Sunday, March 7, 2010

Party! Pizza Party!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers this game from the '80s:

I have had this commercial in my head ever since we decided to have a pizza party for Bean's second birthday. Thank GOODNESS that's over now, and my head can resume repeating its old favorites like "The More You Know" jingle and the Hustle.

On Friday, Bean's actual birthday, DH came home from work early with dinner and gourmet cupcakes. Although Bean's giggles had floated up to me all day, I hadn't really seen the little guy much because my Dad is visiting for a long weekend (no one else exists when "Bumpa" is nearby), so everyone gathered around my bed to eat and open gifts. It was really nice to all be together, and Bean clearly had one of his best days ever.

He politely asked for a fork before diving into his double-chocolate treat.

On Saturday we had a few of Bean's friends over for pizza, cake, and ice cream. I took a chance and asked a mom from MOMS Club who said she used to be a pastry chef to make a train cake for the event. I was expecting a sheet cake with a picture of a train on it, but this was delivered instead:

While my fabulous DH and parents ran around the house all morning preparing for the party, I managed to pull myself into a presentable state over the course of about six hours. The good news is that I made it downstairs and into a chair to greet people when they arrived. The bad news is that my uterus started flipping out and I had to go back upstairs to bed after less than 45 minutes. (more on my uterus below) (try not to skip ahead with anticipation) I was able to hear all the laughing and talking from downstairs and outside as the party spilled into the yard beneath my open window. And likewise, they were able to hear me yelling at the dog (who had been banished to my room) to stop her incessant whining. Eventually the dog was released to hold her own among the onslaught of eager toddlers, and I could relax. I was definitely disappointed not to be able to attend longer, but I was super happy that Bean got to have his birthday party and he obviously had such a great time. We are so lucky to have wonderful friends.

Bean delivers a sly smile while posing with Grandma M. and Grandpa J.

Grandma M. had the great idea to get a bubble machine to welcome our guests, which was moved out back later. The kids loved it.

I just thought this picture was cute -- one of Bean's friend's helping another with her shoe.

Now the pregnancy update. Today is 34 weeks, and as of lunchtime I am STILL PREGNANT! Awwwwww yeah. So that means the final (!!!) milestone ahead is 36 weeks, at which point I will do a little jig and then be released from bedrest and meds. Okay, I guess I'd be released from bedrest first and then dance the jig. But I don't think the technicalities will matter, because the feeling around the house is that I will go this week. My body is beginning to mutiny due to all this hugeness. I present Exhibit A below.

(And no, I did not wear a wife-beater to my son's party. I had a light drapey sweater over this, but for belly assessment purposes I took it off.)

I have discovered that my belly does not like measuring larger than a 40-week singleton pregnancy. As soon as I crossed that threshold, things started to fall apart. The boys seem to have dropped in my pelvis, making me incredibly uncomfortable, even just lounging in my own bed all day. Simply rolling over or getting up to pee requires such extreme effort, labored breathing, and bizarre sound effects that DH is constantly asking, "DO WE NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL?!" I fully realize that being uncomfortable does not mean that delivery is imminent. I did carry Bean to his due date, and it wasn't all ballet and butterflies the whole time. But along with these aches and pains come frequent contractions, such as the parade of ones that caused me to cut short my time at Bean's party. The doc told me to expect this as inevitable when a uterus is as big as mine, but it's disconcerting nevertheless.

My next OB appointment is Monday morning. I am very anxious to see what the doc has to say, I think she'll be checking my cervix for dilation. We won't pull out any Big Guns to stop their arrival, so if this is it... well, then this is it. Welcome to the world, twinklets. According to an informal survey on my twins forum, the average NICU time for preemies at this point is 1-2 weeks. I try not to get my hopes up, because it could also be much longer if there are complications, but we could potentially all be home as a family in not much time at all.

DH is reminding me to look at this week as a win-win situation -- either I stay pregnant and we reach 35 weeks (at which point there becomes a chance we could avoid NICU time entirely) or we get to meet the boys and I am sprung from Bedrest Prison.

