Sunday, December 6, 2009

An out-of-date update

First, thank you all who gave us tips and suggestions on names for Twin B. My friend Sarah asked about a prize if DH and I chose a name offered in the comments. I'm game! There are just two catches: 1) It won't be awarded for at least 4 months, because we likely won't finalize the names until we meet the boys and 2) I have absolutely no clue what the prize will be. It won't be extravagant (see entry on supporting a family of five on one salary) but at the very least, some yummy treats or a gift card for some lattes. So if you haven't given your input on my The Name Game post yet, head back and add yours! Oh, and obviously the three names we have already chosen -- Twin A's name and two possible names for Twin B -- won't count. (I do have email proof that those names were on the shortlist before my post.) And no fair typing out a list of 100 traditional names. It's my first giveaway/contest, let's keep it clean, people. Thanks for playing along!

I am finally getting around to posting about my big 20-week anatomy scan last Tuesday -- the one that couples who haven't seen their child's goods eagerly await so they can start preparing for pink or blue. But we have seen the family jewels (as well as every other body part, in detail, with measurements) so many times that it was rather anticlimactic. Laying in the dark, warm ultrasound room for at least an hour without a little voice begging "upeeeeeeeee" constantly... I almost fell asleep. Twice. It was awesome.

And even more awesome: they are both still looking healthy. The belly is growing massively, I measured at 27 weeks compared to singleton pregnancy (that's 7 weeks ahead). Twin A was estimated to weigh 1 lb, putting him in the 67th percentile, and Twin B at 14 oz was in the 60th. Not too shabby for carrying two babes, if I may say so myself!

On the not-so-awesome side, though, I was 2 pounds shy of my weight-gain goal for the appointment. Although I did gain 2 lbs in two weeks, I'm only up 8 lbs overall, according to their initial weight for me. Gah. Well, that's still 23 lbs above my pre-Bean weight, and I have a laundry list of reasons why that is more accurate than their initial weight. Not that it matters, my OB was completely unconcerned and said she's still a ways from having me order extra fries with my Big Mac. Because obviously that's the healthy and appropriate way to gain pregnancy weight. Thank you for the sound medical advice, doctor.

One of my friends from preschool is due with her second baby just a few days after I am set to pop, and I am fortunate that she often watches Bean for me as I roll myself to the OB's office. We traded babysitting this week because she had her anatomy scan the day after I did. While I was gone, she captured one of my most favorite pictures ever -- Bean's first kiss.

Obviously he is thrilled. And I couldn't be more pleased with the match myself. Em is very bright and I think her spunky personality will be a good balance for Bean's sometimes overly cautious nature. She is also incredibly sweet, patting him on the arm and saying, "It's okay, sweetheart" when he was crying for his mama. There has already been talk of a dowry and sharing wedding expenses. (On a related note, does anyone know if five goats is considered a fair dowry these days?) I got a few pictures of them at my house, too, although nothing nearly as adorable.

And now I will leave you with an actual conversation that took place between me and my beloved son in the car as we drove to a play group this past week. I won't include the ME: and BEAN: labels because I'm fairly sure you can figure out who is who. (Hint: He starts.)

"Yes, darling."
"What can I do for you, honey?"
"Is there something you need?"
"Is everything okay back there?"
"Did you drop your binkie?"
"Would you like a piece of cheese?"
"I can unwrap it for you and hand it back."
"Yes, honey?"
"Are you afraid to talk to me about something?"
"Is this about a girl?"
"Because you should never be afraid to talk to me."
"Although really that's what your father is for."
"Did someone offer you drugs?"
"Always say no, honey. If they are really your friends, they will respect that. It's not worth ruining your life."
"We are almost to the gym, if that's what you are wondering."
*sigh* "She's not here anymore."

This is why it is important to join a mom's group, as otherwise this would have been the most stimulating conversation I had in 12 hours. Well, other than when the dog and I debated the truth behind global warming, that is.



MissMVK said...

Piglet says "mom?" all day and night too and especially on car rides. It's like he wants to make sure I'm still there. I love it and I find it exhausting all at the same time. Like you, I also respond with all kinds of questions asking him what he needs, what he would like, elaborating whenever I feel like it. Ah, our boys. Love them!

How great that Bean will let your friend watch him! I was laughing again thinking about your pumpkin patch post. Happy to hear that your boys are doing so well! After both our duos are born, we will have to rendezvous, it's just too crazy that we have kids who are all the same age!

IF Optimist, then... said...

I love the pic of Bean's first kiss. The way you describe them it sounds like the kids from the movie Up. I also get a huge kick out of the fact that you have a sense of humor even when just sort of talking to yourself. Wooo hooo on getting more than half way there chickie. Keep it up!

WiseGuy said...

Well, I totally cracked up at the conversation between you and Bean. And I was amused to see Bean's first kiss photo!

