is very sweet, but fortunately, also untrue. You always think things through, you are careful, and your decisions are well founded. It's such a relief to know that I can trust you to make good choices for yourself and our family. Plus you can be the one to help Bean with calculus in a few years. (I hear they start learning that in second grade these days.)

7. You are an excellent father. Obviously all the qualities I've listed above make you an amazing role model for our son. I couldn't be more satisfied that you will be his main influence as he grows into a young man. (Not an accident, obviously!) You are very hands-on, always ready to play and explore the next adventure -- but then you can also whip up an incredible meal or mop the kitchen floor when needed. Bean never laughs more than when he's with you. And since that's true for me too... well, that's why the best times are when we are all together.

8. You are adorable. Okay, I know I was going to list seven things, but it's my blog and I'm adding one more. You are a total cutie pie. It had to be said.

Seven years ago today was the happiest day of my life. I didn't care if it rained on our outdoor ceremony, if all the flowers died, if the cake toppled over, and the band played only country songs. I awoke that morning with the knowledge that I would be waking up with you for the rest of my life, and that's all I needed to grin like an idiot all day.

I loved you on our wedding day (since our first kiss at 16, really), but I had no idea it was even possible to love you as much as I do today. We have been through some difficult times, but having you to hold my hand, I always know that I will be okay in the end. We are, simply put, made for each other. I can't imagine being myself without you, and I never want to try.

I am grateful for every moment of my life that has you in it. And... I don't think "until death" is going to be long enough for me.

I love you, sweetheart. Happy anniversary.


Beautiful Mess said...

For some reason I thought you were a blond. How funny is that?

Anyway..happy anniversary! I'm glad you have such a happy marriage! it makes life a lot easier and fun when your partner is your soul mate. Here's to many many more years together!

Kristina P. said...

This was lovely! Happy anniversary.

And nice job on concealing your face! Boooooooo. :)

Martha said...

Wow, Delightful post, gorgeous bride and wedding, and your hubby and my hubby share many traits. Thanks for sharing, dear Sunny.

Red said...

I love that you seem to remember how lucky and in love you are everyday. I feel all of those things for Cowboy, but I seldom remember to think of it and show him when we are in the daily grind. I'll make it my mission to try to remember everyday like you do.

Happy anniversary. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful relationship.

Michelle said...

Awww CONGRATULATIONS!!! He sounds like such a wonderful man. I am so glad you are so happy together!

Lavender Luz said...

What a beautiful present for him.

And for us!

Happy anniversary to you both.

Jen said...

Seriously sweet. I kinda think your DH is a lucky guy too though.

lisawitt said...

What a lovely tribute to your DH!! Hope you guys had a wonderful day together!

IF Optimist, then... said...

I'm so happy for you and what a fantastic post to your DH. Happy anniversary!