But I don't know, guys. I'm neither thrilled about the prospect of the boys coming this early, nor excited to feel like my hips are going to tear off my body.

It's going to be some week, either way.



Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday to Bean! That train cake is AWESOME.

Glad you made it downstairs for a little while.

AFD said...

Oh my gosh, when I read the title of your post from MY blog, I started singing that jingle in my head even before starting to read your post. Hilarious. Pary...Pizza Party! Yeah, that's a huge belly...I can't believe you are even standing upright. Holly cow. But, that just means those boys are big and healthy and almost ready to come into the world. And, I have a feeling that they wont have to stay in the NICU for 1-2 weeks...I have a feeling it will be more like 1-2 days, but that's just my opinion. :) Happy Birthday BEAN!!! Glad your dad could be there with you.

Mary said...

LOVE the pics, looks like great fun!

And nodding my head along to the uncomfortableness at the end of a twin pregnancy. I swear those last 2 weeks felt like 2 years, everything hurts. Just know you are in good company and it will all be over soon (but hopefully not too soon, I'm still holding out for April 2 ;) ).

Anonymous said...

i think you look super cute. and that train cake? omg! i'm going to have to check for cake connections in my MOM club!

also, just fyi: a few moms in my club just recently delivered around 34 weeks and had no nicu time at all. i delivered at 34 weeks and only had 3 days and 5 days :)

Nicky said...

You look fantastic! I'll also throw in that my DH was born at 34 weeks, and he's done very well for himself in life. :) I like the win-win analysis. Best of luck!

MrsSpock said...

J just saw bean's cake and said, "My train!". Alas, no. That cake is awesome.

I am totally sticking by my bet that you'll make it to 37. Feel free to pay me in train cake :).

K said...

You look wonderful!!

Sounds like your little one got a great birthday party!!!

Coffeegrl said...

THAT is an awesome train cake. The baker rocks! Your belly is adorable! I'm holding out for you to go one more week!!! How exciting - that you've made it this far, that you're now *this* close to seeing the babies.... I can hardly stand the waiting!!

lisawitt said...

I think my vote was 36 and I think you are going to make it! :) You are doing so great and I cant believe in some amount of short time, you are going to meet these precious boys! (btw, although the belly is big, you look great! Go girl!!)

So glad bean had a good party and you could be there for some of it too.

Hang in, the end is near! :) And I am betting even if you delivered tomorrow, boys would have less nicu than you expect! My friend delivered at 34 weeks and had 1 and 3 days!

Lavender Luz said...

Woohoo! Another milestone.

You have such a cute belly! Sorry it's so hard on your hips, though.

Love the cake. Thinking of you this week.

Sarah said...

I better start on my little present for you! I got the materials, but these boys will probably be here before I'm done!!! Goodness!!! You look so cooked. It's like an entirely different zip code from your belly button to your hips. ;) I thought I was uncomfortable at the end of my pregnancy. Couldn't even sit down really because George was in the way. But that's nothing! You really look wonderful though! I'm not kidding!!!

I think 36 weeks these little guys will be here! Happy Birthday to Bean btw!!!

Kate said...

Wow, do you ever look incredible. I swear you look like you're not pregnant at all except for the beautifully round belly.
Glad you made it to some of the party, but sorry you missed out on the rest. Next year you'll be in the thick of things again, I'm sure.

Jen said...

Your belly is kind of crazy these days. From the back you look completely normal, and then you turn to the side and it's like OMG!

Sorry you had to go upstairs and miss out on our fun. I'm sure it was a huge bummer, but Bean certainly seemed to enjoy himself. Jillian was absolutely thrilled that you released Evie. She followed her outside then inside then outside then inside. She just wanted to catch her, but your dog is a little faster than Jillian's dog.

Jillian also enjoyed the pizza, stealing the other children's juice boxes and forks, and eating sand. Jeramy was quite impressed with her bag of party favors, but asked where the bag was with his name on it!

Banshee said...

you look amazing! just huge preggo belly! Which, is also amazing!

WAY cute train cake!

Good luck however it goes this week!

