Sunday, June 29, 2008

Home at last

We made it!!!!

This is me releasing the biggest sigh of relief ever.

The move went very smoothly. Hiring the moving company made all the difference -- it was great to have everything in the new house on Wednesday, instead of dragging it out through this weekend. Bean was surprisingly calm and pleasant during the packing, loading, and unpacking. I was afraid it would be too much stimulation for him with too few naps, but we had no such problem. The hardest part was keeping track of Evey, lest she decide to take advantage of the open doors and roam the neighborhood. The movers were very patient stepping over her leash as she snaked through the maze of boxes, towing an exhausted me or DH behind her.

I realized on Wednesday as we were moving that it was also the one-year anniversary of the day we found out we were pregnant with Bean. So after a BFP and a new house, June 25, 2009 sure has a lot to live up to. I'm thinking winning lottery ticket.

We are now busily trying to settle into the house as much as possible before leaving for our Michigan trip on Thursday. It currently looks like a cardboard factory exploded in here, and then a tornado swept through. Yikes. But despite all that, we love love love LOVE the house so far. I never expected to find a place so wonderful for us. That doesn't mean I don't have a major redecorating wish-list, though! Now about that winning lottery ticket...

I'd love to stay and type, but the exploded cardboard factory calls. I am super behind on answering emails and catching up on friends' blogs, but I promise I'll get up to speed again eventually.

The post would not be complete without a couple of pics...

Bean takes a moment out of munching on his fingers to smile at the camera on moving day.

We recently noticed that you can see Mt. Rainier from some of our upstairs windows! How cool is that?!

Bean embraces his Detroit heritage, but Evey is a Cardinal's fan through-and-through.


Deb said...

i know you are thrilled - congrats again.

and as usual - great pics.

lisawitt said...

congrats on the move!! So glad you are in and there and good luck with the rest of the unpacking!

Jen said...

I'm glad the move went well. Hopefully the packing goes quickly and you have a great trip to Michigan.

Portia P said...

Hi there

I know nacomleavemo's over but i've just got back to my blog.

Thank you for your visit. Your little one's gorgeous.

Well done on the move. Enjoy the settling in. x