Friday, September 4, 2009

I am a mess (but I have fun pictures!)

I'm having One of Those Weeks. It's been a bit of a struggle.

First, of course, I constantly have double the pregnancy hormones coursing through my veins that make me emotional, sick, and bloated. I passed a bunch of teachers on strike the other day as I drove to the dentist (no cavities, woot woot) and when they waved at me, I seriously started bawling. Your guess is as good as mine.

Then I had spotting on Monday... worried. Ultrasound on Tuesday allayed those fears, but revealed TWO heartbeats. *gulp* It hit me like a ton of bricks, as Jen can attest, I was a deer in headlights during our lunch immediately following the scan. Which didn't stop her from laughing her ass off for about 5 minutes when I told her the news of twins. Yeah, it's funny when it's not you, right? But she's wonderful anyway, and honestly I needed that.

Then on Thursday the spotting returned. Not so bad... then kinda bad... now not so bad. My doc offered to see me for a quick ultrasound today to reassure me, but I'm just going to hang in there for now. Can't go running to the clinic every other day, or the kiddos may come out with the ability to receive alien transmissions from Mars. And really that's a hassle I don't want to deal with.

So my biggest worries at this point are: 1) I will be taking home TWO NEWBORNS in the spring and 2) I will not be taking home any newborns in the spring.

And there's a whole bunch of other smaller issues weighing on me right now, but I'm sure you don't want to hear about the stress related to my new job as preschool fundraising chairperson. Copying forms, distributing Entertainment Books... yes, it's slightly pathetic. And there's other stuff too -- but yeah, I'll just stop now. It's FRIDAY for goodness sakes, and a LONG HOLIDAY WEEKEND at that! Woo hoo!

So to distract you from the fact that I am a mess, and thus a horrible blogger as of late, plus I'm way behind on my Google Reader -- I am going to show you some pictures of what my family has been up to while I was being a lazy cow resting appropriately.

It didn't take much time after their plane landed for my parents to tackle our to-do list that has been untouched since their previous visit. My Dad actually built us a fireplace surround. Isn't that awesome?! It would have cost $650+ to buy one, but he only charged us $400. I guess we got a discount for providing a helper. (I'm kidding about the $400, of course. My Dad rocks.)

It also didn't take them long to offer Bean a bunch of food he doesn't need, like Oreos. Although I will say he looks adorable munching on chips and salsa.

Laughing with "gwuh-pa" (Grandpa).

Grandpa takes the kids for a walk... I'll wait here!

DH and my Dad climbed Rattlesnake Ridge in the Cascades. Because they are badasses like that.

Bean loved going to the park with Grandma and Grandpa.

I couldn't resist this shirt from Swami Baby Boutique for my little Seattle tree-hugger. (The shop has amazing customer service, I highly recommend them!)

In addition to spoiling Bean, my parents also taught him the value of hard work.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So Bean and Grandpa and DH went to Pike's Place Market to take in the scene.

It was a fun visit, but an exhausting one.



Jen said... maybe laughing wasn't very sympathetic of me. You're right. It's much funnier when it isn't you :)

Stephanie Faris said...

I'll bet everyone's SO excited about the twins! You have such a great family. So when you're pregnant with twins, you have double the hormones?

Red said...

Looks like you have such supportive parents. Bean must have a ball with them!

Hope the exhaustion and nausea pass soon.

Kristina P. said...

I hope that everything goes really well with the ultrasound. I'm sure Bean will be so excited!

Beautiful Mess said...

Sorry you're a mess, love. But those pictures are GREAT! YAY for your dad being awesome!

My dad is in Tacoma and was thinking about going to Seattle for a day trip. Any suggestions?

Beautiful Mess said...

Sorry you're a mess, love. But those pictures are GREAT! YAY for your dad being awesome!

My dad is in Tacoma and was thinking about going to Seattle for a day trip. Any suggestions?

WiseGuy said...

Beautiful Pictures.... the mess you are in! Well, I meant that innocuously!


Colleen said...

Hi Sunny/H2C :)
It has been way too long! I saw a link to your blog when I was reading Allison's blog. Congratulations to you and A! Your parents look fantastic! I hope you are doing well, it appears you will definitely have your hands full in a few months. I am still in MN and loving it with a wonderful husband and two little girls. Your posts are incredible, but you have always been an amazing writer.


Martha said...

Those are such wonderful pictures, you and your puppy napping, Love it!!

Nicky said...

Love the photo of Bean with the broom. Very cute.

Hang in there!

Soxy Deb said...

Since I'm such a bad blog buddy, I'm just getting to this post that you posted 4 days ago.
I hope your ok. I hope you had a nice weekend. But mostly, I hope your ok.

As usual, Bean's a cutie pie! He sure looks like he loves his grandpa!!

Kristi said...

Oh, the hormones. I hate to tell you this, but the hormones will get worse as you get bigger. Wait until month 7 or so, when you start crying about Bean and how the twins will affect him. Whoo-baby. Of course, the reality is that Bean will be a total rockstar to the new babies.

Great photos, and your parents sound incredible!