Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bonding with my home-girl (aka, the OB)

Today I had a check-up with my OB. I haven't looked at my appointment schedule print-out yet, but I believe I'll be going to the doc every two weeks now. It's either because I am pregnant with twins, or because she wants to be my new BFF. She seems pretty cool, I'd consider it.

The first surprise was that I've lost 3 pounds since my appointment last month. And this time I was even wearing my gold-plated Nikes. The nurse told me not to worry, that I would gain it back very quickly. I was thinking, WORRIED? WHO'S WORRIED? I haven't lost weight since June 2008, I'm frickin' ECSTATIC!! I've seen that the babies are huge, there's no issue with them getting nourishment. I'm just enjoying that my arms look a little less like hambones.

Blood pressure was perfect. We discussed my due date, which is still a bit up-in-the-air. If it was a singleton, it wouldn't matter so much, because I'd just wait until he let me know he was done baking by causing excruciating pain in my abdomen. But with two, our timing is a little more critical for several reasons. One being that my doc wants the kiddos out around 38 weeks, and I am on board with this. (The placentas of twins tend to age faster, so there can be an increased risk of stillbirth if you go past 38 weeks gestation. Some women can still go to 40 weeks without a problem, but we are going to evict them sooner if it comes to that. Since 60% of twins are born before 38 weeks anyway, it may not even matter what our plans are. HA! Haven't been in that situation before.)

Immediately after seeing two pink lines on a stick, the first due date that I was given was April 22, based on last menstrual period. But my cycle was accelerated a fair bit because of the hormones I was taking, and at that first early ultrasound with the RE, the kiddos were measuring 2-3 days ahead. The OB would like to change my due date to whatever was indicated by that original ultrasound, because those are usually the most reliable as far as gestational age (which was certainly true for Bean -- our previous RE gave us a due date of March 5 based on our initial peak at him, and that's the exact day we became a family of three). But I've been having trouble getting the records sent from this RE. *grrrr* Looking at the second ultrasound, which was taken by the OB, the due date would be April 16. However we are both hesitant to really commit to that date out of fear that we would evict the babies too early. To make a long story short (say it with me: TOO LATE!), we decided to revert to the first due date of April 22. We'll plan delivery at 38 weeks around that, barring any additional information from that first u/s, or the whims of two little boys.

So for those of you keeping track at home, that means I am 13 weeks 5 days pregnant today. The boys are measuring 5-6 days ahead, and my uterus is measuring 18-19 weeks along (compared to a singleton pregnancy).

I brought up the VBAC topic again. I haven't done any research yet -- I find simply fretting about the decision to be much more satisfying -- but I wanted to talk with her more anyway. Apparently she brought up my potential VBAC to her partners at a consultation meeting. Many of them said they would not even consider it in a multiple pregnancy, due to the danger of uterine rupture. However, my doc then did some research on her own and found that risk to be no higher for VBACs with twins versus VBACs with singletons. She said she would still be on board if I was interested, but warned me that if certain partners in the practice were on duty when I went into labor, they may outright refuse to let me try. Our next steps: She is going to put in a call to MFM (maternal fetal medicine) and see what they advise. And I am going to continue fretting.

My next appointment is in two weeks -- we'll be getting another ultrasound, having more fascinating discussions about due dates and VBACS, and I'll be getting the H1N1 vaccine. Those details to come on November 5, in case you really care about the minutiea of this pregnancy (i.e. you are my parents) or you need something to boring read to help you fall asleep.



Kristina P. said...

It sounds like things are going so well! Maybe I should start a new weight loss program called pregnancy.

Kate said...

Sounds like your OB is good, but it does suck you run a risk of not having your wishes followed depending on who is on call the night you deliver. Ugh.

So you're getting the H1N1? I'm considering getting it too because I'm getting scared silly with all the flu going around, but i'm scared of the shot too. Catch 22!

Kate said...

Sounds like your OB is good, but it does suck you run a risk of not having your wishes followed depending on who is on call the night you deliver. Ugh.

So you're getting the H1N1? I'm considering getting it too because I'm getting scared silly with all the flu going around, but i'm scared of the shot too. Catch 22!

Kymberli said...

I completely love the fact that your doctor A) didn't completely rule out a VBAC and B) still didn't completely rule it out even when her partners expressed their doubts.

I understand their reservation, but it is refreshing to for once hear that a doctor is at least attempting to be open to patients' requests.

Martha said...

You and your Doc sound like you have good communication. I hope the MFM has some definitive information to help you.
Send my best, glad you are doing well w/perfect weight and BP. Thanks for the update.

lisawitt said...

Not boring at all! I am excited for you and all that goes along with it, so keep all the details coming! :) Sounds like your OB is really open and informed and I am sure that together you will make the best decision for you and the boys! The boys, how fun to say! So, are we still 100% sure they are both boys?

Jen said...

So it is sounding like we'll both be giving birth in April (well provided those twins don't show up earlier than 38 weeks). My EDD is May 2nd, but that's a Sunday, I'm sure I'll be scheduling a c section for the week ahead of time.

My next appt with Dr. C is today so no H1N1 shot yet. Maybe next month. I really don't want the flu, swine or not.

Coffeegrl said...

I don't think most people think about how significant a due date can be. What a major decision/difference. Do let us know all about the H1N1. Will Bean get it too?

Kami said...

That is what I hate about the establishment - this isn't about what you want based on what you feel is best, but rather what doc you happen to end up with and they are not even basing their decisions on science. So frustrating!

I hope you get your VBAC. I wonder if it would be worth it to shop around for an OB who will guarantee that he/she will be there for the birth. If you can't find one, there is one here in Spokane who will do that for you.

I haven't decided on the h1n1 yet. I have decided not to think about it until it is an option and then decide.

Hope all continues to go well!

Red said...

Wow - already talking about eviction dates - this pregnancy is flying! (well it is to me who doesn't have to deal with the evrydayness of it)

Good luck with the VBAC/not decisons - glad your OB is doing the research for you.

Does Bean 'get' what is going on yet?

Kristi said...

Not boring at all. This kind of stuff brings back memories of when I was going through the same thing...except VBAC stuff because that was never an option for me.

Twins born in the spring sound wonderful (as opposed to my twins born in mid-October in upstate NY where snow started flying a few weeks later). You can take them out on walks, get some much-needed fresh air, and the weather will be wonderful (or as wonderful as Seattle weather-which I think gets a bum rap, actually-can be).

Furrow said...

She sounds really cool. Too bad you never know who you're going to get. My SIL lucked out that her OB was out of town when she went into labor early. The OB was pushing for a c-section but the on call doc agreed with the vag, and it went beautifully.

Michelle said...

I am so happy that things are going well. your OB sounds great. It will be nice that you can go every 2 weeks.

Stephanie Faris said...

I had no idea twins were so complicated. I guess it was just like a normal pregnancy, only two births. Sounds like you're on course. Are you having morning sickness? Is that the reason for the weight loss?

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Catching up...

LOVED all the wonderful pics and descriptions of Bean and his antics. SO sweet!

Your OB sounds awesome. Thrilled to hear you and the babies continue to do well! :)