Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Comments remaining for NaComLeavMo: 132

Movies in my Netflix queue: 75

Months it took to get pregnant: 22

Days until closing on the house: 20

Years I've been crushing on DH: 18

Pounds over my goal weight: 15

Weeks I've been a mother: 13

Hershey's chocolates I consumed today: 10

Wedding anniversary next month: 6

Binkies the dog has eaten: 3

Most hours slept in a row last night: 2

Day care providers needed: 1

I was struck with a terrifying realization last weekend: things were going well. Too well. You know, those times when your hair looks good every morning. Even in the Seattle drizzle.

Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long to find out what the next major kink would be. I got an email yesterday from our day care provider. Remember, the one I loved who was going to come to our house starting Monday to watch Bean for peanuts while I worked my well-balanced 21-hour schedule? If that sounded like a fantasy, turns out it just might be.

Poor woman, she's going through a personal financial struggle right now, and her lawyer told her not to start working. She's upset, I'm upset.

First of all, I really liked what her references had to say about her, and felt she'd be a good sitter for Bean. Second of all, his current day care situation ends FRIDAY and I have not so much as a long-lost great aunt nearby to lend a hand. (And of course I feel horrible that the potential babysitter is going through a rough patch.)

So here's the "choose your own adventure" part of my blog. I want your opinion. After getting this news, I'm trying to listen to what the universe is saying to me. Other than if you keep eating all that chocolate, you'll never lose the baby weight. Should I try to hire someone else, or is this a sign?

Reasons to stay home full time:
- More time with Bean
- Can get more involved in mom's groups / make friends
- Can keep a closer eye on the binkies
- Part time salary minus cost of day care is a rather depressing figure anyway

Reasons to work part time:
- 21 hours a week that I feel like an actual adult
- Padding in our budget / $ to replace the binkies
- Job is very convenient (i.e. tough to find such a flexible job if I want to go back)
- It'd be nice not to waste both of my degrees


(While all these decisions are stressful, it's not lost on me that I am incredibly, incredibly lucky to need day care in the first place. Thank you, Lord, for my precious little man.)

Update: The original sitter has agreed to start on Monday and work until we can replace her. So we are covered for a bit. But do we want to replace her... ?? !!


Kathy V said...

Is there any way you can extend the daycare for an extra week or two while you try to find someone else? It seems like it isn't too much and you are home but cannot work and keep all attention of Bean during that time. SInce you are home, is there a responsible high schooler or anything that would be able to help for a few hours a week. Check with local church youth groups. I know that won't help in the fall and when you move to your new house but there could be somebody in your new neighborhood that could do it in the fall. Also that other lady might be okay again come the fall. Then if for some reason you can't make any temporary arrangements for now and more permanent ones for when you move, you could always choose to not work and just be with Bean.

Jen said...

Ack! It seems like there are never good solutions in terms of the stay at home versus work debate. Everything has its downside. Perhaps the best option is to see if you can extend the day care for a little while longer as Kathy mentions. A college student might be a good option as I know some of those are letting out now. High schoolers won't be out for another couple of weeks. That would get you through the next couple months though.

Katt said...

Well, I work part time and love the balance it allows me with my kids and my sanity. As much as I love being with my baby, if I was home all day every day, I think it would be dangerous for me.

I'm so thankful I don't have to work full time. Also helps that I love my job!

Deb said...

This is gonna sound awful - but here goes. Is there any way that the daycare provider could be paid under the table (unethical and illegal??). If so, then maybe you can do that and her legal situ may not have to know. Really talking out of my hat since I dont know the whole situ - but it was a thought.

If that cant happen then my vote would be for the part time work with Bean in daycare. I would prob keep the provider you were originally going with until you find someone else. But the time away, even if just for work, is a good thing and 21 hours sounds like the perfect balance of baby and work.

xavier2001 said...

This is a toughie, my vote would be to stay at home if you can swing it financially, but I also value those few hours that I do work outside of the home. Is there a way that your job will let you take a year sabbatical or something so that the door is open to return if/when you want to??

And sorry you didn't get much sleep last night, those nights are the WORST!

Queenie. . . said...

Congrat's on the baby!

I could totally use a career and life-transition coach. Maybe you should offer your services via email/internet (there are lots of us who have no time for in person coaching, anyway!), and then you can just work from home.

Finally, I have tagged you to write your own six word memoir. If you'd like to play, come visit my blog for the rules.

Good luck with whatever you decide!

Sharon said...

First....HELLO from a fellow Seattlite (I am sure that is spelled wrong!) We just moved here from FL last summer...would love to compare notes....and happy NCLM! Your bean looks so cute and the house is wonderful...we are in the Sammamish area....so you know how that goes! Just gotta love the weather, 80 one day and 54 the next!

Re working....I can understand your dilemma...I rather work from home...if that is an option for you...you also should factor in these GAS Prices...4.25 around here! Sheesh!!

Hope to hear from you!

Katie said...

Visiting from NCLM, and although I don't really have an advice to help you with your situation, I wanted to tell you that your little bean is so precious. Oh and congrats on the new house! It's beautiful

alicia said...

I love your numbers thing at the beginning!

We are also at 22 months of trying now, and I am hoping there will be no more!

Thanks for your comment today!

Nit said...

Hola...thanks for stopping by my blog :)

I think this is a very hard decision! I agree that the extra money would be nice & who wants to have went to school for "nothing"...but you only get to raise your little Bean once. I think if it's feasible to stay home full-time I would do it, at least until he's a little bit older.

Oh & I have you beat...I eat at least 15 Hershey kisses a day. Damn candy dish!

lisawitt said...

Ahhh Christine,
I am no help there. I struggle with the work vs. home thing too. Hope you can work something out. If I could do part time, I definitely would!!!

We need more pics of Danny boy too!

baby~amore' said...

I'm here from NaComLeavCom
great list you have been keeping - kudos to you.
Congratulations on your little boy.
well now you have updated - it doesn't matter .
Can you work part-time from home if you didn't have a sitter ?
They grow up so quickly I wouldn't miss a moment if I had the choice.
Join some mums group they are a heap of fun too.
My Little Drummer boys
warm regards