Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some like it hot

We're experiencing a little heat wave here in the Pacific Northwest.

And by "little," I mean it is literally hotter than it's been in Seattle EVER.


I've had several people mention that it must be nothing to me, seeing as I'm from the steamy Midwest. True, I've seen this temperature before, and with MUCH higher humidity. But still, 100 degrees is 100 degrees. HOT! Thankfully, unlike most people, we have air conditioning courtesy of the previous owners of our house. Apparently, they are wusses too and don't buy that "but it's only hot for one week out of the year" bullcrap they sell out here.

God bless them.

Meanwhile, I've been attempting to keep us as busy as possible without Bean getting heatstroke. On Monday, we met Coffeegrl and her daughter for the next stop on our Cupcake Tour of Seattle '09. (To be followed by the Donut Tour of Seattle '09.) She also knew of a lovely shaded playground nearby, so the kiddos could throw dirt at each other burn off the sugar. Tuesday we went with some friends to a local park that has a water play area. It was packed, naturally, and Bean was so nervous that he clung to me desperately. I was covered in sweat and toddler the entire time. But I haven't been this tan in probably 10 years. Today we canceled our plan to take a safari tram ride at Northwest Trek with our preschool pals, and instead I hosted a playdate at our house (see above reference to air conditioning). I kid you not, Bean slept the whole time. He fell asleep 5 minutes before the first guest arrived, and he woke up as everyone was leaving. So much for socialization!

Tomorrow we were supposed to meet IF Optimist, then... for some outdoor fun, but because of the heat, she suggested that we go to the mall instead. Which I'm pretty sure means we are going to be soul mates. Then on Friday is blueberry picking with the MOMS Club. If it's still too hot, we'll be going to another water park instead. I'd have more fun if I could get in a bathing suit. But trying on my pre-Bean suit evokes memories of the "fat man in a little coat" scene in Tommy Boy, and all that's left at the stores are hot pink leopard print bikinis and grandma styles with skirts the size of winnebagos.

I've been trying to let Bean play outside only in the morning when it's not too warm and our entire backyard is shaded by the house. He's been pretty good about not torturing me with plaintive cries and banging at the sliding glass door. My parents bought some outdoor toys for him -- one of those red plastic car things and a green wagon -- which have been serving as a wonderful indoor distraction until it cools down a bit.

I've also been trying to help Bean with some of his new skill development. Last Friday, one our preschool friends watched him while I went to the doctor. I was only gone an hour and a half, but when I returned, Bean was sitting in a high chair eating yogurt with a spoon. By himself. He also had learned to ride a trike and added another word to his vocabulary. I'm hoping if I keep having "doctor appointments" that eventually she will have him potty trained. And in college.

Today I put some yogurt in a bowl and handed a spoon to Bean, hoping for a repeat performance of Feeding Oneself with the Appropriate Utensil. Indeed. As a reference, Bean has written and illustrated a handy guide for those little ones out there who are on the cusp of this development as well.

Step 1: Use your creativity! Make fun designs with yogurt on your tray. (Don't forget to spoon some on your lap too.)

Step 2: Food is fashion! Drip yogurt all over your bib and rub it in with your fingers.

Step 3: Pour yogurt onto your hand. Just 'cuz.

Step 4: Bowls are for sissies! Dump yogurt directly on tray.

Step 5: Wait, what was the point of this again?

Step 6: Be polite. Always share with others.

Step 7: When you've mastered the first six steps, try advanced applications such as painting crackers with your yogurt.

That should do it!


Michelle said...

LOL that is too cute!

Tell me about it...I could not live without air conditioning even for one day. Although Michigan has not been too add this summer. Knock on wood.

Kristina P. said...

Well, he looks happy and entertained, so that's all that matters, right? :)

Red said...

I also realised that Champ could eat with a spoon by himself by a chance sighting at daycare. I told them he'd never done it at home and they said he always had there (that means since he was 12 months).

Little minx. Hiding these tricks from Mummy so that I had to sit in front of the highchair spoonfeeding him for three months more.

They said that they just let he kids 'go for it' there as everyhting gets messy anyway. So I decided to adopt that philosophy at home. I can barely see my floor under the piles of weetbix and mash potato, but I can eat while he does!

lisawitt said...

Hee! Love the yogurt pics!

As for the heat....welcome to my world! It has been HOT like that since end of May....UGH!

And sounds like you are one busy momma! Way to go girl! :)

Beautiful Mess said...

HA! Yogurt is fun to paint with! As is just about anything else. Good times, up until the clean up.

Yes it is VERY hot here, too! I love our A/C until. Even though it's just a window until. I still want to marry it. It's suppose to cool down a touch the next few days and hopefully you all can get outside without melting.

Nicky said...

The photo instructions rock. That is just ... wow. Bean is one creative kid. If only his yogurt artwork didn't spoil before the gallery opening....

Mrs. Gamgee said...

How Adorable! That sticky 'I can do it myself' phase is awesome! Good luck staying cool!

Jen said...

Bottom line, 100 degree weather sucks. And that whole I only use a/c one week of the year is bullcrap. We've always used our a/c throughout the summer. I'm just a little nervous about next month's electric bill!

You have been quite the social butterfly lately! Love the pics of Bean feeding himself yogurt. I let a friend's 20 month old do that when I was watching her the other week. It was just a little messy.

Martha said...

Cute pics!! Yummy yogurt!! So sorry for the heat, it was hotter in Seattle than SoCal yesterday, can't believe it!!

Coffeegrl said...

You crack me up! Yes, there was some dirt throwing at the park wasn't there??

The heat was so bad here (our 3rd floor is the kitchen & living area and we have NO A/C) that we literally got out of town for a couple of days. Thank goodness!

I love the summary of Bean's yogurty fun. That's a man who knows how to enjoy life!!