Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And....... nope!

My OB appointment yesterday really threw me off. Hearing that I was 4 cm dilated was such a shock, like finding out that "Operation Repo" is all staged. Looking back, I almost wish I didn't ask the doctor to check, because it's made me more paranoid about labor starting and getting to the hospital on time.

At bedtime or just before (9 or 10 pm-ish?) I started feeling very off. Not like how I am normally off, but like off off. Twin A was suddenly super low in my pelvis, and he was thrashing around and it hurt like crazy. I had sporadic contractions, and although most I still couldn't feel unless I was specifically checking, there was at least one that seemed to hit a bit harder. And I'll spare you the details (are you shocked?) but I was going to the bathroom way too frequently, even for someone in her 35th week of a twin pregnancy. My stomach just didn't seem right.

None of these were enough to raise the labor flag, but they were all reminiscent of the hours before I began active labor with Bean. I was completely wired and couldn't sleep, thinking about how I was already 4 cm and how any minute my water could break. With Bean, my cervix was Fort Knox until the day before I delivered. Certainly things would get started soon.

DH was concerned and kept suggesting we call the doctor on-call, but I resisted. We agreed that he would go to sleep, because we were better off if at least one of us had a nap. I checked my DVR and ironically, the only show waiting for me was "16 and Pregnant" on MTV. I half expected my water to break just in sympathy.

Just before 1 am, I was losing my mind. I kept going to the bathroom, Twin A was trying to bust through the exit, and I thought I might have been leaking some amniotic fluid. I woke DH, we got dressed, told my Mom our plan, and headed to Labor and Delivery.

My mind was racing as we drove -- I was suddenly absolutely terrified at the prospect of meeting our twins. Fortunately DH was calm and set me at ease, his hand resting gently on my knee. (I guess it's easier to be calm when you know that no one will be man-handling your internal organs in the near future.) We talked and joked, it was almost like a little date we haven't had in forever. I asked him if being born on St. Patrick's Day would make our kids Irish Twins. HA HA! *sigh* I slay me.

Soon we were back at our home-away-from-home, the birth center. I was put in a triage room so they could monitor the babies, chart contractions, check if my bag of waters had broken, and see if I had dilated any farther. Our nurse was very nice. TOO NICE. She was waaaaay too pleased about collecting urine samples at 2 am. I'm guessing Prozac was involved.

Sure enough, one by one, the tests showed that I was not in labor. The bag of waters was still intact, my cervix was still dilated 3-4 cm, and I wasn't having any major contractions. Between the rock hard "bed," the uncomfortable monitors, my sleep deprivation, and Miss Perky Nurse, I was about to lose it when we were finally released around 4 am.

I am so annoyed at myself for getting so panicky as to cause that trip, costing DH and I almost an entire night's sleep. And not to mention $50, because we learned that if you go to triage and they don't admit you, you have to pay your insurance ER co-pay. I really think if I hadn't had that "4 cm" hanging over my head, I would have just gone to sleep last night. That'll teach me.

On the bright side, DH took the day off because of our overnight adventure. We slept in and then watched "Angels and Demons" in bed while my Mom and Bean were at preschool. It was so unexpected and relaxing and wonderful, unlike the weekends when he has to tackle our to-do list.

It's 10 pm now, and it doesn't look like I'll be having Irish Twins after all. The rest of today has been completely uneventful. I'm hoping I can hold out until 36 weeks on Sunday... we'll see!



E said...

((hugs)) Sunny. Four cm dialated is a lot!!! so I don't think I would have hesitated to head over to L&D either. I was locked tight with my first, only half a cm dialated when my water broke.

I can imagine you are happy and disappointed all at the same time.

I am not pregnant with twins and some nights I think am I really gonna make it another (insert whatever week).

Glad you and your hubby were able to sleep in and enjoy a good movie together. ;)

Hang in there.

