Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's the final countdown

We are a mere 5 hours from April. APRIL. I really thought these boys were going to be born in late February, and here we are -- a stone's throw from their due date month. I am very grateful to be here, what's most important is that they are healthy, blah blah blah. But can I also ask that I *not* deliver them on April Fools Day? I know, I'm wanting to have my cake and eat it too. But I haven't been in contact with cake in months (YES, I remember that I snuck a couple of cupcakes, no need to be technical), so I don't think this teensy favor is too much to ask. To April 2nd or beyond!

A few people (such as Furrow) have asked about my feelings on whether bedrest was worth it, considering it's been a week and half since it's ended and we've seen no action. Honestly, I still think it was for the best. It's possible that I could have made it this long while actively caring for a toddler, but I really doubt it. Even now that I am technically off bedrest, my Mom still graciously runs the house for me. I spend as much time as I can laying on the couch because I can get away with it for now because it's best for the babies. There are too many preemie twins in the world for me to regret doing everything in my power to be safe, even when we can't prove without a doubt it was necessary. And selfishly, Bean and I have had tons of fun with "Gamma" (as he calls my Mom). We've really enjoyed her stay!

Now we are in the final countdown... in one week max I will be holding my precious little guys in my arms. I went to preschool this morning, the last time I will see most of my friends while still a whale preggo. I continue to experience the swirl of emotions: super excited to snuggle them, but dreading the sleepness nights with newborns times two. As uncomfortable as I am right now, this is the easy part. Wild times ahead.

DH informed me that I haven't posted pictures of Bean in so long that there are none are still showing on the main page of the blog. I'm taking that as a hint, here are a few that I was able to pilfer from the camera.

Our weather has since turned schizophrenic, but for a while we enjoyed gorgeous spring days. Here Bean enjoys the play set that I scored free from a friend last fall.

Contrary to popular misconception, there is a need to own sunglasses in Seattle. But not all of us can make them look this good.

He's ready for baseball season to start. Go Tigers!

"Are YOU talkin' to ME?"



K said...


So excited for you that you made it this far.

Bean is SO cute! Does he understand what's about to happen? How is he handling it?

Justin said...

Gamma! He knows gamma functions ( already, or at the very least, the Greek alphabet!? I was 5 before I learned Gamma functions. This is good news. You have a budding mathematician! Good thing I've got a 23 year head start, though!

Kristina P. said...

I think it's always best to be safe, so I think that the bedrest was probably, ultimately, a good thing.

Beautiful Mess said...

I agree that bedrest was a good thing. I was on bedrest with Nae and ended up being induced, but she was HEALTHY and that's what the ENDLESS hours on the couch was for, right?!

To April second and BEYOND!

Dear Baby Boys, stay put until April 2nd. KISSES! Aunt Beautiful Mess ;o)

Jen said...

So it looks like we'll both have April babies after all! And yes it does just seem like yesterday that I was watching you pick at your lunch with a look of shock on your face :)

Mrs. Gamgee said...

He's such a sweetie! I have to say, that last pic looks more like a 'How you doin?' type of expression (think Joey from Friends)


WiseGuy said...

LOLOL...Yes Universe, don't let Sunny's kids come in on April Fool's Day!

I am so glad you touched April. It is so close now.

That playset is gorgeous, and Bean is enjoying himself throughly!

Good Luck to everybody at home!


Furrow said...

Hey, I hope I didn't like, totally make an arse of myself by asking the bedrest question. I'm sure it was all for the best, and anyway, one can never know how these things would turn out in an alternate universe. And besides, we as readers totally scored with the extra blogging time that bedrest afforded you.

Now if these guys do come on April Fools Day, you HAVE to name them Fred and George, right?

Kristi said...

You are so right about bedrest. Totally worth it to avoid preemie twins and their issues. Take it from me, I know!

Honestly, I can't believe you made it this far either. I think I voted for 36 weeks in your poll. You are a rockstar, mama. and those photos of Bean? Super, super cute.

lisawitt said...

awww, BEAN! What a cutie! And looking like such a big boy! And bedrest, well you will never know but I have a friend who delivered at 28 weeks in nov and another who just delivered twins at 24 weeks about 3 weeks ago...not something you want to go through if it could in any way be avoided! And I agree, you are a rock star!! :)

Nicky said...

Happy April!!!!! Way to go!

Hollyween said...

Okay, my guess (can I guess and win a prize?) is that you're going to deliver those babies on Easter sunday. I realize that's a few days away, but I think you're going to make it that long.

Congrats for April! My hubby's birthday is April 5th. Maybe you should just go ahead and wait till then and name one of them John. Or Holly. Holly could be a boy name, right?

Michelle said...

Everyday I check and I just can not believe you are still pregnant. Amazing and so great!

Bean is so cute. Is he excited about the babies? or does he still not quite get what is about to happen to his world? I am sure he doesn't but he will be a great big brother!

IF Optimist, then... said...

April!!! You made it. So happy for you and I agree that while difficult and tedious, the bedrest is necessary and anything to give our little ones the best chance is worth it. I hope you make it to your scheduled c-section date so you don't have to do any of the rush rush emergency stuff. I voted in the poll for 37 weeks but 38 will be outstanding.

AFD said...

It's April! You made it. Your boys are gonna be big and healthy. Yay!

Chad and Gena said...

You know I am right there w/ guess at this point is that you made it past the dreaded April a huge congrats :-)

You are going to do great w/your guys. For me I think the hardest part of having twins was not being able to always respond when they would cry because I was busy w/the other but that stage passes by so doesn't feel like it when you are in the midst of it and sleep deprived but, the next thing you know you have made it through. I think the greatest thing that you have on your side is you have done this before and you know what is on the other side because you experience it everyday w/Bean.

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Jingle told us in her post today!
I am extremely happy for you!
Happy Easter!

Jericho said...

Welcome to April! Waiting anxiously for an update, though! Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on ur successful delivery. I wish the best for you and your lovely set of twins...cheers!

Jingle said...

My fault,
I only read the first part, scanned the photos...
Hope that you enjoy a beautiful Friday!

Someone is doing Family Fridays,
I thought that I can collect some information about mom to be or grandmothers with new born grand babies...
what a test.
I spent two hours looking around,
got yours wrong.

hope that everything works out fine!