Sunday, March 9, 2008

We're finally home

Sometimes being right is one of the most satisfying things in life. Like when the sales clerk assures you that the top you are purchasing is not on sale, but you make her check anyway, and sure enough, you save $10. Other times, it can be very, incredibly painful. Like when simple mathematics points to the impossibility of fitting your extra-large unborn baby through any natural openings in your body, and sure enough, it becomes a problem.

As Mary mentioned, I had the misfortune of laboring for 24+ hours and pushing for 3 loooong hours before the doc announced that Bean needed to be evicted the hard way. I'll tell the birth story another day for those interested (I don't blame you if you're not), but at least we all had a happy ending. It's been physically difficult for me to recover from all this, so forgive me if I don't respond to messages/emails immediately. DH did print out some comments for me after delivery and bring them to the hospital, which I really appreciated. It means so much to hear that you are excited for us, we missed having friends and family to share our blessed event.

All that rambling and I haven't even gushed about the baby yet. Speaking of being right, just as I suspected, he is the cutest, most perfect creature ever to be born. I absolutely love the little guy. Still trying on that "mommy" title, nowhere near grasping the significance or permanence of our relationship, but relishing every snuggle and kiss anyway. Here are some pics of his first days.

His first photo. THAT came out of ME?!

How'd you like to breastfeed this chunker? Yeah, that's what I thought.
Bean representin' the East Side.

"Hooray, I'm going home! ...and I am wearing pants and matching socks!"

Oh yes, and it's time for a new poll! Who do you think will be calling the shots around our house?


xavier2001 said...

Oh Christine, he is beautiful!! I am absolutley in love!! And I think he has more hair now than Drew has at 5.5 months!!

I'm sorry that you didn't get the birth experience that you wanted, but the important thing is that he's here and you are both safe. I hope that you are able to bounce back and make a fairly speedy recovery, in the meantime make sure Andy takes good care of you!!

Great job mama, I am so so so proud!

Kristin said...

He is adorable! Congratulations!

I think he looks so much like DH! Wow!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Congrats C!! He is sooo cute!! Enjoy your Bean. Stacie

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Christine, your son Danny is beautiful! Congratulations to you and Andy. It will be a few weeks before you feel like yourself again (I had a C-section too) so be patient and take naps when the baby does. We'll look forward to meeting Danny soon.

Lora Seaman said...

Christine...congratulations!!! He is so beautiful!!!! I am so happy for you and your family!!! I can't wait to hear your birth story :)

lisawitt said...

Congratulations Christine and welcome home, Danny! He is ADORABLE! Such a big boy! Make sure to sleep when he sleeps if you can (I had Zach close by and that helped for me) and let Andy help you out! You did an awesomejob...welcome to mommyhood!!! You are doing great already! :)

Hollyween said...

Christine, he is absolutely gorgeous and so fat and soft looking that I'm totally in love and baby hungry!! Love his dark hair!!

He is truly adorable. I am just BEYOND happy for you. Really. Congratulations!

Kathy V said...

It doesn't matter how he came into the world what matters is that he is healthy. I'm glad you are home from the hospital and I hope you are recovering nicely. Daniel is beautiful. Congrats again.

Jen said...

What an absolute cutie! And quite chunky! Sorry the birth was rough, but the end result was still perfect.

sarah said...

I was going crazy waiting to hear more news and see pictures! He is so cute and what a head of hair! Not at all like Elvis, so although you've been right a lot lately, on this you weren't ;). I know that it is rough not having family and friends close by. It was difficult for us to come home to an empty house as well, but the fortunate side is that you have more opportunity to bond with your baby before the traveling family arrives. I would love to hear more about your labor. You were a champion in my book and my sisters give you kudos as well! Congratulations again you guys!!!

Anonymous said...


We are so happy to see your new little man...he is such a sweetie. I hope that your recovery is speedy and I hope that you are getting some rest?!

Can't wait to hear more stories of Daniel's arrival. We all love your stories!

Enjoy every moment Christine!

Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Christine and Andy,

I think that has to be the cutest baby I have ever seen! I have been keeping up with your blog (what a great idea!) and was so happy to hear you both made it home and are in good shape! Congratulations!!!

Abby and Matt

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris and Andy,

He's perfect! Beautiful! And all yours! Congrats!

Aunt Diane, Uncle Dennis, and Justin

Sara said...

Oh my God, C, Daniel is absolutely beautiful!!! Obviously, the little guy was bound to be handsome, but he's actually making *me* long for the days of "bonny" baby boys... he is just that adorable! (Eric was 8-lbs, 6oz, and Colin weighed in at 9 pounds even, so I feel your pain. Sort of.)

On the issue of pain, it sounds like you've really been through it. Back in the day, I was told that an hour of pushing was rare; I can't even begin to imagine three hours! Did they raise the freakin' bar or something? (Sorry, that was tacky.) If your feelings of overwhelming love and glee are mixed with a bit of post-event misery, I truly hope you give yourself a break. That's *a lot* to go through! But ooohhhh so worth it!!!!!! (Isn't it amazing how that works?)

Congrats to you and that DH of yours!!! :-)

Brigid and Jason Pelster said...

Christine and Andy,
Congratulations!! We are so happy for you! Daniel is just adorable! Hope that you are recovering well. Enjoy every minute with your new bundle of joy!
Jason and Brigid