P.S. I am going to fetal doctor today and am kind of wondering if my cervix has dialated any since I was already at high risk.

lisawitt said...

oh girl, better safe than sorry! and just think, maybe it was a way for you and DH to get that one last relaxing morning with just the two of you...cause we all know that wont be happening again for another 5-10 years! Hang in there...36 is just around the corner! Woot woot!! :) (is that when bedrest officially ends? I cant remember now...)

Mary said...

I'm glad it was a false alarm and that you and DH got some snuggle time, hang in there mama you are doing GRET!

Alyssa G said...

Coming off of an hour and a half labor, I wouldn't take any chances if I were you!! They will be here so soon, don't psych yourself out!!

Martha said...

Here's to Sunny onto Sunday- but it sounds like Mrs.Ute and the lads have their own timetable.
You are ready, right??

Jen said...

That is crazy that they make you pay a co-pay in triage. I didn't with Jillian, but maybe it was because I had double coverage at the time. Or maybe they like it that way to ward off all the women who come in who have a BH contraction.

Hang in there and don't feel bad. You're about to go any second...of course you're a little on edge!

K said...

No, you did the right thing! You needed to go! I mean, you *could* have been in labor. 4 cm like others have said is a lot- it makes total sense to check it out.

I had learned what I knew about labor via sitcoms where the woman turns to her husband and says "honey? It's time!" and they rush to the hospital and 10 mnutes later they have a baby. I never knew the actual 'am I in labor?' was such a puzzle. Wow.

Still- any day now Sunny.... and getting off bedrest, just a few days away!!!

MissMVK said...

You are so right about our twins being oddly N Sync. Like the boy band. Which they kind of are.

My BP was high again yesterday, so I'm having an NST tomorrow morning but I'm hoping to hang on until Monday, 36w!!! We are in a dead heat!

Furrow said...

Hee hee. Irish twins.

Bummer on the midnight hospital trek. Those boys were just having a rowdy St. Patty's Day party, maybe. Did you drink some Guinness before bed? Maybe you should :)

Jingle said...

Things will work out fine,
you are a fighter,
a winner,
a happy and blessed person!
Enjoy your day!
Happy Thursday!

Expectant Duck said...

Wow! you are getting so so close to 36 weeks, I think you will make it, seriously, you are dong fantastic!

Kristi said...

You are totally making it to 36 weeks, I have a feeling. And that? Is great news. I am getting so excited for you. The drama will all be over soon...and then an entirely new kind of drama will begin. ;)

Lisa said...

You made the right move for sure! That is some crazy drama though. I started having a heart attack last night thinking about giving birth.....You will be my hero very soon.

Michelle said...

Well, I don't blame you at all. You are 4cm after all. To me that sounds like a lot. Get your rest are going to need it!

Lavender Luz said...

You slay me, too!

I'll be thinking of you in the coming days. Best wishes to you and the boys, Sunny.

Coffeegrljapan said...

What an adventure! I'm happy that you and your hubby got to spend a little unexpected time together. Seems like it might be kind of nice to have a moment of pause just before all the *real* excitement begins.

Upstatemomof3 said...

The hours anticipating going into labor are so stressful. You never know when it is going to happen. I was nervous that it would happen while I was working and that I would deliver the baby while their parents (I ran a daycare) were on their way to come and get them.

Red said...

Hope you and hubby caught up on your rest. Sounds like a nice little relax you both had though.

Good luck for the next (short) wait!

Chad and Gena said...

I agree w/the other ladies I think that would have most of us on edge...especially w/twins. Glad you at least got a great day off w/DH. And here is to making it to 36 weeks, even though that means I will be wrong in my guess...but YAY for you and your little bundles :-) (so much more important than me being right LOL)

kmina said...

Hi there, just catching up with your blog.
THANK YOU for your comment on GD. Really, big thank you. ;-)
I hope everything goes well with the twins and their arrival.
Wishing you all the best,