Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Variations on a theme

It's been a crazy, disjointed week, and as such, here is a crazy, disjointed list of what we've been up to lately. With one common thread of two unassuming embryos, of course...

* Our co-op preschool started today. With all the work in preparing fundraising stuff for the year, it's a relief that everything is now in full swing. The one-year-old class we are in this year is quite different than the infant class of last year, for obvious reasons. It's going to be a lot of fun, but it's a bit overwhelming to start. As I expected, Bean remained glued to me the entire time. He loves the toys, but wants mama to be within reaching distance. He looks at people (like the wonderful teachers who try to talk to him) with a straight expression that says, "I really want nothing to do with you whatsoever." I'm sure he'll warm up a bit over time, and it's certainly good for him. I was reminded how much I absolutely love this preschool and the other moms in our class. Truly awesome, caring women. And it hurts a bit, because I worry that we won't be able to continue going there next year. The cost of three of them in preschool, plus babysitting considerations (Bean and the twins wouldn't have class on the same day, but I would need to be there with each of them)... *sigh* I just hope we can work something out, because I don't know what I'd do without it.

* Thank the lord that when we were house hunting last summer, we decided to go with a larger house farther from the city instead of trying to be cool with something closer. It's not so much the square footage we lack for a family of five, but the number of bedrooms. Which is currently at three. We really do need a guest room for all of our out-of-town family, so we have decided to convert our loft into two bedrooms. That should give us flexibility in the future in terms of how we use the space. We are currently reviewing our options to get this done, one of which includes Jen's talented husband. Another friend also recommended one of her family friends, who is a general contractor. He was telling me over the phone about his twin daughters, who are 16 months old, and how incredibly difficult it is to have two at the same time. This from a guy with FIVE OTHER CHILDREN. "Oh, it's a whole different ballgame with twins," he laughed. Crap.

* We are needing to start from scratch in choosing an OB/GYN and birthing center. The doc who delivered Bean only does the /GYN now, and although we were happy with the previous birthing center, we would prefer to go to a hospital with a more equipped NICU should we need it for the twins. Which of course we WON'T, but just in case we do. Even though we won't. After careful consideration of the factors and taking a (second) tour of our most convenient option, we decided to go with the hospital that is my least favorite, but will be best for our children, both currently unborn and currently scribbling with pen all over the papers I need to file. It does have wi-fi, which our last birthing center didn't, and I am grateful for that. Put a kid on each boob and hand me my laptop, I told DH. But the worst part is that I really despised everyone else on BOTH of the tours we took. They all just rubbed me the wrong way. The strange couple that appeared to have hiked across the mountains to get there. The expectant mother who looked like she might have been a contestant on "Paris Hilton's My New BFF." I guess I'm grateful I'll be stuck in my room and it will be DH who has to see them when he gets my snacks.

* One thing I'm not doing right now is watching much TV. If the early season premieres are any indication, I'm going to be glad I have Netflix this fall. I guess I shouldn't have expected to like Vampire Diaries, but I was totally bummed. Generic teen drama, ick. The biggest disappointment was Glee. It looked so promising! But after one-and-a-half episodes, I deleted it from my DVR in disgust. I hate EVERY. SINGLE. CHARACTER. I mean, I'm all about the flawed-but-humorous personalities, like Arrested Development. In this case, though, it's more like flawed-and-depressing. This doesn't bode well for Community, which stars my love someone I think is okay named Joel McHale. Please, 30 Rock, only you can save me from television despair! (Okay, this isn't a variation on the OH-CRAP-THE-TWINS-ARE-COMING theme. Cut me some slack, I'm pregnant with twins.)

* It is time to get a new car, as the lease on my beloved Milan is up in less than one month (sniff sniff). With the news that we may be needing a vehicle that can fit three carseats, we are scrambling to come up with a reasonable option. I have a big wish list and a tiny budget. Further complicating the matter, I only buy American cars, and I'm specifically hoping to go Ford on this one. (I know, I'm so passe!) I would love to get a Ford Flex, because I think they are funky and unique -- I'm pretty sure I'd be the only one in the greater Seattle area who would own one. These people love their imports! Sadly, the probability of me getting a Flex is the same probability of me winning the lottery in the next three weeks. I am open to any opinions on hot and decently priced 6-seaters, if you have any.

And no need to suggest this, I've already gone there.

And here.

And here.

And here.

