Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Are we having fun yet?

Bean is now two weeks old -- and he's changed so much already, it's amazing. He's so alert and good natured, we are very lucky! Even so, Bean's basically been kicking our butts. Here's what's been happening in our house lately. (And thanks to Allison for the adorable onesie below with his impressive stats on them.)

Holy Hormones, Batman. Physically, I am feeling loads better since my c-section. Still a few pains here and there, but overall, I no longer feel like I've been hit by a Mack truck. I had my post-op appointment with the OB on Tuesday and got two thumbs up. The biggest challenge now for my postpartum recovery is getting through the hormonal rollercoaster. Who knew that the majority of the crying around our house would be mine? My concerned DH will sometimes ask me if my sniffles are happy or sad. What? I'm crying again? Crap. The doc said that the hormones should peak within a week. In the meantime, I'm hoping that I can shed some of that baby weight in tears. Wishful thinking, I know.

A Hard Day's Night. Not surprisingly, we haven't been getting much sleep around my house. Just like when he was in utero, my little man likes to party like a rock star when the sun sets. Unfortunately, we have yet to upgrade our cable service to include DVR, so I'm stuck watching some really horrible television. At 3 am, you'll find me in the glider-rocker contemplating deep life questions like "Who exactly thought it was necessary to give Craig Ferguson his own late night talk show?" and "Wow, can that vacuum really pick up a bowling ball?"

Big Sister. So far, Evey has been good with the baby. Once she got over her initial fear of his baby noises (his toots make me nervous too, pooch), she has been curious and gentle with him. And she's been generous enough to share the baby blankets and toys with him without a fuss. The problem, if there will be one, will come when my parents leave town. There's always enough grandparent love to go around, so Evey still gets plenty of attention and walks and treats. But when it's the three of us home alone all day, I have a feeling the dog poop is going to hit the fan, so to speak.

The Breastaurant. Remember when I said I was about 25% sure of my ability to breastfeed? That estimate actually proved a bit over confident. I guess I needed a few more hours of the booby video in the breastfeeding class. Bean and I have been working overtime to get back on track after a rough start in the hospital. I have rented a hospital-grade pump and I'm taking tons of these fenugreek pills, which make me smell like maple syrup. Now the poor kid will think of me every time he passes an IHOP for the rest of his life, and he'll have no idea why. On the bright side, maybe he'll remember to call his mother.

And I'll leave you with yet another funny quote from one of DH's coworkers. We printed a few Bean pics and DH took them to work. One coworker saw the pic of Bean in the onion-chopping glasses from the previous post (yep, that's what those are) and said with all sincerity: "Awww... poor thing, he's nearsighted!" Yep, he can only see 8-12 inches in front of his face. Like every other newborn on the planet. LOL


Hollyween said...

Oh, he is just too precious!

K. Evey's 'Big Sister' tee is a total crack up. I can't get over it!!!!!
I have that same baby bathtub!

Keep going on the breastfeeding. Ya know, if you want. I don't want to be one of those breastfeeding nazi's. It does get better though. Give it a good three weeks. Or even 5...

xavier2001 said...

Even in your sleep deprived, hormonal state you still managed to make me laugh!

Don't worry, this phase goes by fast and then it's all a blur, and all you will remember are the good times. I think that's mother nature's way of ensuring that the population continues to grow.

You are doing a GREAT JOB!!!!!! Hang in there!

And oh yeah, Danny is absolutely gorgeous, I'm in love with him!

sarah said...

I am one of those guilty honest people who does not believe every baby is cute. That said, Danny is, but mainly I would describe him as a very handsome little man. Too bad our little girl already has a boyfriend...;) You continue to give me a great laugh, especially about the IHOP. I know that breastfeeding is rough, it didn't start out super easy for us either. But like Hollyween said, it does get easier. My sisters told me to at least stick with it for two months because it gets better. It's almost a year later and we are still going strong. Don't kill yourself over it though! So many of our parents and friends were bottle feed and they are fine, right?!

Kathy V said...

I am glad Bean is doing well. Look at his belly. It certainly doesn't look like he his starving despite his trouble. Dh's coworkers aren't necessarily the smartest people are they? Glad Evey likes Bean too. They will be good buddies. Glad you are feeling better too.

Jen said...

The good news is your blog still cracks me up! The Breastraunt...I'm lovin' it!

lisawitt said...

danny is SO adorable!! hang in there, it all does get easier! as far as bfing, we are still doing both breast and formula and that works for us. i think a happy mommy is a happy baby! no guilt or shame in that! :)

Anonymous said...

Once again, Danny is just as cute as can be! Why oh *why* did you have to move away, Christine? It really wasn't fair to me, you know. (Does "all about me" bring back fond memories? Don't answer that.)

Back to Danny: I especially love his head-turned, fist-clenched, arms-by-the-side display of those impressive birth statistics in picture one. What a cool onesie! Also, his cheeky-baby sleeping pictures are sure to incite spontaneous rounds of "aaahhh!" from all who view. And I haven't even mentioned Evey in her role as "big sister"... CUTE and clever... that's gotta be your mom, right? (Not that *you* wouldn't think of such a thing. Sure you would. ;-]

Thanks for the updates! I hope you are able to keep 'em coming, especially while off work and enjoying the lazy days and restful nights. (Hardy, har, Sara.)

Take care!
Sara :-)

Anonymous said...

Keep it the good work Mama!!!