Furrow said...

This was the week I guessed you'd deliver, so I sort of hope I win, but I truly hope whatever happens is what's best for you and the dudes. Can I say that you are tied as the cutest twin preggo I've ever seen? I swear, it looks like it's all in the belly, which is exactly how my 30-week SIL looks, too. Me? My one child seems to be taking up residency in my whole body.

Happy Birthday to Bean!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Bean! He looks like he had so much fun. I am so sorry you could not participate.

I just can't believe you are at 34 weeks already. I know after all your bed rest you probably want to shoot me for saying that but it seems like just yesterday you announced your pregnancy. CONGRATULATIONS on making it this far. You have done such an AWESOME job and seem to have kept your spirits up. I am impressed! I hope they can bake as long as possible but when the time comes I am hoping and praying that all goes the best!

Thinking of you and sending lots of hugs!

Eve said...

Happy birthday Bean!!!!!!!

I'm so glad to hear that you are still pregnant and 'hanging int there by a thread'. Hooray for 34 weeks...that's my new goal (I'll be there next Fri). Praying you hang in there until 36...but from what all my docs/nurses during my hospital stay told're essentially good to go now.

I can't imagine how uncomfortable you are. Even in my situation (Will is around 2 lbs, Abby probably 4 1/2 by now), I'm so much more uncomfortable than I was with my ds. I can only sleep on the couch. peri told me "The uterus is a social muscle" and warned me against large groups of people for just what you described. My ute went crazy yesterday even when my son and dh were running around wrestling with one another.

Take care and take it one one at a time, momma!


Red said...

Bean's party looks awesome! I can imagine it must have been hard to miss out on some of it, but I am glad he had a great time and you enjoyed some of it.

The pregnancy updates are riveting. Best of luck for whatever your boys have in store for you next.

E said...

Congrats on reaching the 34th week!!!

Here's to another week ;)

I couldn't help but laugh hearing you describe your difficulties turning over or getting up from bed. I too have difficulties and my husband looks at me like I am crazy and I am only pregnant with one.

Your Bean is adorable. Sounds like he had a GREAT birthday!!

Hang in there!!! ;) and keep us updated.

Katie said...

And NOW I have that song stuck in my head, too! :) Yes, I remember it!

Also, you look so freakin' TINY every place else. Seriously, you look amazing and that belly is a sight to behold!

Good job keeping those twinkies in for so long, I know it hasn't been easy! You are a super star!

Happy Birthday, Bean!!!!!

Jingle said...

cute post!
Happy Birthday, Bean!

Kristi said...

I love that photo of Bean and the bubbles. He's all "And these? Are my bubbles!"

So glad you were able to be a part of his party, but I can only imagine how much you wanted to spend more time at the party, instead of listening to the party.

And I can completely sympathize with how uncomfortable you are right now. I have been there, my friend, and I know it ain't pretty. I delivered at 34 weeks, 3 days, and the twins spent only a week in the NICU, and 1/2 of that time was in the "NICU Annex," which was basically almost exactly like the regular hospital nursery. You have a very good chance of avoiding longer than a week of NICU time, even if you deliver today. Good luck!

Gabby said...

Great update!

I just know you are going to go 36 weeks and bring those babies home three days later healthy and happy! No NICU time.. They are going to be just fine. So proud of how well you have done on bedrest.

By the way, you look gorgeous! ALL BELLY.. so beautiful!

IF Optimist, then... said...

So glad that Bean had a fab 2nd birthday party. Sorry you couldn't stay for the whole thing. I'm so proud of you for making it this far and I'm just hoping that they bake a little longer and just skip the NICU time, because what an absolutely awesome outcome. The belly looks huge and beautiful and incredible. Good work gestating mama!

Anonymous said...

That cake was unbelievable! I remember the pizza party game. I am crossing my fingers that you hit the 36th week. I don’t think you will be able to do any dancing for a while. Good luck!

Martha said...

Adorable cake, Gorgeous Family, and Uber Beautiful Mama, but can I just say OUCH on the image of your poor hips???