* I no longer lay awake at night worrying about how I will handle twins and a two-year-old. I would like to say that means I'm feeling better about it, but I am suspicious that I've just gotten more efficient in my worrying that I can confine it to daytime hours. But that's a good thing too, I suppose? On Monday morning, DH left for a business trip, and I found this on the fridge when I got up:

He added a thought bubble above the ultrasound pic of the twins, and they are thinking, "We love you mama!" Something about the idea of the little twinklets snuggling in there and loving their mama... well, it really made me feel better about their future arrival. Or maybe it was just knowing that DH loves me and he's excited for our babies that made me feel better. Either way, I'll take it.

I also got a comment last night at the preschool board meeting that was encouraging. Bean's teacher from last year came over to congratulate me. It's a co-op, so both Bean and I attended her class together throughout the entire year. Of course, she said something about twins being a handful, then she said, "But you know what? If anyone can handle it, you can. You are not a reactive parent." (Meaning that I generally remain calm and don't get emotionally "sucked into" infant/toddler challenges.) I really needed to hear that.

So I guess that's the question, then. Can anyone handle it?


Allison said...

You CAN and WILL handle it. Cuz you're an awesome mommy. And I love my Honda Odessy, but it's foreign. I do like the Flex too! I've been looking every day to catch an update, so now I'm satisfied. When do we get to see "Bump Watch 2009/2010?"

Kristina P. said...

I definitely don't think you want to watch Community. I mean, I'm sure Joel will be horrible. And then I can have him all to myself.

And I've liked Glee so far. We'll see.

Sarah said...

We have been thinking about the Ford Flex too!!! I've heard great things from other owners. Our little one sat in it and was super excited looking out the HUGE sun roof. It is boxy looking, but different, unique and I think fun and attractive. Plus, Ford didn't take any stimulus money...rock it Ford. The only problem I have is that you cannot easily get to the back seat with two carseats in the middle. On long car trips, it will be a pain to have to climb over the center to sit in the back and play with the little ones. It's low to the ground though, which is great! Not so difficult for toddlers to climb in and out of like our truck. Too bad there aren't as many minivans out there as there was once.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad someone else wasn't thrilled by Glee. We'll give it another episode before giving up, but yeah, I'm with you on that.

lisawitt said...

You DEFINITELY can handle it!! I have 2 close friends with twins and if you ever wanted to pick their brains about thing too, I know 100% they would be happy to answer! Glad to hear things are going well and you are feeling a little better now. Cant wait to hear the next update on the twinks!

Justin said...

I'd go with the clown car. It gets good mileage while having the capacity of a full-sized school bus. Might be a little cramped on long trips, but hey, you can't have everything, right?

Jen said...

Sounds like a crazy week. That's September for you...especially September when your preggo with twins. Hope the m/s is tapering off a bit and that you have a fabulous u/s tomorrow. Love DH's note!

Beautiful Mess said...

I agree, you can and will be fine raising twins and Bean. I doubt it'll be a breeze, but you'll make it seem as such. You're like that. Which is why I think you're ALL kinds of awesome and amazing!

Love the Flex and the note from DH. That's very sweet.
Thinking of you.

Michelle said...

You definitely are going to do a wonderful job with the twins a bean.

Not a big fan of the Flex but I do like the Edge and the Taurus X.

Coffeegrl said...

Ok - I haven't watched all my recorded tv yet so I don't have any thoughts in that area. I was hopeful about Glee, but now I'm wondering?

Good luck finding a new car. If it makes you feel any better, when we were kids, my dad used to drive a big red van like that white one. It was an old Ford before they put in the fancy bucket seats etc.- it was literally like a hollow shell with a driver and passenger seat. How to seat the kids? My dad got an old school bus bench and bolted it to the floor. That's where my sister and I rode. I kid you not. But he also rigged some kind of raised platform in the back. Then he and my mom put some foam and pillows to create a loft space for my sister and I to use on long trips - that was WAY cooler and comfier!! Not sure that's legal anymore with such strict seatbelt laws these days. ahhhh memories.

Aunt Becky said...

You're going to rule with all these babies. I promise!

I did a tour of the Ford plant and it was AWESOME. If you can swing it, I'd go the Ford route, seriously.

And your post is CRACKING me up with the pictures of the vans.


Martha said...

One of the moms at the elementary school has two sets of twins and a singleton and she is the calmest, most together person I know, Really!! I feel like a discombobulated mess around her.

Good luck w/the car situation, I hear good things about the Flex.