Thursday, December 18, 2008

One week too early

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! We so rarely see the white stuff in Seattle, I thought I would document the occasion. As Bean and I don't have plans to go anywhere until tomorrow (lunch with his former babysitter), I personally don't mind that the city is at a standstill. We probably won't have a white Christmas, but I'm enjoying my hot chocolate and a warm fire in the meantime.

Eclipse. I finished the third "Twilight" book. It was my least favorite of the three so far. The most action and suspense, but also the most cheese. And I mean the Velveeta variety, not the yummy expensive stuff with sundried tomato in it that you spread on crackers using tiny knives at holiday parties. Maybe I should stick to books my own age, I feel a bit like a bully fifth grader shoving a kindergartner on the playground. But all my eye rolling aside, there is something I find irresistible and addicting about the series, as I stay up late reading just one more chapter. Here's hoping for a good ending in book four.
So that explains it. I try to maintain a general understanding of what DH does for a living, but when it comes to specifics, things start to get fuzzy. I remember his first job out of college, he pushed a button repeatedly and noted what happened when he did. Totally got that. But since then, his technical explanations have gotten more complex, causing my eyes to glaze over while my head nods automatically and I try to remember when was the last time I changed the oil in my car. Lucky for me, since he started on the new project, it's back to basics.
His coworker (from a previous project): "So are you still working overtime?"
DH: "Yep."
Coworker: "What is it that you are doing for the project?"
DH: "I sit at my desk and think. Hard. And sometimes I write stuff down."
Now why can't I ever get that explanation?


bbrsbaby said...

Ooh I love snow!! So pretty!

And LOL at that work explanation, I'm gonna have to share it with Sean, the answer he gives people is, 'well I could explain it but it's too complicated and you wouldn't understand it anyway'. Damn engineers!

lisawitt said...

Wow! thats pretty snow! much better looking than the fluff we got last week, but hey, we usually dont get any at all so it was exciting!

Love the pics of bean, too cute! How did he do with Santa?

Michelle said...

The snow looks so pretty in pictures. We just had a big meeting here at work trying to determine what we are going to do since we are suppose to be getting like "the storm of the century". You know how that goes every snow is a disaster but I am hoping it is a lot so they will close (however in the 8 years I have worked here it has never happened)...I can dream.

I like his explanation...just up my alley.

Kristina P. said...

It is snowing everywhere! We are getting dumped on, but that's to be expected in Utah.

Soxy Deb said...

You'll like book 4. It's the longest one, but pretty good.

If only we would get some snow. But noooooo, it's freakin 73 out there again today - 3rd day in a row. Blech!

And don't get me started on hubby expaining his work, my eyes start to glaze over and although I'm saying "right. yeah I know. Sure I get it." I'm really thinking "milk, bread, eggs, cheese, chicken..."