Friday, December 12, 2008

Favorite Things Friday

Some bloggers, like Michelle, participate in what's called "Favorite Things Friday." It looks like fun, so I thought I would give it a try! Here are some products that I have been grateful for this week.

Method holiday hand soap

One of the ways I like to reward myself for working hard (or sometimes just surviving) is by upgrading the products I use every day from the basic store brand to something more fun. This works well because I'm easily amused so things like fancy shower gel do boost my mood without costing much extra. I saw the Method holiday hand soap at the grocery store about a month ago, and I grabbed cinnamon bark, peppermint vanilla, and hollyberry for the three sinks I use the most. When I realized they probably wouldn't last all the way to Christmas, I bought winter berry, spiced pear, and toasted hazelnut for reserve. They make me smile, and along with the continuous Christmas favorites of the light rock station drifting through the house, help put me in the holiday spirit.

Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers

Just when I thought my quest for the holy grail of quick, tasty, and relatively healthy lunches was a resounding failure, I discover these fabulous creations. My favorite is Sesame Teriyaki Chicken, and even though I can't identify any teriyaki, chicken, or sesame in the meal, it tastes great so I'm sold. The other flavors I've tried are good as well. My only complaint is that they aren't the most filling of lunches, so be prepared with a snack for later in the afternoon. Preferably not chile cheese Fritos.

Bertolli Oven Bake Meals: Meat Lasagna Rustica

Speaking of easy and tasty... my Mom introduced me to this on our recent visit to Michigan, and DH and I just love it. I don't even like lasagna, but mmmm, these are good. And the best part of all, making it is so simple, it doesn't really qualify as cooking. (Not that many of my dinners do, but I appreciate the help when I can get it.)

Woolite Pet Stain & Odor Remover

I don't have a picture of this, because I recently finished the bottle and threw it out. But you can see it on Woolite's web site if you are really curious. When Evey barfed on the carpet the other day, I quickly sprayed it with this stuff. I let it set in for a couple of minutes, and when I went back to clean it, it was gone! (Yes, I'm sure I looked in the right place. I always set something next to it so I can find it quickly.) A cleaning product that does all the work for me: that's what I'm talking about.

DuWop's Lip Venom

My Mom sent me some free samples from Sephora, and this was among them. The label calls it "spicy gloss." It makes my lips tingle like fire. I usually wear it alone, but it also looks good over lipstick, giving it a glassy appearance. I haven't really been physically "spicy" since The Great Slim Fast Diet of 2004, so this is a quick and easy way to get that feeling. It's also useful when I play "Twilight" at home and want to feel venomous. I pretend to see the future like Alice, Danny pretends to perform surgeries like Dr. Carlisle, and Evey pretends to fix broken cars like Jacob.

Mercury Milan

It seems like everyone is bashing the Big Three auto companies these days, and while they largely deserve it, I thought I would focus on the positive today and share my love of our Mercury Milan. It's a wonderfully reliable car, Consumer Reports will back me up on that one. I love it because it is spacious inside but still has a quick pick-up, and for some reason I find DH extra sexy when he drives it. Maybe we'll have to play Bella and Edward when he gets home tonight. Now where did I put that lip venom...


This is a packed post today, I still have more!

New Moon. DH was on another business trip this week, so I finished the second installment of the four "Twilight" books. I think I liked this one a little better, and it wasn't as scary as the end of the first book. Speaking of being scared, I realized why these books make me shiver more than they do other people. It's not because I'm a "big baby," contrary to popular belief. Actually, this is why:

I took this picture from my front porch this morning. Notice the clouds, the rain, the forest of towering evergreens. JUST LIKE the forest in Forks, which is not incredibly far from where I live. I've heard howling coming from the woods, and now that I think about it, it definitely could have been werewolves. If I lived in someplace else that was totally unlike the setting of the books -- oh, off the top of my head, Utah or South Carolina -- I certainly wouldn't be frightened. But here, it's too real, too close. When DH is out of town, it's just me protecting an infant and a walking cotton ball against the horrors that lurk in the dark forests of northwestern Washington. Yeah, that's definitely it.

Ring. After six and a half years, I am apparently allergic to my marriage. My skin gets red and itchy under my ring and only clears up when I'm without it for several days. DH hypothesized that perhaps God is trying to remind me that I am married with a physical mark of the ring. Come on, just because I said I have a crush on Joel McHale from The Soup doesn't mean I forgot I have a husband! There's little chance he's going to respond to my letter anyway. (Trivia: Joel is from Seattle.) The jeweler suggested giving it a good cleaning, and if that doesn't work, dipping it in a thin coat of platinum. I'm trying to figure out how this means I should get a bigger diamond, but so far I'm coming up blank.

The pooch and her pillow. This is the first time I have ever owned a dog. Do they all use pillows the same way we do? I'm just curious.


Kristina P. said...

I LOVE Joel!! I saw him on Conan the other night, and I almost peed my pants with those two.

Sorry about your ring!

And that Bertolli sounds great. We really need to stop eating out.

Jen said...

I ended up allergic to my first engagement ring years and years ago. Granted it only took a few months for the allergy to set in, but still many told me it wasn't a good sign! In the end, I found that a narrower band works better. Of course now my finger is too chubby to even wear that! Oh well.

Michelle said...

I love Method as well!

I have the Ford Fusion which is almost the same car. I love it! I have to trade it in this year and I don't know if we are going to be able to get a new one or not. I hope so.

Your doggy is so cute!

I have to try the woolite pet and stain remover. Everything I have tried so far has not worked. Thanks for letting me know about this.

Also I am going to try the Bertoli it sounds good.

Coffeegrl said...

I want those Method soaps! What a great way to get that holiday spirit all day long! Thanks for sharing :)