Monday, March 31, 2008

March Madness

The past week has been both exciting and dull; rewarding and trying. It's no surprise that motherhood has changed my entire life. Each second of the day revolves around the needs of this newborn, his every wail and gurgle. Some moments are challenging and lonely, from the late-night feedings to the lack of quality time with DH. (My most intimate times are spent with the breast pump.) Others are breathtakingly beautiful, like when cuddling in my arms quiets his plaintive cries. Good days and bad days, I'm constantly amazed that this incredible miracle belongs to us. I am unbelievably lucky and beyond in love.

I'm feeling much better since the c-section. The scar is so tiny and hidden! My tummy is just a little sore if I cough or press on it (I know, stop pressing on it!). My hormones have reigned in quite a bit as well, although I'm still enjoying my share of emotional and cognitive instability. So really, I'm back to normal.

Despite any of my ineptitude at mothering, Bean is doing really well. (Let's hope this continues to adulthood.) He's so big now, yet still so small! He's been busy mastering the essential newborn skills:

- Constantly leaking white spit-up from his mouth.

- Waking up just as mom is about to lie down for a long-awaited nap.

- Eating every one or two hours like he's been starving for years.

- Screaming bloody murder at the exact moment a hot meal is put on the table.

- Peeing on himself, mom, dad, the changing table, the carpet, the wall, and the door during diaper changes. (I need to ask the dog her secret to staying dry.)

- Burping louder than a drunken basketball fan at a sports bar.

- Outgrowing an outfit after one wearing.

- Filling his diaper immediately after mom changes him. (I think zipping up his sleeper triggers his poop reflex.)

- And last but not least, being so utterly adorable that none of the above matters.

Now that we are no longer worried about breaking him, we've been having more fun with our little Bean. The highlights of this past weekend include:

Dressing him up in cute outfits. (As revenge for many of his aforementioned talents.)

Practicing his "smile for momma"!

Going on his first trip to the grocery store. (Don't you love that hair?)

Well, I'd better get going. The baby is starting to cry, and from the looks the dog is giving me, it's my turn to comfort him.


lisawitt said...

ha! zach has the same talent of crying just as dinner gets set down...and the ability to pee on anything. the worst was in his own eye! ;) you are not alone! sounds like things are going good. can danny give zsome of his hair??? :D

xavier2001 said...

Love the pictures, especially of Danny's feathers, he looks so tiny in that pic!

And Lisa is right, all babies know exactly when it is time for mom and dad to eat.

You are doing a GREAT job and I promise that you will someday again be able to take a shower and brush your teeth before noon (it will be a quick shower, but at least you will be clean).

Kathy V said...

I love the Easter outfit with the tail on the butt. That is so cute. Glad the little bean is doing well. Make sure Evey takes her turn in trying to console Bean too.

sarah said...

When you look at Danny in total awe and then look at your husband, does his face and head seem HUGE? While lying in bed with our little one, I'd look at her tiny face and then my husband's and man did his features seem gigantic! He said the same about me. ;) Of course, we both have very prominent noses, but it was ridiculous! I'm happy that you are all doing well!

Sara said...

Sooo adorable, and I love his new smile! It won't be long before he's laughing (often, probably).

Even without comparing features, I can see you *both* so much in Danny's little face. He's a doll... :-)

Take care,