Thursday, June 5, 2008

Three months old

Yesterday, my mother-in-law called and asked for my blog address. She was wondering if I had posted pictures of Bean as he hit the three-month-old mark. My first thought was, "Wow, it's here already?" And my second thought was, "I don't need any more motivation than that!"

So here's a quick review of what Bean is up to these days.
  • Smiling and laughing. My favorite!
  • Holding his head up. Our own personal bobble head.
  • Flailing around, constantly. He won't hesitate to punch me or DH or himself in the face.
  • Cooing. He's discovering his voice, and once he finds it, we're all in trouble.
  • Learning to use his hands. After about 15 minutes spent staring at a plastic zebra, he reached out and touched it! My son is a genius.
  • Noticing a lot more of the world. He's so alert, like following the dog with his eyes. Probably so he can protect his binkies.
  • Growing. According to my scale this morning, he was 14 - 14.5 lbs. That puts him near the 75% percentile. As you can guess, breastfeeding is going well.
  • Day trading. (Okay, maybe not.)

He is still nowhere near sleeping through the night. I usually get one good 4-hour stretch out of him when he first falls asleep around 8 pm. Unfortunately, I don't usually end up in bed myself until around 10 pm, so it doesn't really help me get more rest. He will go right back to sleep after eating, thank goodness, but if I put him back in his Amby baby hammock, it's only for another 1.5 - 2 hours each time. If I let him stay in our bed after a meal, I can maybe get another 3 hour stretch, if I'm lucky. The kid prefers to sleep next to his mommy, what can I say? He's three months old!

Enough chit chat, let's get to the good stuff.

Happy 3-month birthday, baby!

Don't mess with the Red Wings. Stanley Cup 2008, what's up!


I love playing airplane with my Daddy.

You're kidding, right?

No one will ever suspect the cute baby...

Awww, Evey! Did you brush this morning?

Mom, you know I can't sit up yet. Tiiiiiiiimber!

But I do love ya, pooch.

Is it Friday yet?


Kathy V said...

I like the pictures with evey. I like the one that looks like she is giving him a kiss. He is such a cute little guy.

Did evey treat you differently when you were pregnant? Jump on over to my blog to weigh in if you have a chance.

Jen said...

Love the pics! That kid has a lot of character (oh and he's completely adorable too).

Aunt Becky said...

He is SOO CUTE. Seriously, I kind of want to squish his cheekies. Look at those BRIGHT EYES! What a sweet baby you have.

seussgirl said...

So cute! Our boys must have been born pretty close together; only since mine were 10 weeks early, we have some catching up to do!
Hi from NCLM. :)

xavier2001 said...

Holy Cow has it been 3 months already, seems like just last week you were texting me from the hospital!!

Sounds like he is doing great, good job mama!! I love the pics with Evey, they are my favorite by far!!

And don't worry, Livi was still in bed with me at 3 months as well, Danny will one day sleep in a crib and sleep all night long!!

lisawitt said...

YAY for Bean pictures! He is such a doll, happy 3 months Danny boy!

Beth A. said...

What a little cutie! Three months is a great age, when they start to get really fun.

Juicy said...

ha ha, too funny! Those faces and your comments were great.

(here from NCLM)

Kim said...

Great pictures! Happy 3 Months! I love all the faces that babies make! NCLM

Deb said...

OMG! Thanks for the good stuff - nothing can put a smile on your face better than sweet baby pics.

Happy (belated) 3 month birthday Bean!!

Mommy Meryl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - glad you liked the sunshine girls picture! :-) They were narrators in their big Kindergarten play - they thought they were "all that" because they got to read!

Your son is very yummy looking - gosh, I remember when I knew how old Allie is by the days, then weeks, then months. . .those were really sweet times. . . enjoy it, it goes by sooo fast!

andrea said...

he is adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, BLESS! I do particularly like the toppling-over shot, they always look so surprised! He's looking like a big healthy lad for 3 months. Them's good boobs, obviously!

Momma Mary said...

Love the pics. I really enjoy seeing all the 'surprise!' faces on babies. :)

Here from NCLM.

Oh, and yeah, the weather here in Central Coast CA. It's not much better. Well, it's a chilly 60 (with wind off the water) most days, so I hear ya. I'm from the midwest, and used to 90's in the summer.