You are matchmaking already!

Glad that the u/s went well!

Lavender Luz said...

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

I think I've had that very same conversation.

Cute pic of the kiss -- he's SO into it!

Jen said...

Jillian has just started saying mama, only it goes more like mamamamamamamamamama.

Bean looks so enthused about his first kiss. Classic!

Kristina P. said...

He's such a conversationalist!

Michelle said...

LOL They are a perfect couple! So cute!

I am glad that everything was great in your scan! You are doing great!

Nicky said...

You have much more interesting conversations with Bean than I have with LL. Ours devolve pretty quickly into something like: "Mom?" "That's me!" "Mom?" "That's me!" "Mom?" "That's me!" "Mom?" "That's me!" "Mom?" "LL?" "Mom?" "LL?" "Mom?" "LL?" "Mom?" "LL?"

Allison said...

That is hilarious! Love the conversation between you and Bean. So funny! Where will you be traveling for Christmas? We'll be in Wisconsin. Miss you!

Coffeegrl said...

I can't *wait* to hear which names you choose for the boys. 4 months feels like an awfully long time to wait - unless you're the expecting mother and then I would suppose that it feels like not quite enough to prepare for two more new additions! (I'm having a terrible time just wrapping my head around one more - where will both kids sleep?!).

Also, your conversation with Bean cracked me up!

K said...

Based on bean's excited expression I'd hold off on the dowry negotiations for now ;) lol

The convo made me crack up. Thanks again for the links you gave me sometime back on mommy groups. I definitely plan to hit them up, I think those conversations, as scintillating as they are with the dog, must be counterbalanced with other adult conversation :)

Sarah said...

ahahaha!!! I just sent you an email before I read your post! Apparently we were both were thinking about global warming! hahahaha!!! Sarah

Red said...

Such a cute pic! What a ladies man. Playing hard to get already obviously!

Just wait a couple of months, conversations take on a new dimension at about 18-20 months when their vocab expnads exponentially in days (or so it seems, I am not a specialist obviously). As cute as a one sided 'Mom' conversation is, actual conversations are such an insight and truely adorable!

Beautiful Mess said...

AHAHAHA!!! Love the conversation!

Glad all is well with the babies! Gaining weight is important, obviously! See? This is why I'll make a GREAT nurse ;o) I'm glad you're doing it responsibly. You rock!

Foster Family Blog said...

Awwww - such a sweet first kiss! Bean is precious!!! Can you send me an e-mail at so i can get your address? I have a blog question for you that i'm SURE you can help me with! Thanks!

tragicoptimist said...

Hah! I have that conversation with Zoe all the time. Great news on the u/s!

Martha said...

The Mom rap drives me insane, not a long drive I assure you.
This picture of Bean is PRICELESS, the look at his face is just Classic!! Thank you so much for sharing this and the Santa photo, they are precious!
I like Christopher for some reason, gee, whatever his name turns out to be, it will be great!
My friend with twin boys named them Ian and Evan, the Irish and Welsh versions of John.
Can I tell you I am happy I don't have to name anything for awhile including pets? It's hard work, Good Luck!

gerardinebaugh said...

I am glad you and the twins are doing well.
My only conversation lately is between me and my dog.
Teens ignore me.

Gerardine Baugh

Kristi said...

Adorable photos. Bean and the Cougar!

I'm so glad you're doing well and that the babies are measuring perfectly. I found I gained the most weight at the end of my pregnancy, not the beginning.

And that conversation? Priceless. I must hear "Mommy? Mommy? MOMMY????" several hundred thousand times a day. I can only imagine what this is going to be like when the other two really start to talk.

Ji said...

glad to see you supported by other moms, entertained by your loved son, and organized well in preparing for your twins to be born...

It is good for forget about the stress of giving birth when you have full schedules and have so many friends close by to talk to, watch out things for you.
Happy Wednesday!

Kami said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - I am going to try expanding my topic range.

Now, tell me how you do it. The weight thing, that is. I don't think my eating habits have changed but I am chunking up like crazy. At 27 weeks I have already gained 35 pounds - up 10 pounds from where I was with the first kid and I thought THAT was too much.

I tell you what, you can have some of my extra pounds. Deal?

Stephanie Faris said...

That's such a sweet kiss picture! interaction is important. My mom was raising my sis and I and not working when we were really young. Once, my dad had a client over for dinner and my mom was handing him his drink, along with a napkin, and found herself saying, "Don't spill" as if speaking to a child. That was when she knew she needed some grown-up friends!

Carol said...

Hello from a fellow Seattle mom of twins and fellow winner of Sam's "beautiful blogger" award.

Can I put you on my Reader? :-)

(Northwest Ladybug)

Anonymous said...
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A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Yay! Glad you and the babies continue to be strong and healthy. :)

Bean--the picture is TOO cute! And I love (and related) to the conversation.